Woman over 80: what to wear for a graduation

Style Opportunities: What to Wear For a Graduation

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Spring brings all kinds of style opportunities including what to wear for a graduation event. Since this is a time of celebration, Charlotte is showing how you can easily wear pants and still look dressy and chic.

Quote of the day: “The older I get, the more I want to be authentically myself.” Julianne Moore

When you receive the invitation for this spring event, our minds always race to what kind of gift to give and what should I wear. It’s only natural to think about these queries. And while I may not be the best for gift ideas, the three of us are bringing you inspiration on what to wear for graduation.

Charlotte’s idea is chock full of color yet it incorporates pants and a column of color. It’s an easy recipe for how to be comfortable and still look authentically like a fabulous human.

Every graduation is different, and there are many variables to take into account. Is it inside, outside, on the grass, what’s the weather like along with how much walking is involved?? It is all of these options that make your head spin when you’re trying to figure out what clothes to wear for the celebration.

But let’s break it down so you can easily come up with a great look without necessarily going out to buy something new for the occasion.

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Older women style of what to wear for a graduation

Pants: DG2-thrifted ~~ Jacket: Investments-thrifted ~~ Top: Christopher Banks-thriftted ~~ Shoes: SPO-thrifted~~ Purse: no label-garage sale

Column of Color With White

Wearing a column of color is an easy way to put the focus on the jacket or topper of the outfit. By wearing a top and bottom that are the same colors or same neutrals, you have an easy recipe for what to wear for any graduation event.

Since is it springtime, it’s the perfect time to make that column of color be white pieces. In fact, our all-white looks were quite popular, which goes to show that it’s something pleasing to the eye.

You could easily recreate this outfit with a different option for your column of color. If you prefer darker colors then black, grey, or navy would work. Other lighter options would be cream, light pink, or tan. The reality is not many people are going to notice what is under a vibrant jacket like this, so don’t stress if the two pieces “match” perfectly.

Column of color with a colorful jacket

Why You Need a Statement Blazer

An outfit like this is exactly why it’s great to have a statement blazer in your closet. It adds instant style to any column of color and you look like one in a million.

A floral topper like this is perfect for what to wear to graduation since springtime is always the time we think about flowers and floral clothing.
Granted, you don’t have to wear something with flowers on it to look amazing. When I say statement blazer it can mean a contrasting color or any kind of print.

The nice thing about this outfit idea is you can tailor it to your silhouette and the weather.
For silhouette, there are options that range from cropped cardigans or jackets (like discussed on Lesley here) to oversized ones.

Insider tip: Have a long cardigan but want it to be shorter?? Then turn it backward, and flip it over as I did in this YouTube video.

As for the weather, you can easily wear a leather option if it’s cooler where you live, or a lightweight option for the warmer days.
But don’t think you can only wear a white background jacket like this for the warmer months. Check out how my mom styled it for the cooler weather.

Accessories as Finishing Touches

When you’re wearing a statement piece like this colorful, floral jacket, you don’t need statement jewelry. But that doesn’t mean you should forgo the accessories.
Adding the extras to your look makes the outfit complete and intentional. You’d be surprised how these small details finish off the overall vibe.

Insider tip: I always try to relate the idea of accessories to other real-life things. For instance, would an ice cream sundae be the same without the cherry on top? Think of your accessories as those cherries.

Wearing a multi-colored jacket like this makes the options of what accessories to wear easy because you have so many colors that would be perfect.
Charlotte grabbed a pair of dangle red earrings. The red is repeated in her garnet jewelry as well as her red purse. She even thought to forgo wearing a necklace so the focus would be solely on the jacket.

Colorful outfit for what to wear for a graduation

How to Keep Your Whites White?

Any fashionista should be just as knowledgeable in laundry tricks and tips since we focus on clothing. Even though your column of color for this easy peasy outfit of what to wear for graduation doesn’t HAVE to be white, I will give some tips for keeping your whites white.

1-Try the no-stain white pieces that are being made by certain companies. While I LOVE the idea of this (and have a couple of no-stain white jeans from Chicos), how I understand it is it’s a chemical coating on the clothing and only made to last for a certain amount of washings.
2-Learn some wonderful techniques to remove stains. Which is exactly why I bought the book Laundry Love.
3-Carry around stain erasers. I recently bought these from Amazon after my friend, Jennifer, used them when she was visiting me.

Insider tip: If you do end up staining your white pieces, don’t think you have to throw them out. Maybe you should dye them (a technique shown in this article)?
Or figure out how to DIY the piece. Think about adding embroidery, a patch, or other material over the stain. If it’s a sleeve that’s been stained, how about removing it and making the item sleeveless. There are so many wonderful options if you use your imagination.

Green heels and white pants

Colorful Footwear

Footwear doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to match the column of color. In fact, I think the fact that Charlotte wore green shoes with the graduation outfit makes this look so modern and fabulous!

First I’d like you to notice that the green of the shoes is not found anywhere else in this outfit. Sure, there are a ton of colors in the jacket, but this kelly green is not one of them. Does that mean my mom shouldn’t have worn the shoes? Of course not, they really add a pop of interest to the look. Seriously, if she had worn white shoes, the overall vibe would not be as fresh and contemporary.

Want to see how these green pumps look with black pants and a green kimono?

Insider tip: Do you struggle with what color shoes to wear with an outfit?? Remember, there is no right or wrong when combining colors. In fact, I’ve shown 10+ different shoes with the same outfit in the past.
But one rule of thumb is to try to keep both the pants and shoes the same brightness. For example, if you wear muted brown pants, then try a mustard yellow (which is a muted, dirty yellow).

If you aren’t one to wear heels anymore, don’t fret. There are just as many colorful flats that would work with this outfit.
Flats are also a good option if you are going to be walking on the grass.

Fun Fact: Don’t worry about the style of the shoe as the most important factor. Humans focus on color first and foremost. So feel free to wear a colorful sneaker!!

Floral jacket for what to wear for a graduation
What to wear for a graduation

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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