A Spotlight of Colors to Wear for Thanksgiving

A Spotlight of Colors to Wear for Thanksgiving

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Cranberry and darker colors to wear for Thanksgiving

A Spotlight of Colors to Wear for Thanksgiving

There are many colors to wear for Thanksgiving that give us the vibe of the holidays. All three of us are incorporating cranberry colored shoes as part of this idea. Lesley is showing how to use the color of your shoes and tie it in with your top. Charlotte showcased matching shoes to the bottom half of the outfit. And I showcased cranberry shoes as a pop of color.

Quote of the day: ” The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand

I think this quote is something we should remember. We should try the new things and push ourselves a little. While wearing the color cranberry seems perfect for the holidays, I bet that trying a pair of cranberry shoes may not be on your agenda. Yet Lesley knows she will be wearing them a lot because she does have a lot of burgundy in her closet.

Lesley was gifted these shoes from Walking Cradles but this is not a sponsored post. Details about those facts are at the bottom of this post.

Cranberry Colors to Wear for Thanksgiving

Matching shoes to your top

Pants: Chicos ~~ Kimono: Angie from Serape Blue Boutique~~Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Hutton”~~ Necklace: Chicos ~~ Purse: Prada-thrifted ~~Hat:

Cranberry is that color that is so fabulous for fall. Of course you can call it burgundy or merlot, but it’s basically that reddish purple that reminds me of the side dish we eat at Thanksgiving.

Instead of matching this color from her shoes to the bottom half of her outfit like Charlotte did, Lesley matched it to the top half including her hat. This is a wonderful way to continue the interest in your outfit from top to bottom. Many stylists call it bookending a color.

Pulling in Other Colors

Colors to wear for Thanksgiving for older women

Lesley bought this kimono at the same time I bought my yellow one. You’ve seen me style the yellow one for 2 different blog posts. One with tips on how to make it more fitted. And then I used it as the base for combining it with 5 color combinations.
I know we tend to think of kimonos for the summer only, yet it can be a wonderful layering piece. And even though Lesley’s has a pink background, it works fabulously with this outfit. She even pulled the light blue out of the kimono with her new, thrifted, Prada purse.

Shoe Colors to Wear for Thanksgiving

Comfortable and stylish shoes

Lesley is showing this wonderful cranberry colored shoes from Walking Cradles. These are called the Hutton and also come in black, navy and light taupe. With a chunkier heel of only 1.25 inches, these are very comfortable yet can be worn with pants or skirt.

In Lesley’s own words: “I Love these shoes.  The color is a mix of burgundy and rose.  They have a comfy, nice height heel what gives a graceful lift, but doesn’t put me in danger of tipping over. I did add heel grips to inside of heel since I have a narrow heel.  It keeps me from having a Cinderella incident, and losing my shoe.
I’ve already found several different outfits that these shoes will work perfect with and even though they are not a go to color, I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of them.”

We did wear our shoes this day while walking a couple hours exploring a local historic area and shopping. Lesley reports that these rubbed slightly on her one toe by the end of the day, but it was the first time wearing them for more than 10 minutes.

Fun colors to wear for Thanksgiving


Lesley was gifted these Walking Cradles shoes as part of their virtual Fall Fashion show, where we took a short video of her wearing them as she would style them.
I am an ambassador for Walking Cradles which means I am here to tell and show you more about this company that I love. What this means to you is if you ever purchase anything from their site, using my link, I receive a small commission.

Walking Cradles is a small business that I discovered over 2 years ago. Since then, I have added many of their shoes to my closet both gifted and purchased with my own money. Why? Because comfort is important and Walking Cradles is showing that style and comfort can be combined. PLUS, they have sizes from 4-13 in narrow to wide wide.

I have a code, JODIE15, that can be used on your first order on the Walking Cradles site. Once you start loving them a much as I do, of course you should sign up for their loyalty points and newsletter. Please, consider always going through my link before ordering any footwear from them, so they know that this type of marketing is working.
They are growing more and more and maybe you’ve noticed them at Macys or Zappos? If you are worried about their sizing, then order your first pair from Macy’s so they are easy to return if need be. In fact, you can read their essential shoe buying tips post that should help.

The only disadvantage is to my overseas friends, as they only ship to the USA right now.

Colors to wear for the holidays

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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