Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Reviewed by a Dentist & Giveaway

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smile brilliant used as an at home teeth whitening

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Reviewed by a Dentist & Giveaway

Quote of the day: “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you didn’t already know, then let me tell you a secret. I’m a retired cosmetic dentist. So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to collaborate with their company, I thought I could certainly do a great job with this subject matter. In fact, I probably know more than you even want to know, so let me offer you this. If you have ANY questions about whitening through this company or even on your own or with your dentist, feel free to email me at  and I will certainly let you know my opinion. I know people love asking me teeth questions now that I’m retired, because they figure I won’t profit from it, LOL!

Of course, as a cosmetic dentist, I have whitened my teeth many times in the past. The first time was right after dental school in 1992. In fact, for a couple of years, I only whitened my upper teeth, so I could prove to patients that it really worked. This was way before it was mainstream. Now everyone knows that it works. It’s just whether people want to spend the money and take the time to do it.

Smile Brilliant is also offering my readers a giveaway below to get your own whitening system. It’s certainly worth the short time it takes to enter to have a chance to win this!

smile brilliant used as teeth whitening while knitting

How I fit whitening with Smile Brilliant into my day

I used to tell patients that the hardest part of whitening with trays was making the time to fit it into your schedule. Even now that I’m retired, I had to figure out the best time to put in my trays. Really, this shouldn’t be that hard, because you can do anything while they are in (besides eat). However, for me, I found the best time to whiten was in the evenings, after dinner while we sat on the couch, watching tv. This also correlates to my knitting time. It’s time that I’m able to watch Home Town, which was my inspiration for my outfit inspired by a tv show.

If we are at home in the evenings, we change into our “lounge wear” and snuggle up on the couch. Once the tv comes on, our kitty, Monkey, will join us on the couch too. So, I made it a habit to leave my Smile Brilliant whitening gel and trays in the bathroom downstairs. Therefore, after dinner, I could brush my teeth, put the whitening gel in the trays, and let it do it’s magic for a good 2 hours. Then I’d put the desensitizing gel in the trays for another 15 minutes before we’d head upstairs for bed.

Needless to say, you don’t have to do it at the same time every day. There were times that I’d put my trays in after breakfast while I was on the computer instead. You know, those days when we actually had evening plans and got out of the house…ha ha.

smile brilliant used as teeth whitening while watching tv


I’ve always said that your smile is the first part of your face that most people see. And the best part about teeth whitening, is that it works for 99% of people. I might have had one patient in my 20+ years of practice where it didn’t lighten their teeth. Sure, some teeth take longer to lighten, yet the characteristics of bleach is that it whitens. As long as you are using effective whitening gel, and actually using it, then your teeth should get lighter.

Part of my spiel to patients was they needed to figure out what would work for them in respect to time and money. Especially now that there is whitening in the dentist chair. Remembering that the more time you spend in the dentist chair, the more money you will be expected to pay up front.

So it shouldn’t come to any surprise that the cost for Smile Brilliant’s whitening is even less than what I used to charge. You aren’t going to the dentist at all this way, so you are not taking up any overhead costs.

smile brilliant used as teeth whitening for women over 50

This is not meant to be a tutorial, so I won’t go into the specifics of the steps to whiten your teeth. Yet I will give you my honest thoughts on Smile Brilliant and whitening in particular.

The Pros

1-The cost is quite reasonable. You probably aren’t aware, but a dentist’s overhead is usually about 75%, therefore, I couldn’t charge this little and still make money in my own office.

2-The whitening trays are made extremely well. Since you end up keeping them in for hours, it’s annoying to have sharp edge or ill fitting trays. Of course, part of the process to get great fitting trays is to have good impressions.

3-My contact at Smile Brilliant sent me the facts about the whitening gel they used. Not that most of you would be interested in those facts, but I wanted to make sure they were on the up and up. And this gel is exactly what I would have used in my office. It’s FDA approved. Granted, we liked to individualize the strength of the whitening depending on the patient. However, the whitening gel that Smile Brilliant send you is strong and effective.

4-Smile Brilliant included the desensitizing gel right along with the package. I thought this was extremely smart to try to prevent any sensitivity from the get go. I know in my office, we only gave out sensitive toothpaste to those patients that had sensitivity. Yet this desensitizing gel is a great product and makes me wish we had done the same thing.

5-The company does have a money back guarantee. They offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

smile brilliant used as teeth whitening for women over 50 with trays and gel

The Cons

1-It does take some time to get the process going. After taking your own impressions, you then send them back in the mail (postage is paid). The trays are then made at Smile Brilliant’s lab and sent back to you. Due to the fact, that I needed to request larger impression trays (we all know I have a huge mouth), this entire portion took almost 3 weeks. In my office, I could have easily had this done within a week.

2-The impressions themselves. I even included a photo below with my upper impression in my mouth. This really wasn’t a con for me because I have a ton of experience in this. However, my husband wanted to give his two cents about the matter. Rob did not like this part of it. Now I’ve taken impressions on him before, so it wasn’t the fact that it had to be done. It was the fact, that he’d have to mix the putty, put it in the tray and figure out how to get it in his own mouth. I can see his point of view. On the other hand, many of us perform our own beauty regimens nowadays. So this would depend on you.

Smile Brilliant impressions for whitening

3-Rob also thought the instructions for the impressions were confusing. Again, this was not my experience, however, impressions were a day to day occurrence to me while I was working. Therefore, I’m not a great judge of that fact.

4-As much as I applaud the fact that the desensitizer is part of the package (at least the one sent to me), it is another step. That meant I had my trays in for over 2 hours. Just so you know, the part of this that is most annoying to me is the fact that I can’t eat while they are in my mouth. Call me a huge snacker.

smile brilliant used as teeth whitening for women over 50 on your own

My Results

Now let me preface this with the fact, that my teeth aren’t that yellow since I’ve whitened throughout my adult life. It’s only been in these last 4 years, that I’ve slacked on touching them up since I wasn’t in front of patients every day.

To me, I thought I could see some yellowing occurring from my coffee, tea and wine habits.

Smile Brilliant beforeSmile Brilliant after

I will admit that there isn’t a huge difference in my before and after photos, but mainly that’s because I didn’t have very stained teeth to start with. But what I can tell you is this product is exactly what you would get if you came to my office for at home whitening, at least half the cost.

And I feel that in person, the yellowing is not as evident! If you’ve whitening before, then you know that it’s a maintenance thing. And that is a great thing with Smile Brilliant also. You can buy the whitening gel by itself if you already have trays.


I really loved the way that I saw this comparison of different ways to whiten your teeth. This is exactly what I would tell you if you asked me this kind of question.

Comparisons of smile brilliant and other whitening methods


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The whitening kit was given to me free of charge and I was paid for this post. I may also receive a commission if you purchase any whitening through Smile Brilliant using one of my links. Thank you because I do appreciate you supporting my blog and the companies I decide to work with.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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