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Straw Beach Tote: How To Carry It in the Fall

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Kaffe Fassett pattern for Rowan knitting

Straw Beach Tote: How To Carry It in the Fall

You might think you need to store away your straw beach tote once fall rolls around. And I understand that thinking. Yet the three of us wanted to see if we could transition specific summer accessories into our fall outfits. Charlotte used her beach bag and Lesley styled her earrings and sandals.

Quote of the day:” What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other? George Eliot (which was a pen name for a woman named Mary Ann Evans)

Specifically, I challenged the three of us to wear something that is more fall style with the summer accessories from our beach vacation post. I thought this straw beach tote would work for many of our blog shoots to carry all of the extras like a jacket and the camera.
The blog theme this week is from Kaitlyn, a friend I made on Instagram. Kaitlyn and her sister have a shop, Lil Shop of Ours, and she asked about styling anklets. I don’t have an anklet per se, but I experimented with a bracelet instead.

Confession? I don’t love the outfit with the bag. I was being stubborn and wanting to wear this sweater vest this day. I think I could have made the entire look more cohesive with different clothing. But you never know until you try. And the one bright spot is the young hostess at the restaurant afterward did compliment my look. To me, that’s a win any day.
In fact, I bet if I had chosen my orange straw purse (seen here) you would have liked the overall look better.

Skirt: Aeropostle-thrifted~~Vest: I knitted it~~ Cami: Banana Republic ~~ Boots: ~~ Scarf: I knitted the burgundy one~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: thrifted~~ Straw Tote: thrifted

Hand knit sweater vest

The Sweater Vest

Since the fall trend for sweater vests is alive, I figured it was time to go borrow from my husband’s closet again.
Did you see when I borrowed his linen shirt and styled it 5 different ways?

This sweater vest I handknitted for Rob 9 years ago. It’s a Kaffe Fasset pattern for those of you knitters. I just love patterns like this to incorporate colorful yarn especially when I don’t have enough for a full piece.

One reason I thought this straw beach tote might work with the outfit is that there are light green and blue colors in the vest. I will say it looked better in my bedroom as opposed to in broad daylight, LOL!!

Intentional Color with Accessories

As an attempt to pull in some of the brighter green into the outfit, I added these earrings and a small pendant. Then I wrapped not only a scarf with a multitude of colors around the tote’s handle but also a burgundy “scarf” that I knit.

I feel like I had to work too hard to pull it all together with the straw beach tote and outfit. Yet, it’s not like it’s the worst thing ever. Some days you win, and other days you learn a lot!

As for the prompt with the anklet. I’m not exactly sure why I don’t have one in my jewelry collection. There are quite a few bigger bracelets I have that would work, but I may add an anklet or two just for fun. Especially since I’m living in a place where bare legs can happen for a majority of the year.

Sweater vest for women

Short Skirt with the Straw Beach Tote

Instead of asking if this makes my butt look big, I immediately wondered was my skirt really that short, haha!! I’m thinking my mirror in my bedroom was playing all kinds of tricks on me this day. Maybe living in a warmer climate gets us accustomed to baring more than I used to bare? Maybe all of the swimming (meaning water walking and water aerobics) has me used to showing more leg?
Anyways, I didn’t feel uncomfortable as we were taking photos and having dinner afterward, so I guess I will embrace the shorter skirt.

The column of color under the sweater vest is a skirt and camisole. Up close in the sunlight, you can see the skirt has a tad more purple in it than the cami. But I think it’s one of those details that aren’t worth obsessing over.

I will make a case for the burgundy color with the straw beach tote. The colors could pair together interestingly if I hadn’t worn the sweater vest.

Ankle boots and skirt

Ankle Boots

I’m such a huge ankle boot fan. The trend continues every year because they are so functional for women of any age. A light tan pair is such a basic to lighten up many different outfits. I even wear these with white jeans (which can be worn all year long).

Women over 50 in sweater vest
Straw beach tote for fall

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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