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Stealing from Men: How to Wear a Man’s Shirt

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Man's shirt for women

Stealing from Men: How to Wear a Man’s Shirt

I love the idea of how to wear a man’s shirt especially if you can either steal it from your own household or find a great deal at the secondhand store.

Quote of the day: “There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.” Hindu proverb

In retrospect, I should have stolen one of my husband’s shirts that looked better with my complexion. One of the reasons I chose this one is because I think the embroidery on the top half (which is not easily seen) is such a beautiful detail. That and the fact that it’s linen and was easier to wear for these photos, LOL!

Why even consider how to wear a man’s shirt? It certainly doesn’t fit in with the idea of wearing clothing that fits correctly. Yet this isn’t a new idea on the blog. Five years ago the original models all borrowed from the “boys”. We styled shirts, accessories, and jewelry in those posts.
I was reminded of this idea when my friend, Cammi, wore a men’s shirt that her son didn’t want. I loved her idea and then decided to run with it.

There are a couple of other options that I’ll talk about below, that may be considered crazier, but can still work.

Insider tip: Even if you don’t have a man at home to “borrow” his shirts, make sure to check the secondhand stores or EVEN the men’s sale section at your favorite brick and mortar.

How to Wear a Man’s Shirt with Leggings

Any kind of oversized shirt could work so well with leggings. In reality, it’s no different than a tunic, and if it’s oversized and covers the tush, leggings are the perfect pairing.
I show this option with or without a belt.

Insider tip: If belting something more oversized, keep it looser. Otherwise, you get too much material bunching up.

How to wear a man's shirt as a kimono

Wear It as a Kimono

Using the man’s shirt as a jacket/topper/kimono gives you coverage but you don’t need to worry about fit. Just throw it on, and roll up the sleeves if they are too long.
I called this look double stripes! Since I was wearing an unfitted, t-shirt dress and keeping the man’s shirt shapeless, I did add a belt to the dress.

Tie the ends of a shirt

Tie The Ends Together

Tying the ends together of any button-up shirt is an easy way to give it some shape and also shorten it. In fact, it’s exactly how my mom wore this same man’s shirt 5 years ago.
The thinking with this style was to add in a more feminine vibe with the sparkle pleated skirt. I also kept the outfit very muted in color.

Knot the ends of a button up

Unbutton and Make a Knot

I wanted to showcase that just because the shirt has buttons, doesn’t mean they all need to be buttoned. Granted you could change up which ones are buttoned/unbuttoned, but leaving it somewhat open at the bottom creates an asymmetrical line. To make this asymmetricalness more evident, I knotted each of the ends separately.

Insider tip: For each of the knots, I used my handy, dandy clear elastics. If you don’t have these yet, you’re missing out. I use them all the time. BTW, if you have a kid or grandkid in braces, just steal a bag of their elastics.

How to wear a man's shirt under an overall dress

Wear the Shirt UNDER

When I’m coming up with ways to style anything nowadays, I remind myself to think both layerings over and under. Sometimes I tend to forget that both can be done to the item.
Considering this man’s shirt is oversized on me, I layered it under an overall dress. This could possibly work under many shift dresses if you take the time to play around with items in your closet!!

Other Ways of How to Wear a Man’s Shirt

I was researching some other ideas of how I could wear Rob’s shirt.
1-there are also a few ideas from my how-to-style oversized sweater post that I didn’t use here.
2-You can combine it with another shirt and make it a tunic as I’ve shown on this Youtube video. I’ve worn another 2 shirts this way in an Instagram post where the buttons didn’t line up as perfectly but it still looks cute–check the 4th photo to see the rearview.
3-Here’s another way of combining the two shirts for a one-shoulder look by my friend, Sabra. (Here’s how she did it and shows it over shorts). You might even be able to do this with a short-sleeve shirt. Trust me, I’m going to try.
4This woman shows it backward and haltered along with how the sleeves are used as top straps.

Now if you come up with more ways of how to wear a man’s shirt, I would LOVE to hear them!!

How to wear a man's shirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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