How to Style Sneakers Outfits with Matching Shoes

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Woman over 80 in sneaker outfits

How to Style Sneakers Outfits with Matching Shoes

Quote of the day: ” I make shoe contact before eye contact.” Anonymous

I feel it’s always appropriate to blame my mom for everything. So my obsession with shoes? Definitely a genetic trait from my mother. So noticing shoes first? Yep, it’s a thing. Especially when it comes to sneakers outfits.

Heck, even at 81 years of age, she has more heels and fancy shoes than she does sneakers. So while she matched her footwear to her outfit, Nancy wore contrasting ones and I wore them with a dress. Or you can see us all together.

I hope you’ll keep reading to meet the wonderful woman we met up with this day. She lives in Colorado and took the time to meet us halfway between our homes.

Comfort and style in a sneaker outfits

Charlotte’s Wearing

Jeans: Hue~~Top: Design Todays-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~Necklace: from Hungary~~Earrings: Mom made them~~Purse: Charming Charlies-thrifted

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Charlotte’s Sneaker Outfit

My mom still tends to wear the sneakers she has with casual outfits. She hasn’t embraced the idea of dichotomy at least with this element yet.

But even she will admit that with all the walking we’ve been doing with our blogging, she has found some great sneakers that work for many looks.

An ageless look with sneaker outfits


This navy pair was gifted to mom by Walking Cradles. That’s the company I was just working with in St. Louis for their Shoe Stravaganza. You’ll read more about the fun event later this week.

Their shoes? Truly comfortable along with great style and ALL different sizes. Do you have wide feet? They’ve got you covered. Do you have larger feet? You’re covered too. Sure, they aren’t cheap, but they are well worth the money. Besides, I have a discount code, Style15 that will save you 15%. Or heck, check out their sale page as well.

A quick update on getting a great deal with Walking Cradles shoes. Right now they have a tab on their site called Easter Styles that will give you free shipping (along with my discount) if you get one of those styles. But keep your eyes peeled until Friday, when you can use my code for other styles to get free shipping.

Having fun in a sneaker outfits


So I had to laugh that even though my mom didn’t make any of her clothing in this look, she did make her earrings.

There was a time, when my mom did all kinds of DIY and creative things. In fact, she knitted before I did, but gave it up after about 5 years.

As for the necklace, it’s one that I brought back to her from Hungary. My dad took me out to my “motherland” as a high school graduation gift along with my grandparents. Do I remember buying her this necklace? No. But if she says I did, I’ll take the credit.

Blue jeans and navy sneaker outfits

Cowl Top

This top is part of a set that my mom found at a consignment shop. It came with this long skirt, and we call it her bag lady outfit when she wears it together. I must admit that I prefer it broken up like this.

We joked that the young Hollywood stars would wear it without a top underneath it!!

Making a casual sneaker outfits look modern


I love that there are all kinds of silhouettes of jeans available to us now. And if any of you ever think you are too old for the skinny versions, then think again. I feel like these modern jeans make my mom seem way younger.

Of course, she’s more comfortable matching her shoes to her jeans. Along with matching socks.

Blue and white sneaker outfits


You saw this purse recently in our blog post about spring colors. I think blue and white is one of those color pairings that works for almost any season.

Even though it’s a thrifted item, you can find some like this even now. If you’ve never been to Charming Charlies, it’s an accessory heaven. Although the first time I went in, it was overwhelming. But you should give it a try.

Styling sneaker outfits with Walking Cradles shoes

Lisa from Midlife in Bloom

When I discovered on Instagram that Lisa is from Ft. Collins (about 1.5 hours from where we live), I reached out to meet up. We met about halfway and she joined us for this photo shoot.

She has a blog Midlife in Bloom, which she just started. Lisa is full of wonderful information and such a delight to talk with. In fact, she and her husband were on the exact same cruise ship and itinerary that we will be enjoying this upcoming December. So we picked her brain at dinner after this photo shoot.

She’s not sharing these photos on her site yet because she’s been extremely busy with life. But make sure to sign up for her emails and you’ll see them soon enough.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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