Small Skincare Brands that You Should Try

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6 small skincare brands that I love

Small Skincare Brands that You Should Try

Small skincare brands are the ones you aren’t going to see at the drug store or grocery store. I’ve been on this natural kick awhile for skin and makeup, and even if you don’t subscribe to the idea, I hope you’ll hear me out.

Quote of the day: “Small business has always been where innovation comes from.”

The rest of the quote from above is that major corporations are slower to adapt which makes all the sense to me. Therefore, if you want better products, looking at the small skincare brands is the way to go.

I’m talking about some of my favorite products from these small skincare brands. FYI, full disclosure is included in the bottom of this post. While many small skincare brands are more expensive, I tried to stick with ones that would be in my budget. Most are in that range.

There are a couple of “trends” you might notice even with skin care. You know for awhile, how it was all about retinol? Well now I see trends with fillers and hyaluronic acid. And if you don’t know about hyaluronic acid, my good friend who is an aesthetician calls it the “King of Hydration.”

Robin McGraw Revelation

Robin McGraw Revelation small skincare brands

Yes this is the Robin McGraw that is married to Phil McGraw. In fact, I met a woman at FierceCon that helped her get this business marketed. That’s not how I got involved. I was gifted 3 Robin McGraw Revelation products months ago to try. Then they reached out to ask if I would work with them on Instagram and sent me more products. As part of that, I wanted to include a couple of products in this blog post that I really liked.

By the way, I do have a discount code of JODIE60 for 60% off the site. Her products are very reasonable prices, so this makes them even better.

What I Like:

First I just have to laugh at the names of the products. And they are all like that. It’s good to have a little levity.

Second, I am a huge fan of these three products. That face shaper REALLY makes the areas feel tighter after you apply it. In fact, my husband seriously asked what I was doing different because I looked so glowy and young (true statement).

What I Don’t Like:

Sometimes the website seems spammy. There’s always some kind of “discount” and while that is a good thing, it just turns me off. It reminds me of the infomercials.


Graydon skincare

I was gifted Graydon skincare from the See New subscription box I talked about recently. These are my favorite from the bunch although I use the serum too. And now after I added up the cost of what was sent in that box, I’m realizing that the subscription box is really a great deal.

What I Like:

The cleanser seems magical. I had been using GoPure’s cleanser and it’s the only product of theirs I don’t love. This cleanser really takes my makeup off yet gently.

What I Don’t Like:

The serum not pictured here really smells plant based. It took a little getting used to. It’s also more expensive than what I normally buy. Granted these are really good quality products and for some reason serums always seem to be the most expensive items.

Airelle Skincare

Airelle age defying

Airelle Skincare reached out to me on Instagram to see if they could send me some products. I get this request a lot, so I don’t put much stock in the request until I actually receive the product. Usually I say no because I have so many products I’m using. But I was intrigued by this brand. And needless to say, I really like both products.

What I Like:

The roll-on Eye & Lip Treatment is a wonderful way to apply the product. It’s nice not to get it on your fingers, and it seems to be helping on my lines especially around my lips. How do I know? Because I’ve been using it on one side only, and there is a difference.

What I Don’t Like:

Eeek!! The cost of that serum is expensive. I’m not sure I’d buy that outright.

City Beauty

City Beauty products

I’ve been working with City Beauty for many months now on Instagram. What that means is I’ve tried almost everything they have. I chose these two products because they seem the most effective.

What I Like:

The City Lips plumping lip gloss has won the Good Housekeeping award twice and I do use it regularly. However, I even like this serum and filler even better. The serum is a thicker one which I really appreciate at night. And the filler thing is one of those trends I’ve been seeing more and more of.

What I Don’t Like:

I consider this company a luxury brand, so you will see that the prices are definitely more expensive than what I’m used to paying. Yet at least the products aren’t over $100.

Strivectin & Paula’s Choice


This company, Strivectin was a sponsor at FierceCon which is how I received this product sample. Again, it’s like one of those fillers and works great for me.

What I Like:

While this is the only product I’ve tried, I really think it helps puff out the wrinkle areas.

What I Don’t Like:

When I was in LA, I wasn’t impressed with the the people representing Strivectin. At FierceCon they were nice however, they didn’t stick around at the event for us to get to know the company better. And while they supposedly market to women over 40, there seems to be many younger women on their Instagram feed.

Paula’s Choice

Two products were gifted to me from Paula’s Choice many months ago. The cost of these products are reasonable, so I may try a couple other items to really compare it.

What I Like:

I love the idea of adding this product to my serum or moisturizer. And the best part is the company has travel size items of many of their products.

What I Don’t Like:

The other product is an exfoliant and I used it for awhile but didn’t love it.

Small skincare brands you didn't know about

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Disclosure Details

All of these items were gifted somehow, and I explain that in each section. In addition, I am working with Robin McGraw Revelation and City Beauty on Instagram as collaborations.

I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog or Instagram media, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

Honesty is the best policy for me….always. Just so you know, these are not the only products from most of these companies I was given. Yet I only wanted to talk about the ones I really like. I’ve never been compensated for a positive review, and I always try to give the pros and cons.

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