Splendid September with a Spotlight on Fun

Splendid September with a Spotlight on Fun

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Splendid September with a Spotlight on Fun

September was splendid with some travel on our part and many other fun adventures. We were lucky to be able to see Nancy (my stepmom) who is one of the original models on this blog two different times as we traveled back to Denver and then she made it out here to AZ later.
Plus now that my mom, Charlotte, is healing so well after her hip surgery, we were able to get out and about to explore!! Keep reading to find out all of the fun!

Day 2-5: We traveled back to Denver to see my stepmom, Nancy (one of the original models on this blog). It was such a fabulous time as we also were able to see some friends.

September sunset

Day 9: It was fabulous because the weather cooled down enough to take our evening walk. And this was the sunset.

Day 12: Classic movie night with Lesley. Tonight we watched Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Talk about a great thriller movie. This is one I would definitely recommend.

September outfit at Arizona restaurants

Day 14: We stopped at the Original Chop Shop for lunch. It’s a place I would have NEVER thought to frequent except our friend, Sherry recommended it. I would have thought it was a steak place. BUT it’s not. It’s all about healthy food. It goes to show that we should be open to everything because the name isn’t everything!!

T-mobile winning in September

Day 15: I WON a $25 gift card to Camping World from our T-Mobile Tuesdays. Every Tuesday they have some deals or contests (they always say it’s time to get thanked!!). And this Tuesday I won!! Ironic and funny because the gift card is for Camping World which isn’t my shop of choice. However, they have jeans available!
Update…I haven’t been able to use the winning code and I’ve reached out to Camping World but still haven’t heard back, ugh!

Day 17: We explored Wonder Spaces in Phoenix. It is an interesting art exhibition like no other you’ve seen. And the coolest thing is they change out the rooms from time to time, so you can go many times and see different things. It’s in Austin and Philadelphia also.

Day 18: Then I found this FUN pumpkin festival at a local hotel. It’s the same place that we experienced the drive in movie in May. It may be marketed for kids, but we seriously had a blast!!

September get together

Day 19: Nancy, my stepmom from Denver was here with a friend visiting. We enjoyed lunch at our house and it was wonderful to catch up….almost like old times since we were just visiting earlier this month.

Insider tip: That Denver trip is when I discovered the Perfect Travel Outfit.

Clothing swap and thrift buys in September

Day 21: While I realize I don’t NEED any more clothes (we’ve all seen my closet, remember?), my friend who lives here in AZ was giving me a chance to shop her “Poshmark” closet without having to go through Poshmark. This haul??? A mere $15.

Insider tip: Poshmark is an online thrifting site in the US. I wrote an in depth post with tips and tricks of how to be successful on the site.

Zoom call for an 80 year old woman

Day 22: I shared this on my Instagram stories as my mom was able to enjoy her Denver friends via Zoom. It goes to show we are NEVER too old to learn the new ways. And it can be good for us since social interaction is so important. Sure, the zoom calls and social media aren’t quite the same as “real” personal interaction, but sometimes it’s better than nothing!!

Day 24: We scheduled a shopping day that started with Goodwill and ended with an estate sale (can you even see Lesley among the plant she found?). It really is fun to shop with friends, and I recently shared an article with Kuel Life about the subject. (Link here if you’re interested).

Day 25: Classic movie night with Lesley and we watched Woman of the Year with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. It was their first movie together and I liked how she was an important figure in it. Interesting how the topic could have been very relevant to nowadays too.

Day 28: I WON a Patricia Nash purse on Instagram!! It’s such a beautiful color and it will be so perfect for this fall and winter!!

Day 30: Trying out a new pair of glasses from Glasses Shop. This is the same company that my mom recently purchased her progressive glasses from for 1/3 the cost of the eye doctor. I have a code where you can save 35% off the entire order (sale frames excluded)- GSHOT35.

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