Stunning Olive Green Outfit Made Ready for Spring

Stunning Olive Green Outfit Made Ready for Spring

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Older women outfit for spring

Stunning Olive Green Outfit Made Ready for Spring

Can you wear an olive green outfit when spring comes around? The idea of making a fall color work for the warmer months is the theme for the week. Because just like I discussed in the Shop Your Closest series about color, you get more from your closet if you wear all the colors, all the time.

Quote of the day: “If you are constantly trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

It may not feel normal to wear the colors we associate with autumn in these spring months. Yet we are here to show you ways to make it happen. Charlotte is starting off with an olive green outfit.

One reason to help you with this idea, is look outside now that all of the flowers and trees are blooming. Here in Arizona we see a lot of this olive green especially in the cacti. And if you didn’t know, the cacti are blooming around this time with all different colors of flowers!!
Now that’s an inspiration if I ever saw one!

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Woman over 80 in an olive green outfit

Pants: Dana Buchman~~ Top: Charming Charlies ~~ Shoes: Keds~~ Purse: DSW

Olive Green Outfit and Yellow

Yellow is one of those underappreciated colors!! I can’t tell you how many times I hear women say “I can’t wear yellow.” But just like I say about ANY color, there is a shade for everyone. Sure, maybe this brighter yellow shade wouldn’t look good with your complexion, but there could be other options to lighten up the olive green base too.

I think olive green pants make a great neutral base for any season. Lighten them up with warm colors for spring (pink, yellow and orange), add bright colors for summer (red, whites and bright green), pair them with the colors of leaves for fall (rust, marigold and dark red) and finish them off with more muted colors for winter (grey, black and browns).
Even though I say this for each season, I hope you also realize that you can wear any of those combinations for ANY season.

The thing with olive green is it can come in different shades also. I’ve seen some that seem more brown and some that seem more green.
As for yellow, it’s one of Pantone’s colors of the season, so I hope you give it a shot!!

Spring with an olive green outfit

Colorful Accessories

Since Charlotte is all about matching, she pulled out 2 different yellow necklaces, a pair of yellow earrings and a yellow statement ring.
From far away you might not notice the longer yellow necklace since it matches the shirt so well. This is a great way to dip your toe into wearing some of your jewelry. If you want your accessories to be noticed more, then think about different colors that would contrast with the top you’re wearing.

A floral purse is such a great option for spring and summer. It really lightens the overall look especially when it’s hanging down against the olive green pants.

Olive green outfit with yellow

Half Tuck or No?

After showcasing three different ways of creating a half tuck look in the past, I’ve been noticing more tops that are made this way. In the half tuck post, I talk about why you would even try that method. I think creating a good proportion is the best reason.
Yet some of the newer tops are made this way without having to worry about the tuck and if it’s hanging correctly.

This yellow top was a purchase years ago from Charming Charlies. Because it’s so sheer, it needs another piece under it. Which isn’t a problem for my mom since she’s always chilly like me!
My mom has worn this top on the blog before for dress up, a smart occasion and casual (and funny enough, this time was also with olive green).

Olive green sneakers


Sneakers of all shapes and sizes are everywhere. I think the variations are endless nowadays to fit with your style preferences. It’s a great way to add a casual vibe to any outfit. Plus the comfort part makes sure you can walk around easily.

Charlotte has had this distressed olive green pair for awhile now. Keds don’t always have the best arch support, but you can easily add an insole inside to help with that.

Yellow for spring
Olive green outfit for spring

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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