Wearing our Sneaker Outfits at the 9-11 Memorial in Broomfield

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Ageless style in sneaker outfits

Wearing our Sneaker Outfits at the 9-11 Memorial in Broomfield

Quote of the day: ” Maybe life doesn’t get any better than this, or any worse, and what we get is just what we’re willing to find: small wonders, where they grow.” Barbara Kingsolver

This quote speaks volumes to me. Especially when you visit any kind of memorial that is a reminder of how short life can be.

Obviously if you don’t live in Colorado, this isn’t a place you’ll be visiting soon. Yet, there could be a memorial in your back yard that you had no idea about. That’s how we found this one. Maybe a quick Google search of what to do in your suburb can give you some ideas?

Styling sneaker outfits for 4 older women

And it’s totally appropriate when you are out exploring your city, that you’ll be wearing sneakers. They certainly fit in with being comfortable, and nowadays are stylish too.

If you missed the earlier posts, then my mom wore sneakers that matched her pants, Nancy wore ones that contrasted her jeans, and I wore a dress. And I hope you check out, Lisa who joined us in person for this theme, and Susanne who joined us virtually.

Jodie’s History with Sneakers and Dresses

Even though I don’t consider myself girly girly (although I’ve gotten more so since retiring), I do love my dresses. And when you’re walking around places, it’s certainly smart to wear comfy footwear.

My first outfit was when we were traveling in Las Vegas at Christmas a couple of years ago. I always love taking a dress on vacation, even for touring around, I just added in tights.

The second outfit is when we combined our t-shirt dress with jackets. I figure t-shirt dresses are casual anyways, so adding in sneakers is an easy combination.

Then I did wear the same white sneakers with a dress to the Farmer’s Market last summer.

Nancy’s History with Sneakers that Don’t Match Her Pants

I always appreciate that Nancy is open to trying out different ways to wear the things we talk about on the blog. She has a couple fun pair of sneakers, and even if they aren’t the star of the show, they don’t need to match to look good.

In Nancy’s first photo, she wore these “sneakers” with a casual work outfit. Since she was a first grade teacher, she did get to dress more casual. And those sneakers look like brogues or oxfords

The second pair of sneakers she wore with a pair of leggings. It’s a match made in heaven since we think of leggings and sneakers as more casual.

And then in the third photo, Nancy wore her blush pair of sneakers in the summer. I can’t tell you how versatile the blush sneakers have been for her. It’s like they are a nude and go with everything.

Charlotte’s History with Sneakers that Match

Since my mom loves the idea of matching her shoes to her pants, then you get some ideas of how this could work in your closet. My mom doesn’t have a lot of sneakers, but navy and tan ones are great basics for everyone.

In the first photo, my mom was showcasing the yellow in her sweater. So the tan pants and tan sneakers were a great way to keep the focal point on the top half of her body.

The second photo shows my mom in basically the same outfit as this photo shoot. Blue jeans with navy sneakers.

Then in the last photo, she wore a darker tan pants with the tan sneakers. Even though the sneakers are a little lighter than the pants, it’s still relatively monochromatic for the bottom half of her body.

9-11 Memorial in Broomfield, Colorado

We enjoyed seeing this small memorial in our own back yard. It was a wonderful tribute to the men and women that lost their lives on 9-11.

Rob & I have seen the NYC museum and memorial too when we were out visiting. It’s very heart wrenching, yet worth going. While it’s not an uplifting experience, it’s certainly a reminder that tragedy happens everywhere.

Wearing our sneaker outfits in Colorado

While my mom, Nancy and I were getting to know Lisa, and looking around, Rob had fun getting creative with his photos above.

And if you read my outfit post, then you’ll know why the wind didn’t worry me for a possible outfit snafu!!

Wearing sneaker outfits at the 9-11 Memorial

So while this week was all about sneaker outfits, tell me about interesting places to visit in your area that you’ve recently discovered. I feel like it’s been fun being an explorer.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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