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Spring 2022 with Jambu: Wearing Colorful and Comfortable Stylish Sneakers

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The idea of having comfortable stylish sneakers is something common once we get older. No longer are we okay with settling for shoes that hurt, pinch, or don’t give us the support we need.
If you’ve been here long, then you know that we have been working with Jambu for over 4 years now showcasing their new selections each season.

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More about Jambu shoes
Details about the Erin Sneaker
Jambu Shoe Review for the Erin Sneaker
How Charlotte Styled this spring slip-on sneaker

For today’s styling outfit, Charlotte is wearing the Jambu Erin slip-on sneaker. This is a classic style that Jambu has featured for 2 years now. In fact, I have the taupe version that I showcased in the Spring of 2020.
When a style keeps returning like this, you know it’s a favorite among women.

And these aren’t the only great sneakers for this season. Check out my pair with an outfit along with Lesley’s choice of shoes.

Let me give you some background on the Jambu company, then the details about this Erin sneaker in particular along with Charlotte’s detailed review of the shoe.
Then we can see how my mom styled these colorful and comfortable stylish sneakers as part of her looks for the day in Tombstone, Arizona.

This is a sponsored post with Jambu Footwear. Details about what that means is at the end of the postWe work with them yearly because of their comfort. My discount code for the Spring 2022 period is JTOUCHS22 which you can use on any of the shoes on Jambu’s website until May 22, 2022.

Jambu Footwear

If you are new to Jambu, then let me give you some background about the company. The Jambu line is all about comfort and style. Each shoe has memory foam insoles and there are options available in wide widths.

Many of their shoes have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health through supportive and durable constructions.

One of the hard things about purchasing shoes online is not knowing how they will fit. Since shoes can’t be altered like clothing can, that’s why these reviews can be so helpful.
As for their return policy, I love what they say: “We think life should be an adventure, but returning your shoes shouldn’t be! We’ve made it easy.” You can return shoes within 30 days of purchasing.


Another fabulous aspect about Jambu is their reward program because once you get a pair, you will want more. It’s easy to join, and you get 100 points just for signing up. After that, you can earn more rewards with every purchase AND on your birthday.

The rewards are easy to use also. You can get free shipping just with 100 points (which you’ll have after you sign up for the program), and then the more points you accumulate, the bigger discounts you save.

Insider tip: They also have a repurposing program available. Shoes can be donated back to Jambu where they will either donate them to their partner, Project Sole or broken down to be repurposed into new products. The best part is then you’ll get a $10 credit for your next purchase.

Yellow outfit with comfortable stylish sneakers

Pants: Mom made them~~ Cardigan: Peck & Peck from Steinmart~~ Top: no label~~ Shoes: Jambu Erin” c/o ~~ Necklace: thrifted~~ Purse: Steve Madden-thrifted

Details of the Erin Sneakers

Here are the points that you might find interesting about the Erin sneakers.

1-Slip-on style so no laces to tie.
2-Cutouts on the side as well as perforations on the top. These details make it perfect for the spring warm-up. Those perforations are in the shape of flowers which is feminine in nature, yet it’s not over the top girly.
3-Under 9 oz in weight.
4-Non-slip all terra traction rubber sole.
5-Received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health.
6-Mom’s mustard pair has these comfort bumps at the upper heel area to prevent slippage.
7-Removeable relax foam insole.

You can see these sneakers up close in a video on Instagram here from all sides and angles.

These are available in a variety of colors. The two floral print versions aren’t available yet but are slated to be ready in the next few weeks. Keep checking back because they are SO cute (and make sure you use my discount if you get them: JTOUCHS22).
Other colors are black, grey, navy, off-white, olive green, whiskey, and even the original taupe that I wore 2 years ago. BTW, I would call that taupe a cool taupe if that makes a difference to you.
Of course, they are also available in this fabulous spring color that Jambu calls mustard as shown in Charlotte’s look.

You can also see this same style of shoe that Lesley wore in a grey color.

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Yellow shoes with a blue dress
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Charlotte’s Review of the Erin Sneaker

Even though every single one of us has very unique feet, it can be extremely helpful to read the reviews. Since the Erin sneaker has been around for 2 years, there are many reviews on the site too.

Charlotte usually wears a 7.5M or 8M in shoes. She has a bunion on her left foot and had bunion surgery on the right foot over 40 years ago. Neither of these hurt, but sometimes she needs a wider toe box.
There is also a bump on the top of her right foot.
Her arch is normal and she doesn’t have issues with finding good fitting shoes.

My mom ordered the size 8 in these sneakers because they covered the entire foot to allow extra room for her bunions and the bump.
The first day she wore them all day. What she noticed is they were a tad tight on the left bunion, so she used her shoe stretcher in them for a couple of days.

Insider tip: These are very similar to the shoe stretchers my mom uses. Another option is to put the shoes on with thicker socks after wetting the leather and then dry them with a hairdryer.

That little bit of stretch was all they needed because since then, she’s able to wear them all day with no issues.
With the memory foam insole, they are cushy enough for a day of walking, which is what this day entailed. Thus my mom loved the title of colorful and comfortable stylish sneakers.

Yellow blouse worn as jacket

Charlotte Styling these Colorful and Comfortable Stylish Sneakers

It’s probably no surprise that my mom incorporated more yellow into her outfit to tie in with the mustard-colored sneakers.

This creates a modern and contemporary detail to have the shoes be a fun color and not just to match the bottom half of the outfit.

The funny thing is her “yellow jacket” is actually a button-up blouse that she left unbuttoned to wear over another top. It’s no different than the idea she used a couple of weeks ago to repurpose our workwear into retirement.

Charlotte wore these same sneakers with a pair of happy pants too.

Accessories Worn with Sneakers

There is no reason not to add accessories into your look even if it’s a more casual outfit. Even if we are wearing sneakers for a day exploring Tombstone, these additions can make us look and feel better.

The fact that we were being tourists for the day, explains why Charlotte wore a cross-body purse.

Insider tip: If you struggle with crossbody purses “cutting” across the girls, it can help to match the strap to your top. Then you don’t notice it as much.

Charlotte found this necklace while thrifting and it’s such an amazing display of colors. We laughed that it kept sticking her in the neck, which is probably why the original person got rid of it. I had a necklace like that and ended up supergluing the pieces down so they couldn’t have a mind of their own.

As for her earrings, they are actually the same color in real life. It’s just the lighting that makes them look different in these photos. What I love is that my mom wore orange earrings to bring out the bright colors of the necklace instead of wearing yellow ones.

Mustard yellow comfortable stylish sneakers by Jambu

The Rest of the Outfit

Charlotte kept the pants and top under the jacket neutral so as not to compete with the yellow from the jacket and the mustard comfortable stylish sneakers. The tan pants she made years ago, and are a lightweight material that is great for our warmer weather here in Arizona.

The darker brown shell is one that she has had for ages. It’s one of those that we used to call “shells” and wear under our blazers for work. This is another great example of how these workwear pieces could be worn for our retirement days.

Mature woman in colorful clothes and comfortable stylish sneakers

Jambu Shoe Review Sponsored Post Details

This is a sponsored post with Jambu. What a sponsored post entails is that the company gifted us the footwear and paid me to write the post.
I feel so blessed to be able to work with smaller companies and they appreciate your support too. It is truly a win/win for everyone and your purchases and clicks show the company that blogging marketing really works. Thank you for reading and clicking over to explore their site.
We have worked with Jambu for 4 years now because we appreciate their comfort and style.

The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JTOUCHs22 for 20% off your purchase on anything on their site until May 22, 2022. If you’ve never tried Jambu footwear, they are one of the companies I’ve mentioned in my Comfortable Everyday Shoe post.

Spring 2022 with Jambu: comfortable stylish sneakers

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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