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Sparkle After the Holidays: How to Wear a Sequin Dress Casually

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Even though the holidays are gone, there is absolutely no reason not to sparkle and shine, so I’ve come up with 2 options for how to wear a sequin dress casually.

The idea of wearing sequins beyond the holidays and into spring was a suggestion by a blog reader, Cathy. Charlotte joined in by wearing her handmade silver sequin top, and I am showing a rose gold sequin piece.

Quote of the day: “The main thing is the YOU beneath the clothes and skin…Don’t shrink from new experiences …Enjoy what is and not pine for what is not.” W.E.B. DuBois (in a letter to his daughter)

2 Colorways of how to wear a sequin dress casually
1-Black tights and boots
2-Brown socks and boots

In fact, I wanted to include two different colorways for the bottom half of my outfit to give you options. It’s always important to point out that there is no right and wrong when we style different colors. There may be options you prefer, but remember color and style are very personal and subjective.
That’s exactly why it’s called personal style in the first place!

This basic idea of how to wear a sequin dress casually has been explored many times on this site. Even though you are wearing a dress, doesn’t mean you have to show off the entire dress.
It’s easy to cover the top half with any kind of top or sweater and make the dress seem like a skirt instead.

Don’t forget to see how you can cover up the sequins in another way or even just make them more casual with the other details of the outfit.

Insider tip: It’s exactly the reason you should include more dresses in your closet and especially in your suitcase when you travel. For me, a dress would be more versatile than a skirt since you can easily make your dress look like a skirt. But it’s not always as easy to transform your skirt into a dress depending on the length.

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Black Boots with the Rose Gold Sequin Dress

So the first two photos are of black tights and tall black boots. The darker bottom half might look better with a darker hat in hindsight, but then again, I see women wearing dark tights and boots with everything now.

If you happen to like the full coverage of the tights and boots, this can be accomplished in many different ways to stay warm:
1-Make sure the tights are fleece-lined (these are the ones I bought on Amazon) or wear two pairs together.
2-Wear workout leggings instead of tights.
3-Skinny jeans are the same silhouette, so it’s a perfect time to experiment with a dress over your jeans.

Dress: Lulus-thrifted ~~ Sweatshirt: Saved by Grace c/o~~ Boots: Naturalizer-won in a giveaway~~ Necklace: Smithsonian Catalog ~~ Purse: Gabaangs~~Hat: Marijo-vintage (was my mother’s)

How to Wear a Sequin Skirt Casually with Brown Boots

For the day we went out for these photos, I ended up wearing my pair of brown boots instead. Since I was thinking about how to wear a sequin skirt casually, the riding boots seemed perfect for the job. In fact, wearing riding boots like this is such a great way to add dichotomy to any “girly” dress like I’ve done here in the past.

Even though we were brought up thinking that a dress needed to be paired with high heels or dressy shoes, this concept has evolved, and it’s very modern to mix your styles in a look.
For instance, if it were warmer, it would be just as fun to wear sneakers with this dress.
And yes, I had to pull up my sweatshirt just to prove that this is a dress and not a skirt.

Sweatshirt and sequin dress worn casually

Saved by Grace Sweatshirt

Let me give you some details about this sweatshirt. I was gifted this piece and it is from the Saved by Grace brand. While I rarely accept gifted items anymore, I was intrigued by this brand. These are ethical and handmade products, the brand was started by a woman PLUS their messages are inspirational.
They may be marketed to the younger population, but I see no reason women of our age can’t wear them too.

Insider tip: Since this sweatshirt was long, I tucked up the hem so it wouldn’t appear frumpy. If your sweater, top, or sweatshirt won’t stay this way on its own, you could always safety pin it.

Casual Doesn’t Mean No Accessories

Just because the theme was how to wear a sequin dress casually, that doesn’t mean I should leave off the accessories. Adding in different jewelry can tie together colors in your outfit or even make different weight items work together.

In fact, I recently read a post about how to match the weights of the fabrics in an outfit. Unfortunately, when we read these articles (especially when they are by stylists who are “rule-bound”) we take them to heart.
Yet combining different weights can be another fun way to add that yin and yang to a look. And if you need to tie it all together, then use your accessories for that purpose.

That’s what I did with the heavy, stone necklace, the hat, and the boots. Because riding boots tend to be clunky, I wanted to add some more clunky to make it look intentional.

Now, this may not be how your mother/grandmother dressed, but that in itself is a good thing.

Your first impression may be that I added a totally different color to the outfit with my purse. However, if you look at my necklace there is that green color in it. BTW, I included that color with one of my statement rings too, so you see it three times in the outfit.
And the hat bookends the color of the brown boots (besides covering up my unruly hair).

Wearing boots as how to wear a sequin dress casually

Sequin Dresses

If you do have a sequin dress, I’m sure it’s one you think about for New Year’s Eve or another such special day. Yet, sequins are one of those details that I would consider “happy” and therefore shouldn’t be sitting in our closet awaiting the “right” occasion.

I say pull them out and make the day special just by wearing your happy pieces.

This rose gold sequin dress was a find at a Denver second-hand shop. It was new with the tags still on it, yet it’s one of those brands we think are only for young girls. Even though I didn’t know why I should buy it, I liked it because it was modest and had long sleeves. And for $15, I figured I would get at least a dozen wears out of it.

And I have worn it quite a bit. Sometimes I wore it for a fancy event like on our Caribbean cruise for our New Year’s Eve dinner and the last FierceCon event.
Yet I’ve also transformed it to be an everyday dress by layering over it. In fact, I showcased wearing a graphic tee over it by rolling up the sleeves here. Now there’s an advantage to the sleeveless dress instead of a long-sleeved one, but it worked.

This could be the perfect time to buy a sequin dress since many are on sale since it IS after the holidays. Either that or keep your eyes peeled when shopping. If you see one that is a fabulous deal, definitely snatch it up and then wear it to the grocery store, since I’ve shown you how to wear a sequin dress casually.

Insider tip: It’s much easier to buy pieces like fancy dresses when you discover them even if you wonder if you’ll ever wear them. Those special occasions ALWAYS pop up at some time or another and it’s nice to already have options in your closet. Because we all know that when you are looking for something special, it’s like finding a unicorn.
The important thing is not to save the piece but figure out how to wear it for every day. I know you can, and if you need help, just reach out.

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Riding boots and sequin dress

Socks & Boots

In the winter months, we are always looking at ways to keep our feet warm. In fact, I’ve talked about the idea of ways of wearing socks and boots and not look strange. Most of the time we try to keep the socks hidden.
However, for this example, I had my socks peek out at the top of the boots. Since they are the same color, you might not have even noticed. In fact, it very much looks like I’m wearing OTK boots, yet I’m not.

Insider tip: It’s a great idea to have at least one pair of knee-high socks in the colors of your taller boots so you can use this trick.

How to wear a sequin dress casually with a sweatshirt and boots

Winter Hats

We’ve discussed winter hats last year because they are such a wonderful way to add more warmth to a winter outfit and/or change the style of our look.

You might laugh at this hat. It is what I would consider vintage which you can tell when you look at the label. My mother bought it to match a long, suede jacket that I’ve now inherited (see it styled here) so she gave me the hat also.
I’m not sure about the exact style of the hat, but that goes to show it really doesn’t matter. Wear what you like because you like it.

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Insider tip: Don’t forget you can “borrow” your husband’s hats too. Or check the second-hand store both in the woman’s section AND the men’s section.

How to wear a sequin dress casually

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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