Woman over 70 and how to wear capri pants

Style over 60: How to Wear Capri Pants Fashionably

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Woman over 70 and how to wear capri pants

Style over 60: How to Wear Capri Pants Fashionably

How to wear capri pants? Is it possible to even be stylish while wearing this controversial clothing item?? Of course the three of us think it can happen, and we are sharing our tips and ideas. In fact, Lesley gives her own commentary below.

Quote of the day: “Everyone has the right to be fashionable, fashion is integral to your personality.” Pierre Cardin

While I do think that Pierre Cardin is somewhat right, he is also very biased since he loved fashion as much as we do!! I will disagree though in that our personality can still be wonderful even if we aren’t fashionable, yet it’s not rocket science to add our personality to our looks.
Truthfully I see many capri pant outfits in our retirement community that aren’t the cutting edge of stylish. Does that make the person bad? OF COURSE NOT!!

However, if you want both comfort and style, then let’s dissect Lesley’s idea of how to wear capri pants along with her funny insights.
Don’t forget to check out how Charlotte wore her capris with bright colors and I wore mine with a crop top.

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Lesley and How to Wear Capri Pants

Styling a belt bag for women

Capr Pants: Chicos ~~ Kimono: Apt. 9~~ Top: Coldwater Creek~~ Shoes: White Mountain ~~Necklace: ~~ Purse: Amazon

In Lesley’s words: “What could be frumpier the tan capris?? It’s almost an old lady uniform.  Who with any sense of style would even HAVE a pair in her closet???? LESLEY WOULD!!!!!   
Here’s why.  Sometimes white is just too much, too prissy, dressy and WHITE.  Tan/ Kahiki is a softer, more casual color, but every bit as versatile as white.
One way of how to wear capri pants stylish is to add a WOW FACTOR. I consider this kimono to be that piece. Plus I added in a hat and accessories.”

Another huge factor in any outfit is the activity for the day. This day was a trip to an outside craft fair market, so our outfits not only had to be stylish, but functional. I’ll go into more details about that below.

Bags on Bags?

We had to ask Lesley about the black and white “thing” attached to her zipper on the belt bag. Since I have the same belt bag (similar here on Amazon) in cognac, I knew it wasn’t part of the item.
She said it’s a foldable reusable shopping bag!! How brilliant is that?? I found them for you on Amazon and have to admit it’s such a great idea for an outing like this.

In case you’re still on the fence about belt bags too, you’ll see me sporting mine this week too. I know many of you prefer crossbody bags, but it’s nice to have options. And remember, Lesley will tell you she doesn’t have a waist, so that isn’t the important factor.

Summer Accessories

Since the weather heats up here in the summer, you won’t find us sporting many scarves around our necks or even chunky necklaces as much. Yet Lesley agrees with me that accessories can make an outfit more intentional and stylish. Another reason to wear them is to change the focus. I always say that if you worry about how to wear capri pants then make sure they aren’t the focal point of the outfit. Then others may not even realize you are wearing them.

Hats are a fabulous summer accessory and one that not only shades you from the sun, but can add something extra to the outfit. If you still worry about how and where to wear a hat, I wrote a post on Kuel Life about it last year.

Insider tip: Want to add more color to a hat? Then use one of those beautiful scarves in your collection and wrap it around the hat. We have all used this trick many times, and here is one example.

Kimono with how to wear capri pants

Kimono Love

When you’re working on how to wear capri pants, most stylists will tell you that a third piece makes all the difference. In the summer months, that third piece is often a kimono. There are so many styles and varieties of kimonos available that I believe there is something for everyone.

Lesley chose this scarf looking kimono that has added benefits. The handkerchief hemline brings an asymmetrical detail to the look which gives the eye more room to jump around and create interest.
Plus the sleeves act as protection against the sun for a day that includes hanging outside.

Insider tip: Most of the time we think we should wear less to stay cooler. The reality is you stay cooler the less that the sun hits your body!! So cover up but do it with lightweight materials.

Bling sandals

Walking Shoes

Most of the time we are taking blog photos are times we are out for some fun. Either exploring a museum, a park or an event like this Mama Maker’s Market (a craft fair around Mother’s Day full of local businesses). Because of this, comfortable shoes are a must. That’s why you will see us wearing our Walking Cradles, Jambu and sneakers so many times. But there are other companies and styles of shoes that will keep you looking chic yet feel good on your feet.

When the kimono makes a statement
How to wear capri pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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