When the Stripes Match Your Outfit

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Stripes for 3 Generations

When the Stripes Match Your Outfit

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Until I started blogging, I didn’t realize that stripes were such a big thing. And by big thing, I mean that EVERY blogger loves stripes. And for those of you who shy away from them because of an article you read, I’m here to say, don’t believe that article.

So I thought I’d have us wear stripes for you in some outfits. I’m starting with how I think most of us wear stripes. At least where I come from. You take one of the colors in the striped piece, and match the rest of your outfit to it. And by coincidence, we are all wearing different kinds of stripes in different pieces!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: My stripes are large, horizontal stripes in a jacket.

This is exactly the type of striped clothing item that so many people say they couldn’t wear. And I would say phooey to that. If the piece fits you well, then the print will not make you look big or be overpowering. Of course, I could be wrong.

So when I found this wall full of different colored stripes, I thought it’d be a perfect back drop.

stripes for women over 50

Since I was having us work with the colors in our striped piece, I chose my white jeans. Even though we are way past summer, the white jeans work great on so many days. I showed all 3 of us wearing white in the winter last winter. If your white pants are super thin, then you may not want to wear them when it’s cold, but otherwise they are a great way to pop other colors.

big stripes for petite women

I decided to keep the accessories as part of the same color scheme.

This necklace is part of my set that I keep receiving from Rocksbox. I put together an entire post about the pros and cons regarding this service when I first started using it. I haven to admit, it’s been quite fun getting new jewelry about every week. Of course, you could keep your box longer, but I want to try out new pieces after I wear what I get. I don’t get to keep the jewelry, unless I buy it. But I wear it and return it for another 3 pieces.

stripes with solids

And my shoes are probably my hardest working pair in my closet. I think a pair of black & white flats can work for almost any outfit.

If you want more of an interesting vibe, then this pair could be fun. Or this printed pair seems very elegant. Of course polka dots will always make me smile, and then gingham could work too.

stripes in front of stripes

Jeans: LOFT (similar here)~~Jacket: Gap (similar here)~~Top: Banana Republic-thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: Lifestride (similar here)~~Necklace: Perry Street from Rocksbox get your first month free with the code Jtouchofstylexoxo (here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy’s choice of stripes was this tunic that she loves to wear in the winter.

I think one of the best details about this tunic is that the sides hang longer than the front and have slits in them. That and the fact that the stripes are diagonal and color blocked with the black material.

stripes for women over 60

You can see that most of the time, Nancy does end up wearing a layer under this tunic for warmth. She’s worn it often with a black turtleneck under it, but this day, she layered a black t-shirt under it.

I also thought it’d be fun to add in longer necklaces with this top, so we grabbed a couple of her tassel necklaces. The tassel detail is still going strong if you’re interested. This necklace has a couple of colors in one piece, or you could have them stretched across the neckline instead. Either way, the tassels always seem to make me smile when I see them.

stripes in a tunic

As for Nancy’s leggings, I won’t tell on her, that she wore her workout leggings.

But does it matter? Because what is the difference between workout leggings and non-workout leggings really? As long as they aren’t see through and fit great, you could get double duty from them.

Of course there are many types of black leggings now that they’ve become so popular. There’s the moto version, the faux leather version, and the lace up version. All are super fun ways to add some interest to your legging game.

stripes worn by women 60+

And what footwear goes best with your leggings? Well, I think there are many that would work, but the black booties are probably the most popular. We just styled our ankle booties along with our sweaters for the colder weather.

At least where we live, they sure get a lot of wear. So all 3 of us on the blog have quite a few pairs in our closet. I think most of us have the black ones, and maybe another safe color. But why not have a fun pair too? Like this pair or this pair.

Any size women wearing stripes

Leggings: Paradox (similar here)~~Tunic: Lior (similar here)~~Boots: Crown Vintage (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom was extremely happy when I told her to match her outfit to her stripes.

She’s all about keeping the colors the same, so she pulled out her blue, vertical striped blouse to wear with her blue suit. At least I twisted her arm to add in some orange to the outfit, and we kept with a neutral shoe.

Stripes for 70+ Women

Everything my mother is wearing here has been in her closet for a long time. Except for the earrings. This is her pair of earrings from the Happiness Boutique site. The company gifted all of us a pair of earrings, and is offering you a 10% discount off any order of 19 euros or more with the code jtouchofstyle until December 6. That could work perfectly for any holiday shopping you may need to finish.

If you want to see Nancy’s earrings from Happiness Boutique, she wore them when we matched our booties with our sweaters. And I’ve worn my pair many times like when we contrasted our booties to our sweaters and in this Instagram post.

Older women with stripes

Here’s a trick to keep your scarf in place.

If you can see that the top button looks orange. That’s because my mom stretched the scarf over the button before putting it through the hole. Of course, you can only do this with thinner scarves and button down blouses, but isn’t that smart?

Stripes for senior women

I really like this purse with the outfit. Instead of matching the shoes like we used to do, it’s more of an orange brown that kind of pulls together the orange of the scarf and earrings.

As for the metallic shoes, they are ones that truly go with everything. Maybe you can tell that these are older by their style, but you can find some newer ones in a couple of different metallics. There are silver, gold, bronze, and even rose gold.

stripes that match your outfit

Skirt: Peck & Peck (similar here)~~Cardigan: Peck & Peck (similar here)~~Top: LA Alexander (similar here)~~Shoes: Evan Picone (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Earrings: Happiness Boutique c/o (here)~~Purse: Pelle Studio-thrifted (similar here)

Let me know how you like this showcase of stripes. And how you would style the same items, if differently.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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Because stripes come in all different shapes and sizes, I rounded up a couple that you might like.

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