Styling a Black Capris Outfit with Bright Colors

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Kimono with black capris outfit

Styling a Black Capris Outfit with Bright Colors

Charlotte is styling a black capris outfit and adding in other bright colors. I figured it would be beneficial to show how we can still style black pants for the summer months.

Quote of the day: “Notice how the stiffest tree is easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” Bruce Lee

This quote is exactly how I’m trying to be myself. Less stiff minded and more open to new styles and combinations. For me, it has been freeing to stop worry if this is “right” or “wrong” and trying to concentrate on how I feel in something or if I like it (not how everyone else likes it).
While this process is a journey and doesn’t happen overnight, one of my goals is to inspire others to enjoy this process too. The best thing ever? When I receive an email telling me that I’ve helped women wear color or discover new possibilities of wearing what is already in their closet.

So let’s join Charlotte as she styles a black capris outfit yet incorporates bright colors too. Make sure to see how Lesley wore full length black pants and how I wore shorts.

Color with black capris outfit

Capris: Mom made them ~~ Kimono: Lauren Conrad~~ Top: Jockey ~~ Shoes: Daisy Fuentes~~ Scarf: thrifted ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Monet ~~Hat:

Bright colors with black capris outfit

Not Matching to a Print

First I’d like to point out that the bright pink in the tops and accessories is not a color that is in the print of the kimono. Sure there is a light pink in it, but it goes to show that it CAN look nice to add in a totally different color.
We all experimented with the idea of not matching to a print. While it seems hard and strange at first, I think it’s a great way to get more outfits out of the clothes we already have in our closet.

Insider tip: The way Charlotte has done this in this black capris outfit is to add in a different shade of the color that IS in the print. Look closely and you’ll see a light pink in the kimono. So any shade of pink would look cohesive. Easy peasy.

Another thought about this kimono is the fact that it could be seen as a black and white print. What do I mean by this? From far away, the “colors” in the kimono will not be as evident. Therefore, it would be seen as two neutrals (black and white) only, and thus you could add in any color.

When the Accessories Shine

Since Charlotte is wearing a bright pink tank top, she carried that bright pink color through the outfit with her earrings, her hat and as a color in her purse.
Again, notice the purse adds even another color to the black capris outfit, yet it all blends fabulously together.

Insider tip: Tying a scarf around the handle of your purse is good for two reasons. 1-It can change the look of the color of the purse. 2-It’s a great way to have an extra layer for the air conditioning at a restaurant or store.

Black capris outfit for women

Black Capris

Capris in general can be one of those items that get a bad rap. Part of the issue can be about the overall proportion of the outfit. For my mom’s example, she tied the kimono in the front with an elastic which creates a more interesting line for the front of the look.

Insider tip: There are many ways to change up the look of a kimono instead of just leaving it hang down. I talked about 5 different ways in this post.

I do think capris are a wonderful alternative for women who don’t wear shorts or skirts as much in the summer. We have worn them many times on this blog. If you worry they make you look frumpy, then I would suggest a couple of things.
1-Make sure they fit well and aren’t too baggy.
2-Sure, there could be an ideal length, but don’t obsess over it. Your outfit is more than just ONE piece of clothing.
3-Include an item that will take the attention away from your capris. A statement top, kimono, or necklace can all work wonders.

Insider tip: You can always change the length of capris to make them shorter. In fact, Charlotte and Lesley have both shortened pants to a capri or culotte length.

Black flats with black capris outfit

Black Shoes

The basic colors for footwear are something we all have in our closet. Yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t have some interesting details. The gold straps as part of these shoes give off a little bling.

Insider tip: Just like I talked about painting our jewelry, you could easily paint some of the details on shoes too. In the past, I have “touched up” the metal on some thrifted shoes to make them look new again with paint.
You could even paint these gold straps a bright pink or red with fingernail polish.

Black capris outfit for older women
Black capris outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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