The Small Neck Scarves are Perfect for Any Age

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Details to make Women over 50 Fabulous

The Small Neck Scarves are Perfect for Any Age

Why are these neck scarves perfect for us women? There are so many reasons, but one is that this little piece of fabric can transform an outfit. You may think that’s a lofty ideal for a small, square of fabric I realize! But then let’s look at the reality below.

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These photos (except for mine) are a continuation from our Vegas Christmas trip where I thought it’d be fun to also take some outfit photos for the blog! And since scarves are perfect for travelling since they are so packable, I brought along several. In case you missed any of the previous posts, you can catch up with them now. We styled a wrap, a square scarf, a long scarf and then just recently an infinity scarf!

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit:

I styled this same neck scarf when we were in Vegas, but what I didn’t realize until we got home and I looked at the photos, was I had worn mine the same way as Nancy! So here is the new version.

And maybe I just wasn’t meant to be in these photos because then when we retook these, I ended up with lipstick on my teeth! Oy! I guess that’s what happens when you have such a big mouth, LOL!

The versatility of a neck scarf for women over 50

For this version of the neck scarf, I folded it in half to make a triangle, and then folded the points of the triangle in again. I knotted it and left the knot in the front as my decoration!!

Fashion & style for women over 50

Nancy’s (60’s) Neck Scarf Outfit:

This fabulous small scarf was a gift from Sherry! It truly has been worn quite a bit, because the colors in it work with everything.

I think it’s so interesting that just positioning the scarf differently and folding it a different way, can show you so many different colors that are in the scarf!

Every woman can wear a neck scarf

For Nancy’s look, I folded the small square in half so it was a triangle and then rolled it. We then knotted it at the side! I think this is the way I end up wearing my neck scarves most of the time. And for some reason, the knot tends to stay on the side without any pins. It makes me wonder why, but it’s all good!!

One of the advantages of this method of tying this scarf, is that it then doesn’t interfere with your shirt! You can see the graphic on Nancy’s shirt very easily this way, and she’s still adding in the fun scarf!

Women over 60 and their accessories

Charlotte’s (70’s) Neck Scarf Outfit:

My mom wore the same neck scarf tied more loosely and let it hang down more in front.

I think this is mom’s preference because she likes her decolletage to be covered the majority of the time. She’s always commenting to me that it feels naked without a necklace or scarf!

70+ women looking stylish

So this is probably the easiest method to tie this small square. We just folded it in half and tied the ends around the back of my mom’s neck! And voila, then you can really see the beauty of the fabric of this scarf!

Coverage with Fabric

If you like this trend with the smaller scarves, then you might like the article I published on Sixty + Me about this piece, here! I have to admit, that I thought every woman over 50 would love this accessory because it can cover some neck issues, but isn’t bulky or too warm. However, I was wrong, and there wasn’t much love on this item, at least at that time!

Do you agree that this small piece of fabric was perfect for the three of us? I think one of the reasons a scarf gets worn is the fact that it’s easy to throw on and goes with everything! And this neck scarf is exactly that!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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