Starting a Summer Bucket List so you Don’t Miss the Fun Events

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Summer Bucket List 2017

Starting a Summer Bucket List So You Don’t Miss the Fun Events

Have you ever written down a bucket list of items that you’d like to do? I know I haven’t been one of those people to do this in the past. But I know sometimes the summer gets away from me, and I will look back and think, ohhhh, I didn’t get around to this or that! So I decided to join some women who put together a bucket list for each season.

When I started thinking about this post, I thought I’d have maybe 3 things to include.  But once I started writing items down, I was surprised at how much I added to my list. Maybe this could make me more productive?? We’ll see, I guess!

So here’s the list, and if you are interested in the details, then keep reading below!

List of things to do

So let me go into more details about these items. You may consider that including some of these items on my bucket list as cheating since we have them scheduled already! But both Rob & I are big planners and hopefully it will really happen this summer, so I thought I’d let you know about it all!


The projects we have planned are only because we’ve become friends with our fabulous neighbors. Jean (who you met in Stylish in Phoenix) does all of his own remodeling and knows how to fix and repair most anything. If he wasn’t up for helping us with these projects, I’m sure they would never have even been imagined!

Entry way

This is the entry way into our place. The alcove that houses the baker’s rack used to be a closet. When we moved in 2 years ago, I had a handyman take off the doors and trim it out to open up the area. But then my husband recently suggested taking down the wall with the art on it. Of course, I love the idea, because I feel that this wall closes the area in too much. Of course, Rob is not looking forward to this project at all and wishes he’d never said anything! By the time this post goes live, this project has been started! Talk about dust and a huge mess, but it’ll be great when it’s done!

Home Changes

Fireplace Tile

When we moved into this place the tile around the fireplace was tan. We had just painted all of the walls, and consequently, the tiles blended into the walls terribly. Therefore I painted them so there would be a nice contrast. However, you can see that they were not put up correctly. There is too much space on the top left tile in relation to its’ neighbors. Jean replaced the tile around his fireplace last year, so we figured, we’d have him help us with ours!!

fireplace tile

Back Porch

This project is more of Jean’s idea than ours because Jean & JoAnne did it for their patio. But Rob seems to think it’d be nice to have pavers as the flooring in our outside area!

Outdoor patio


Now you realize that I’m not a fashion blogger by accident! I love clothes and shopping and everything that is related. And even though I don’t NEED one more piece to my name, it just wouldn’t be fun without considering some wants!! The 2 biggest holes in my closet are the fact that I have absolutely nothing in a gingham print. And the fact that mules are starting to make a comeback! I added in some dresses for this category, only because I’ve decided I want to wear them much more this summer. I figure I might as well bare my legs while my legs still look good!!

We do have a trip scheduled to fly out to LA and meet up with many of the women from the Fierce 50 Revolution!  The leader of this group, Catherine, has a vision to shift the perception of women over 50! If you fall into this age category, we would hope that you would join the Facebook group. It’s not a group just for bloggers, but for every woman out there who would love to see a change in the way us older women are perceived! The more women we have join the group, the better we can start to make a difference!!

Fierce 50 Revolution


We have tickets to go to Red Rocks to see the duo 2Cellos with friends! When you live in Denver, part of your summer should include a trip out to Red Rocks!

Dental School Reunion

Even though I’ve now retired from dentistry, the friends and people I met through that journey has shaped me more than I can say! Since it’s now been 25 years since we graduated from dental school, we thought it’d be fun to meet up for an afternoon!


New Restaurant

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time, you may have picked up on the fact that my husband’s love of food is almost as big as my love of clothes!!

Therefore, we do talk about where to go eat, and we absolutely love trying out new restaurants. We have a couple in mind, but I’ll keep this one up for a surprise.

Ice Cream

The other item under this category is all about ice cream. Not only does my husband love food, but he is especially crazy about ice cream. In fact, a couple of years ago, when he turned 50, he got 50 days of ice cream for a special gift. (Needless to say, he filed for an extension and even was able to squeak out 10 more days)

Therefore, I try to make him home made ice cream almost every summer. I finally have the best recipe where it doesn’t get all icy after freezing it!


As for going on a picnic, I know my husband will be shocked to read this. First off, because I’m an indoor girl. But secondly this has never been something that we’ve wished to do. But when I was putting together this list, I was struck at how a picnic sounded like so much fun. Maybe it was all the gingham prints I was looking at, LOL!! So it’ll be interesting to see if this event happens!


My personality is one that is very focused. My mom tells the story that when she taught me to use scissors for the first time at age 4, that I used them all day, and ended up with a blister. The reason I tell this story is because I spend a ton of time working on my blog which also includes reading other women’s blog. And even though I started it with the thought that I’d blog just for fun, it has evolved to the stage where I’d really like to make some money from it because of all of the hard work it entails.

Because of this, I have signed up for the Elite Blogging Academy which has laid out some great guidelines of the important points when blogging. I sincerely wish that I had thought about taking this class 2 years ago. It has been extremely enlightening about many of the areas of blogging, that I wished I had incorporated at the beginning. Therefore, I’ve been trying to go back to older posts and updating not only my titles but also the SEO among other things.

I’d also love to reach more women with my blog! I love the idea of helping out others, and to inspire women my age or older by getting them out of the rut of what to wear is such a labor of love! So let me ask each and every one of you, that if you like reading my blog, to reach out and invite one of your friends, family members or colleagues to subscribe to it also!


My knitting time is in the evenings when Rob & I sit watching television. And in the summer, we really don’t watch as much tv, so I know that my knitting time won’t be as involved!!

However, I always love to knit a gift for my book club holiday gift. Unfortunately, I won’t be posting the finished photo of this since some of these women read my blog. But I have a project in mind.

That’s the end of my summer bucket list! It’s much bigger than I even imagined. It’d be interesting to hear if you’ve ever written down a bucket list like this?

And check out the other women who have created their bucket list in the link up below. Some of them may have some great ideas that you can’t pass up too:

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Trendz Boutique

The Facts

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