Sprucing up your T-Shirt with Fun Bottoms

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Sprucing up your T-Shirt with Fun Bottoms

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Thanks to Jill, one of my readers for her recent request about how she could style her school t-shirt. I tried hard to make this series different than our graphic t-shirt series we did last summer. Therefore, I decided to see if we could put the focal point elsewhere! Join us as the 3 of us grab one of our graphic t-shirts and scour our closets for other items to put with it!!

If you have times where you are required to wear a t-shirt, but still want to look put together, this could be for you. Here, I started with the thought of putting the focal point on the bottom half of your outfit! What’s your favorite way of making your t-shirts more fun?

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Since I was the last one of us 3 to take these photos, I wanted to incorporate some variety other than a pair of print pants or a skirt.

So I brought out my culottes! I’m pretty sure, I wouldn’t have thought of buying culottes before blogging, but I’ve been surprised at how much I like them! There have been a resurgence of the cropped flare jeans in the stores lately. I know I would have thought this the worst for my figure in the past, but now I’m all about trying things before judging them. How about you?

Would you try a pair of cropped flare jeans? They’re not all going to be fabulous on you, but then again either are the normal jeans! So my advice is to just try them on when you’re shopping. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Now this pair could cause you to shake your head in disbelief, but I think the ends make them totally fun! Who’s going to notice how tall you are when they are ogling over the hemline?

Fun with Style For 50+ Women

Of course, since we are talking about the bottom half of our outfits, I had to include my new pair of sandals.

I’ve been trying hard to incorporate a third color into my outfits. So instead of reaching for white shoes or purple (which I don’t even have), I thought the pink ones would be fun!

Blush pink is quite the popular color right now, and the nice thing is it’s almost a neutral since it’s so light! If you were thinking you needed a nude ballet flat, then maybe the pink ones might work instead! Then again, you could just get the pink sneakers and be not only comfortable but stylish!

Wearing your graphic t-shirt with Fun Bottoms

I still had to add in a pair of earrings to the outfit.

And normally, I would have worn a necklace or small scarf. However, since the idea was about the fun bottoms, I didn’t want to take away from them as the focal point!But the vast selection of totally fun earrings out there is almost overwhelming!! Seriously, have you perused the jewelry at Target, Charming Charlies or even Cost Plus lately?

If you worry about the thought that these earrings might not be in style for long, then I have an idea. Look for a pair that you could remove the tassels in the future and still have a great pair of earrings. That would totally be the case for the ones I linked to below that are similar to mine in this photo. This pair or this pair seem like they would also be fun without the tassels if you wanted to do that surgery at some time!

Being over 50 Doesn't mean Frumpy

Now if you’re wondering what the CR stands for on my t-shirt, then let me tell you!

It’s for the Colorado Rockies!! Not that Rob & I are the hugest baseball fans in the world, but you can’t live here and not cheer them on!! Besides, this is going to be their year—Rob’s sure of it!

Wearing a t-shirt for women over 50 yet look great!

Pants: WHBM (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: Chinese Laundry (here)~~Earrings: SugarFix at Target (similar here)~~Bracelet: Bauble Bar (here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s outfit including fun bottoms, I pulled out her black & white floral pants!

I know that the thought of print pants used to be scary to me, but really they don’t make you look bigger! Anytime you wear a print, it takes all of the attention away from the shape beneath it. So if you don’t already have print trousers in your closet, then this might be the time to try them.

I found this pair that is a little more subtle, and then this pair that has a bigger print!! Wearing a t-shirt can feel very casual, but I believe that the other items you wear can transform that piece!! And having print pants on the bottom portion of your body will take all the attention away from the top portion!

Styling a t-shirt for women over 60

Of course, the t-shirt that Nancy is wearing is fabulous enough that maybe we should keep the attention on it instead?

This design was created by Anne M. Bray who has the blog, SpyGirl! You may recognized this graphic from the top of my blog! She characterized each of the 40+ bloggers for an artist’s exhibition last year. I was so, so excited to see the 3 of us in the lineup, so I purchased these t-shirts for each of us!!

Sixty Plus Women styling t-shirts

Another little tip for wearing your t-shirts to make them look better, is to make sure your shirt is fitted and not too long.

I think one of the problems with t-shirts are that they tend to be boxy. Although if you’ve been shopping lately, you’ll notice the more fitted t-shirts even in the sports league categories like mine above.

As for the length of your shirts, it really makes a huge difference to have them the right length!! Of course you can have them altered, but there’s also the trick of tying them up on the side. We’ve done this trick a couple of times. In fact, in one of the last graphic t-shirt series, we banded up the side of Nancy’s shirt then too!

60+ Woman and Wearing Fun Styles

To finish off Nancy’s outfit, we did add in matching earrings and some print shoes!

Did you even notice that Nancy had on some fun, print shoes with her print pants? I realize that mixing prints can feel “too out there” for some of you. That’s why we put together a series about beginning print mixing earlier this year!

I know that my first impulse with these print pants would be a solid colored shoe! And, of course, that would look fine. But I think that a colorful print shoes really adds more charm in this example! Like this pair or this pair would be super for the summer! Even if you prefer the solid colored shoes, then I would suggest a color instead of a neutral like these!

T-shirts Get glammed up for women over 60

Pants: Liz Claiborne (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: Sam & Libby (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Leave it to my mom to pull out a skirt!! I think it’s the most fabulous thing that she still loves to wear skirts and dresses.

This skirt was a recent find at a thrift store, and I think you could wear it with any panel in front/back!! I tried to show all of the angles of it, so you can see how it was made!! And I would like to point out that there is some distressing on the skirt in one of the lower photos!! So if you think you’re too old for distressing, I’d say think again!!

70+ Women Wearing t-shirts

For the t-shirt, my mom picked her funny graphic one!!

I know graphic t-shirts could be another one of those items that as we get older, we think are inappropriate. But I’d argue that there are many that would be even more perfect for our age group. This one could be your sentiments exactly depending on your age! But if you don’t want it to be about your age then this shirt could be about your feelings!

If you like the theme t-shirts, then here’s one for the fourth of July! And this one would work for all summer long!

Women over 70 Dressing up a t-shirt

Since the skirt is very casual because of the jean and knit material, I had mom wear some flats!

I almost think it’s easier to find cute, casual flats in the summer. Especially if you don’t mind baring your toes!! The ankle strap on these would make them stay on well! Then again, if you like an easy to slip in and out of shoe, I think these would work!

However, if you’d rather keep your toes covered, yet still look summery, I found these for you!

Women over 70 with style & flair

I figured because there was so much going on with the skirt and then the shoes too, that we’d keep the accessories at a minimum.

So mom grabbed her small, colorful owl earrings for the earlobes. And then she put on these bracelets that are easily stack able, so you could wear one, two or all of them!!

Style for Older women

Skirt: Juju-thrifted (similar here in a dressier version or here)~~Top: Anvil (similar here)~~Shoes: Chaps (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

We shown three different kinds of items for the bottom half of your body, to take the focus away from wearing a t-shirt! Which one do you prefer??

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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Would any of these coverings for the bottom half of your body, make your school t-shirt more interesting?

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