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Staying Warm and Chic in a Turtleneck Dress Outfit

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I think a turtleneck dress outfit and the winter season go together like peanut butter and jelly. The idea of wearing a dress in the cooler months is not always every woman’s favorite thing. Yet a dress can be easier because it’s one and done along with the fact, that many styles of dresses are easier to fit.

Quote of the day: “An expert is someone who, over many years, manages to remain confident enough to keep trying and humble enough to keep learning.” James Clear

What do I mean about a dress is easier to fit? Just think about a skirt in particular. There are basically 3 fit points: the waist, the hips, and the length. Now compare that to pants or jeans where you also have the thighs, calves to take into account.
I always look at everything as having a pro and con, and wearing a turtleneck dress outfit is no different.

The day included a trip to a nearby town where we were going to explore a couple of thrift stores we had never visited. So along with the turtleneck dress, I wanted to incorporate comfortable shoes and a hands-free purse.
As for the weather for the day, it started off somewhat chilly (thus the scarf and jacket) and then heated up to where I could take off the scarf.

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This week the three of us explored looks that included some type of turtlenecks since they are synonymous with winter. Charlotte wore a less fitted turtleneck blouse while Lesley showcased a black turtleneck tunic.

Woman over 50 in turtleneck dress outfit

Dress: Victoria’s Secret~~ Jacket: Peach c/o~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Scarf: Shopping with Gigi c/o~~ Necklace: Sally Hoffman Designs~~ Earrings: Sally Hoffman Designs~~ Purse: Amazon (similar here)~~ Glasses: VoogueMe~~ Socks: Sheec Socks

An Ivory Turtleneck Dress Outfit

You can tell how old this turtleneck dress is when you look at the tag. I’ve had it for over 10 years and wear it regularly. It’s a short sleeve, knit material, and shift shape that is not too tight but goes with everything.

You would think that the fact it is ivory, would mean it would get dirty easily. It does have a couple of stains that I notice occasionally, yet I think I’ve hidden them well.
I know that my makeup can rub off occasionally on the turtleneck portion, but if that happens throughout the day, I just tuck the turtleneck to the inside instead of the outside.

The nice thing about this dress is how it’s a shift dress and I’ve been able to wear it multiple ways. In fact, it was this dress that I used to show how easy it is to layer a skirt over a dress. Yes, you read that right, you CAN wear a skirt over a dress. I’ve shown it many times on this blog, like here and here.
BTW, don’t think that you have to be thin to do this. Just think of your dress as a long top.

Insider tip: Do you have a tunic that seems a tad short and don’t want to wear it with leggings? Layer a skirt over it as I did here in this short video.

Belt bag style with turtleneck dress outfit

Adding a Layer to My Turtleneck Dress Outfit

Since my dress is short-sleeved, I added a lightweight jacket over it. I experimented with both short jackets and longer jackets and decided I liked the proportions of the longer one for this day.

This olive green utility jacket was from Peach many seasons ago. When I first received it, I was living in Denver and didn’t appreciate how lightweight the material was. Yet now, it fits into the Arizona environment so well.
While I’m not an ambassador for Peach anymore, they still offer a $10 discount for your first purchase if you go through my link and put my name (Jodie Filogomo) as the referral.

The other layer I incorporated is a scarf/wrap around my neck. This scarf has the coolest feature of having 3 buttons on one side, which makes it easy to style as a wrap. You can see 5 ways I styled it in this short video.

Colorful Accessories

The turtleneck dress outfit needed color as part of my colorful personality, so I added this colorful beaded necklace that was kindly gifted to me by Sally Hoffman when we met up recently. The earrings were part of the gift too. BTW, Sally hand makes her pieces, and even hammers the metal herself. She has unique and wonderful items, and I hope you’ll check them out.

Since I was incorporating color with my accessories, I also decided to wear these multicolored glasses. Now I realize these glass frames are a bit “out there” yet finding such inexpensive online prescription glasses makes it budget-friendly to have a less serious pair.
How many different glasses do I have? Let’s say it’s over a dozen.

Insider tip: I’ve written about the “right” frame shape for your face, and even list my 4 favorite online glasses companies.

The other colorful accessory that I’ve been indulging in lately is statement rings. I could never wear something like this when I was working as a dentist, so it’s been fun to add them to my collection now.

Insider tip: While I have statement rings of all varieties, I prefer the ones that are stretchable so you don’t need a specific size.

Turtleneck dress outfit with jacket

Belt Bag

The other factor in my turtleneck dress outfit is my belt bag. I’ve become a huge fan of the belt bags recently since many of our photos are taken when we are exploring or out and about.

This dress lends itself to a belt bag since if I wasn’t wearing it, I might consider adding a belt anyways. While many women love a crossbody bag, that kind of purse would have been an interruption to my beautiful necklace.

I prefer belt bags that are stylish and not just plastic. Look for either a fun print or leather options.

Insider tip: Don’t forget you can change out the “belt” portion for many of the purses as I showed here with my yellow belt bag. You can also sling it over your shoulder or if the belt is long enough, make it a crossbody purse.

Dotted loafers from Walking Cradles

Neutral Print Loafers

For our day of shopping, I had to make sure that my footwear was comfortable. Most of the time, this means I grab one of the brands that made it in my comfortable everyday shoe post.
These pair are Walking Cradles called the “Wyatt” and all three of us showcased different varieties of loafers recently.

I am an ambassador for Walking Cradles which means on your first purchase, you can use my discount (Jodie15) to save money. It also means I do receive a small commission on any purchase if you’ve gone through my link. So thank you for not only shopping small local brands but also showing companies that blogging marketing works.

Print shoes are my favorite way to add interest to an otherwise solid outfit. Or it’s a great way to print mix without being over the top. In fact, you can see how we showcased using your shoes as an elementary step for print mixing.

Of course, I am also wearing a pair of the best no-show socks which you can find here. With these shoes, I wore the ultra-low cut version. While I didn’t use to wear socks with most of my shoes in the past, I now prefer to have them as part of my outfits.
It’s also advantageous since we were thrift shopping, and it’s nice to have on socks when you are trying on shoes.

Insider tip: Thrifted shoes can be a wonderful option to try styles you wouldn’t normally wear. I wrote a post about this with how to do it and how to clean them.

Casual dress outfit

Why a Turtleneck Dress

I think of a turtleneck dress like this one as the winter version of the t-shirt dress. It can be easily styled casually or it can work for a more fancy occasion.
In fact, it’s so versatile once you realize that you can layer over the top AND the bottom, that I usually take a dress on a trip.

Insider tip: For traveling-if, you worry about sweating in your dress and having it get smelly before you can wear it multiple times, I routinely wear a short sleeve t-shirt under it.

1-Make it fancy
2-Layer a vest over it
3-Layer under it. Charlotte wore a turtleneck under hers which makes her outfit into a turtleneck dress outfit, haha.

Turtleneck dress outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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