Spring Colors at Punch Bowl Social

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Wearing spring colors at PBS with coral and pink

Spring Colors at Punch Bowl Social

Quote of the day: “Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I chose this quote because if you’re anything like me, then you pass by stores or building on the street and don’t always focus on them. That’s how it was with Punch Bowl Social. We’ve been by this place a multitude of times, yet had never gone in.

And since we have been talking about the spring colors of pressed rose or living coral this week, we wanted to go somewhere fun. And doesn’t a place called Punch Bowl Social sound fun? At least punch is usually a fun color.

Wearing spring colors at punch bowl social

The Spring Colors of Pressed Rose or Living Coral

Now I always laugh at the names for colors. To me, color is SO subjective, and while one person calls it orange, another calls it salmon or coral.

Sure, in reality, certain colors are meant to have a certain combination of other colors in it. Or be a certain value or shade depending on how much black or white is in it.

Yet no matter what I call it or the color gurus call it, some colors just speak to us more than others.

Jodie’s History with these Spring Colors

I decided to combine both spring colors in my individual post. Color is my favorite way to usher in the spring season, yet I tried to tone it down with black jeans this time.

The first photo is from a post about bomber jackets. It’s the maxi dress that scream spring to me since it’s a print with both colors in it along with other colors.

In the second photo, I’m pairing my pink jacket with a wrap dress. Heck, this would have worked perfectly for the post last week as another option of adding a pastel to black and white.

The last photo is from styling ankle pants for a smart occasion. My blouse under the jacket is rose colored while my shoes are coral.

Nancy’s History with these Spring Colors

Nancy doesn’t have a lot of clothing that falls into these two categories of color. That’s why I had her wear her new dress for her individual post.

Yet it’s a perfect example of how you can incorporate the colors into your footwear or accessories instead.

The first photo is Nancy wearing her Jambu sneakers last spring. The sneakers worked well to pull out the coral from the embroidery in her jacket and then she added the same color earrings.

In the second photo, Nancy is wearing the rose color in her sneakers again. Seriously, this color just goes with everything as a neutral.

And in the third photo, Nancy is adding coral/orange accessories to her black outfit. I feel like the accessories really pop when they are against a color that contrasts it.

Charlotte’s History with these Spring Colors

My mom has every color in her closet, so it’s not hard to find her wearing them. For her individual post, I had her showcase a DIY sweater that she had recently finished.

In Charlotte’s first photo, my mom is wearing some coral capris. I love this idea of wearing fun colors in our pants and jeans, especially if it’s not a good color for your complexion.

The second photo is my mom wearing the coral color in a top and scarf. I love how you can wear a spring color like this with colors you consider more fallish.

And in the last photo, my mom is showcasing the coral color in a print top. I chose this example because I like how this print isn’t so spring like if you aren’t a huge fan of spring colors.

Punch Bowl Social

As for our outing today, not only did we have brunch, but we found an eclectic place that has everything under the sun.

First, the name. We didn’t really figure it out until we were sitting in our booth below and looking above the bar. Punch bowls galore….ha ha!

Wearing spring colors at PBS with family

But this isn’t just a bar or eating place. As you can see in the photos below, is a mecca of games and fun. From scrabble to bowling to shuffle board and even virtual reality. I didn’t even include the video games and pool table that was upstairs.

And the decor was just so fun and unique. The table top photo is made of marbles, and the one chandelier is made of elk horns.

We didn’t actually play any of the games this day. But it’d be a perfect rainy day activity.

And you have to laugh at the random quotes around the place. Of course I had to take a shot of “Teeth are always in style” Dr. Seuss. But the other two I loved were “You drink too much. You cuss too much. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a friend.” (not that I do those things, but it tickled my funny bone). The other quote was another Dr. Suess one, “Today you are you! That’s truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!”

Wearing spring colors at PBS having fun inside

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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