Spring Trends for 2019

Spring Trends 2019

Spring Trends for 2019

Happy Spring everyone. Even though where I live, there may be more snow and cold, it’s always fun to get ready for the new season. And many of these items can be incorporated into this transitional time.

Even though every season bring new colors and trends, I’m not one of those who thinks we all should go out and buy all new stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I want to, but it’s just not realistic. Besides, since styles and trends tend to recycle, the best part is finding you already have some of these things.

So while I’m not a professional style predictor, I have been perusing my favorite stores lately. So I thought I’d share some of the spring trends that I think we can or should have fun with. And the reasons too.

Some of these things aren’t super duper new. It’s just that they are continuing to be shown and sold in the stores. Let me know how you feel about them.

Statement Earrings

Spring Trends 2019 with stylish sneakers

Last summer I found myself wearing less and less necklaces and going with the bigger earrings instead. Part of the reason was because a necklace can be hot when the temperatures are killer. The other reason could be because I could never wear such big earring when I was working. So maybe I’m wearing them more now because I can. And this pair above? I love how they come in different colors but are a little more than I usually spend for earrings. The ones below are better priced.

Either way, I think these are perfect for women of any age. Even if you’re not used to big earrings, they can be the focus we all need. It’s something that brings the attention to our face. And that’s a good thing when you aren’t always excited about how our body is changing.

The other wonderful thing is how many of the statement earrings are lightweight now. It’s not like they are pulling on your lobes like they used to.

The last perfect reason these are great as a spring trend? It’s an inexpensive way to update your look. So add in a new color or new detail with a purchase that always fits. Even if you gain 5 pounds…ha ha!


Cropped Pants

Spring Trends 2019 with cropped pants

Cropped pants have been making a resurgence for the last couple of years. I realize that there is push back to this style. For those of you growing up when I did, we remember the teasing about “high waters” when you grew tall. Of course, don’t laugh but that never happened to me. I’ve always been short. As for this pair above, heck they are only $20.

Yet there are reasons this style can be great for all of us. Once you get over the fact that it’s not a faux pas anymore. Showing off our ankles is the equivalent of pushing up your sleeves. It can elongate the leg and make you look taller. Not that we shouldn’t love our bodies as is. But just in case you need a push to try them.

Let’s also talk about how with these shorter styles, you can appreciate your wonderful shoes even more.

So if you aren’t sure, then start with just one pair. And make sure to experiment with both the wide legged versions and the straight legged ones. There are many that aren’t expensive or maybe try out your local thrift store. Heck, for that matter, you could DIY your own. Since the raw hems are still very modern, just cut off a pair you already have.



Belt Bag

Spring Trends 2019 with belt bags

I know, I know, these were all the rage in the 90’s. And just because they have a different name does not mean they are much different. I like how the one above is metallic and has the stud detail.

While I don’t have one of these yet, I have learned never to say never. Because in all reality they can be very functional. Who doesn’t love to have their hands free for many occasions? I realize we have learned to use our crossbody purses for those times, yet the belt bag can be even better.

For those of you that don’t want the extra bulk around your middle, I get that. There are some I’ve seen that are flat which could be helpful.

I’d love to hear your vote. Is it a yay or nay for the belt bags?




Spring Trends 2019 with ruffles

Confession time. I was never a girly girl growing up. I was way too serious and didn’t appreciate anything pink, ruffly or lacey. Luckily that has all changed in the last couple of years and I am happy to say, I like to embrace both the feminine side of fashion as well as the masculine side. This blouse above comes in lilac or black.

I’ve noticed more feminine details in the stores for the spring and summer. One of these is ruffles. And it’s not just on sleeves, but many places on both tops and pants. Kinda like the pants I wore last summer. Sure, Rob called me his Chiquita banana girl, but I’m okay with that.

So let out your inner girly girl, and have fun with this spring trend.

Stylish Sneakers

Spring Trends 2019 with stylish sneakers

The best part about sneakers is they combine both comfort and style. There are SO many fun sneakers out there that you can’t go wrong with this trend. This is one area that I will spend more money on since comfortable shoes can make all the difference. As for this pair above? Heck, they are still under $100.

Pick an interesting color, print or even pom poms to add a little pizzzazz to your outfit. And don’t worry that your feet will get all the attention. Even if they do, that’s a good thing.

Keep an eye out for another wonderful pair of sneakers next week on the blog. They are from Walking Cradles who we’ve worked with before. The pair I’ll be wearing is glitterized.  Walking Cradles is fabulous not only for the comfort of their shoes, but their extended sizing. Both in length and width. So if you have issues, you should definitely check them out. And if you can’t wait until next week, feel free to peruse their site knowing that you get 15% off with the code Style15.



Spring Trends 2019 with joggers

The jogger pants are basically sweatpants. That’s why I wasn’t a fan at first. Yet the athleisure wear trend isn’t going anywhere fast, so I’m trying to be more open to this idea. In fact, I even put together two posts about the joggers last fall when a reader asked for some suggestions. I just adore this pair above, of course, since I’m a sucker for print pants.

While these may not be my favorite spring trend, I do think there are many versions that are better than others. I always like to look nice when we go out, not like I just came from the gym. So I think with the right shoes and other pieces, you can make these part of your stylish wardrobe.

Tell me which of these trends you like or dislike?? Or maybe you already have some since these aren’t all brand new?


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