How to tie a kimono to create a belt

Style Hack: How to Tie a Kimono

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How to tie a kimono to create a belt

Style Hack: How to Tie a Kimono

How to tie a kimono is an easy trick to keep your kimono from wearing you if it seems big. Then again, this works with any kimono as a way to add variety to a look.

Quote of the day: “You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you. Your call.” James Clear

I think it can be a missed opportunity to “play” with our clothes and see how to change them up. Sure, you buy a piece to be worn one way, but some items are easy to change up with a little ingenuity.
That’s what Charlotte did with her blue, tie dye kimono. It’s not too much different than how I styled my kimono and you can see how Lesley styled hers.

Charlotte is sharing her thoughts about kimonos along with other times she’s worn them on the blog.

Older women and how to tie a kimono

Pants: Peck & Peck~~Kimono: no label ~~ Top: Sonoma~~ Shoes: Tiosebon ~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Kelly & Katie

Kimonos for Older Women

In Charlotte’s words: “I’ve always liked kimonos since they are lightweight and cover your shoulders so well. In the beginning when Jodie introduced them to me, I made a small one from leftover fabric, and then found several on sale at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Then I even made one from a large scarf.
Because I don’t love wearing sleeveless items, this adds the coverage without being too warm.”

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Today’s example includes a column of white under the kimono. This is always a nice way to put the focus on the kimono itself.

Tie the ends of a kimono

How to Tie a Kimono

Tying the front panels of a kimono makes this item more fitted and creates an asymmetrical look to the outfit. My mom just tied the panels in a knot. But you can easily use a hair elastic to gather the ends also.
The advantage of this idea of how to tie a kimono this way is you still have longer coverage for your bum, but it’s not as overwhelming otherwise.

Many kimonos have a slit between the front and back panels but even if they don’t, or just have small slits, it still might work. Remember, you won’t know until you try it.

I wish I had thought to show how the kimono looks without the panels tied in front for a fun comparison.

Floral Accessories

Instead of accessorizing with only blues and whites to mirror the clothing items, I really like how Charlotte added in some extra color with the floral purse and earrings. It’s not much different than the idea of adding in an entirely different color to an outfit that we explored recently.
The idea of a third color in an outfit is a great way to step out of the matchy matchy addiction. It can be very chic and modern.

How to tie a kimono over a column of color
Pink sneakers

Lightweight Sneakers

Many of the days that we take blog photos, are a day of exploring or going somewhere fun. Today was no exception as we toured a historic house in the Arizona Heritage Center. Don’t worry, I’ll show those photos in Lesley’s outfit blog post.

Therefore having comfortable sneakers/shoes for our days of walking is very important for all three of us. This pair is from a company we worked with last year called Tiosebon. They are very lightweight and affordable. I’m not sure if my discount is still applicable, but if you’re interested, it can’t hurt to try.

Again, my mom chose a color for her footwear that blends well with the overall look instead of matching to either the white or blue. I always think that light pink can act as a wonderful neutral especially in the spring and summer.

Tie dye trend: how to tie a kimono
How to Tie a Kimono

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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