Stop the Matchy Matchy with an Easy Pop of Color

Stop the Matchy Matchy with an Easy Pop of Color

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Adding a pop of color with turquoise

Stop the Matchy Matchy with an Easy Pop of Color

A pop of color is the easiest way to break up a matchy matchy look. By adding in a totally different third color to an outfit, the look seems more modern and less like a costume!

Quote of the day: “Ones philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor may not have been discussing clothing choices in the above quote, but it’s no secret that we are visual animals. This means that our calling card for the first few minutes we meet anyone is our appearance. How we dress should show our personality through our style.
While matchy matchy is something that we are all familiar with and easy to copy, it can also be “too much”. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely fun to match our outfits, yet why not switch it up at times?

Not only is Lesley showing how she added in a pop of color with her shoes (and then her purse and necklace too), Cheryl also joined us to help out with this idea.
Cheryl is my friend after we were paired together for a Forever Fierce campaign 4 years ago which you can see here. Her blog, Southwestern Desert Living is mostly fashion and wonderful inspiration which I hope you’ll check out.

There are many ways to add in a unique color to an outfit. I started off the idea with wearing a print skirt and not matching the top half to it. In fact, another of my blogging friends, Kay from Dressed for my Day, also just approached this subject of coordinating instead of matching. Kay has the best dialogue and a golden heart, so I hope you check her out too!
Another of my blogging friends, Kathrine, also showcased a pink pair of sandals with a non matching outfit. So see? It’s very popular right now.
And then make sure to check out Charlotte’s idea with her outfit.

Using Your Purse as a Pop of Color

Let’s start with Cheryl’s example of having only one piece of the outfit with the “new” color. I think this is an easy way to tip toe around the matchy matchy because your purse is basically temporary. If you sit down to eat, you don’t always see the purse, so it’s not as obvious!!

And how do you know what color to add into the outfit like this? Cheryl used a contrasting hue for her pop of color. There are lots of options for this idea and I think even a pink, yellow or green purse would give the same effect.

Blue shoes with a pink and white outfit

Pants: Style & Co~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Velocity ~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse: thrifted

Lesley’s Pop of Color

I have to give you Lesley’s joke and thoughts on this outfit. But first, if you struggle with adding just one pop of color to an outfit, then it might be easier to carry that “new” color along with a couple of things.
For example, Lesley started with the turquoise sandals, and then even added in a turquoise tote and a necklace that has a turquoise stone it it.

In Lesley’s words: “I used to be all about matching all of the components of an outfit, but I’ve seen the light and realized that if I change up just one aspect of the outfit, it makes it “me”. I have to admit to being a shoe addict and even signed up for a 12 step program. I succeeded in the program by buying 12 pairs of new shoes to ‘step’ into.
I did worry that the matching purse (with the shoes) was a tad passé and old ladyish

Woman over 70 for spring
Pop of color with the extras in the outfit


How many articles do I have to read about how capris are wrong or not flattering. I hope you ignore any kind of article that says one style of clothing should NEVER be worn (besides ill fitting clothing that is).
Because in reality, capri pants are a wonderful option for those of us living in hotter climates and not wanting to wear shorts.

If you hear that capris stop at an unflattering place on your leg, then just stop and think about this before you take them out of your wardrobe. If you’d wear a skirt that is the same length, then what is the difference?
I believe more than anything that there are many factors that make an item look good on us.

For instance, Lesley is wearing an asymmetrical tunic top with her white capris!!! It creates a wonderful 2/3 to 1/3 proportion along with being very interesting!!
And the shoes!! We’ve heard many times over that shoes can make or break an outfit. If you need more options, then maybe you should join Lesley’s Shoe 12 step program, haha!!

Summer Sandals

Do I sound like a broken record when I say that summer is the easiest time to add in a bright color with footwear? Just think, even with bright colored sandals, there isn’t THAT much color because you also have your foot showing.

Lesley has shown the idea of a pop of color with her shoes in the past
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Pink and white outfit with a pop of color
Adding a pop of color

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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