A Spotlight on What Colors to Wear with Hot Pink

A Spotlight on What Colors to Wear with Hot Pink

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Braid a scarf

A Spotlight on What Colors to Wear with Hot Pink

This week will be all about what colors to wear with hot pink. It’s no secret that I’m all about experimenting with color combinations. So when Lesley said she read that hot pink is going to be a popular color this spring, we jumped at the chance to style it.

Quote of the day: “The world is not yours for the taking, but for the trying. Try hard.” Scott Galloway

Experimenting with color combinations is an easy way to make our closet work harder. I have the theory that ANY two colors can work together. If you feel like they don’t go, then sometimes adding in a neutral, makes the pairing better.
So just like the quote, keep trying different ideas with your clothes and you’ll be happily surprised! Just see how Lesley and I wore the fun color.

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Charlotte’s Outfit

A scarf as inspiration of what colors to wear with hot pink

Pants: Liz Claiborne~~ Jacket: ~~ Top: Chicos-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Christian Siriano-thrifted~~ Scarf: Dollar Tree~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Gianni Bernini

These hot pink pants were a hand me down from my step mom, Nancy. I’m the one that twisted Nancy’s arm to buy them in the first place, which started our first series about what colors to wear with hot pink.
Nancy never really embraced these pants. She would wear them when I asked her to wear them; however, I don’t think she ever felt comfortable in them. So when they became too baggy due to some weight loss, she handed them off to my mother.

Personally I remember being afraid of wearing red jeans about 10 years ago. And I had that same fear when I bought my leopard pants. Both of those pairs of pants seemed a little crazy and maybe too much. Yet, the more I’ve worn them, the more I realize they are just “pants”.
And if you’ve ever felt that way about any clothing item, I would hope that maybe with a little styling help, you can overcome it.

Clothing shouldn’t be fearful. Spiders maybe. Heck, guns and tall cliffs can be scary. But clothing? Nah. You can be the boss of it!

What Colors to Wear with Hot Pink

Blue and hot pink

Let’s look at how this blue works so nicely with the hot pink. Yet I realize that many women might be afraid of how bright the two colors are together.
Well here’s two answers of how to “fix” that.
1- Add in a scarf with those colors and more in order to tie it all together.
2– Style another piece in a more muted or neutral color to tame down the bright colors.

I’ll address both of these in more details below.

Scarf Braiding

Scarves are truly magical. The ways you can tie them, how you can style them, make them so versatile.

Yet it’s not only about how they look, but also how the colors or print of a scarf can tie everything else together. In fact, if you have a beautiful scarf, why not take the color in it, and have it be the inspiration for an outfit?
Basically this scarf is acting to marry the hot pink pants and blue sweater.
And don’t think you need to spend an arm and a leg on scarves. My mom found this one at the Dollar Tree.

If you have a longer scarf and think it can be too overwhelming, then why not braid it to create a necklace? That’s what Charlotte did here.

Insider tip: This kind of scarf tying is easier shown than explained. That’s why I created a YouTube video showing the 2 ways to “braid” your scarf.

White as what colors to wear with hot pink

Neutrals are Wonderful

While I am a color lover, the neutrals are just as important in many ways.
If the idea of adding a scarf to pull two or more colors together just isn’t working for you, how about adding a neutral jacket.
For instance, what Charlotte did with her white denim jacket. Since it covers the blue sweater a lot, you focus more on the white jacket than the blue sweater.

In my mom’s example, the white denim jacket also picks up the white in the scarf so creates a wonderful cohesive outfit.

And don’t think that white denim jackets are only for springtime. We recently wore them purposely in the winter to showcase how it could be done.

Pink gingham shoes

Shoes For the Win

Of course, no outfit is complete without shoes. This whimsical pair of pink gingham flats was a thrift store purchase. While they aren’t truly supportive for a day of walking, they sure are great for a day of taking blog photos and going out to eat.

Insider tip: If it makes you nervous to buy thrifted shoes, I’d recommend googling ideas of how to clean them and inspect them before you buy them.

White and blue as what colors to wear with hot pink

Now you weigh in? How would you answer the question of what colors to wear with hot pink? Maybe you will see them in the next post.

What colors to wear with hot pink

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