Maxi dress for what to wear to a class reunion

Special Style: What to Wear to a Class Reunion

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Adding a top over a dress

Special Style: What to Wear to a Class Reunion

What to wear to a class reunion is one of my most popular queries on google that started with Lesley and this post from years ago. This was the reunion that she recreated this outfit from and talked about in her showcase. And if that event isn’t looming in your future, you might need an outfit for a family reunion.

Quote of the day: “Tis better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else’s perfectly.” Elizabeth Gilbert

We all have such different styles in life and my philosophy is you should demonstrate your personality with your clothing. For example, Charlotte is very creative and crafty and I think this outfit showcases those traits perfectly.

My mom remembers her 45th and 50th high school reunions (back in Kokomo, Indiana) where the dinner was catered in their high school cafeteria so they all dressed as if they were in a restaurant. This outfit would work wonderfully for such an occasion.
Yet even if you aren’t worried about what to wear to a class reunion, this look has many other details you can copy.

Different reunions, different outfits
Woman over 70 and what to wear to a class reunion

Dress: VIPme c/o~~ Top: Covered Perfectly c/o~~ Shoes: Charming Charlies ~~Pin: Made from dress ~~ Purse: Tignanello-thrifted~~Hat:

What to Wear to a Class Reunion

Charlotte is still a fan of dresses and the advantage of a longer one like this is how you can still be covered yet it’s comfortable in the heat.

My mom usually wears a top under the dress because it is sleeveless. You can see how she’s done that with a lilac top and an orange top. In fact, you can see how she shortened the dress from the orange top photo. And what did she do with that extra material? She made a flower pin, of course. Which is what you see pinned to her top.

Because she won’t wear this dress without some arm coverage, I suggested a top over it this time. This is such a wonderful trick to really change the look of a dress, and you can do this with any length of dress.

Interesting top design

Fun Sleeves

This top was gifted by Covered Perfectly years ago, yet I think it’s timeless. They still offer this item, and it’s called Peek-a-Boo Sleeves A-Line Top. It’s a wonderful option for that idea of coverage yet it’s fun and modern too. This is a longer cut of shirt, but you can also tie it up or use the half tuck trick if it seems too long.

Personally, a top with some kind of interesting detail is ideal especially for a class reunion. Your personality isn’t basic and boring so your look shouldn’t be either.

The Extras

My mom even added an orange hat to the mix. There is orange lining in the dress that makes an appearance sometimes depending how the lower skirt moves. Yet, I like the orange because it really pops to bring the attention to her lovely face.

Insider tip: I think one of the most important factors for wearing a hat, is the color. Because it’s right next to your face, you don’t want a color that makes you look sallow or washed out. Need tips for wearing a hat? I explained 4 ways to make hats easier to wear.

Since the purse is purple and basically matches the top, it doesn’t stand out. This is a wonderful trick especially for a cross body purse to blend into the outfit.

Creative outfit: what to wear to a class reunion

A Maxi

If you struggle with not feeling comfortable wearing shorts or capris in the warmer months, a maxi could be the answer. One concern for older women is the length. You don’t want it too long so it gets caught up in your feet and causes any tripping issues. But having it just above your ankles is a wonderful length and you can wear both heels and flats with it.

Metallic sandals

Metallic Sandals

While there is no such thing as too much color in my book, I do think metallic sandals are something you can wear with everything. Just think of them as a neutral.
I remember my friend, Bev, getting a pair of metallic sandals a couple of summers ago from my recommendation. She shared with me how many compliments she received when wearing them. Plus the fact that she could pair them with anything and everything.

How to wear a colorful hat

So what’s on your radar for what to wear to a class reunion? Will your outfit reflect your personality?

What to wear to a class reunion

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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