Styling a Black Shorts Outfit for Summer

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Hand knit sweater as part of a black shorts outfit for summer

Styling a Black Shorts Outfit for Summer

While I’m styling a black shorts outfit for the summer, the idea this week was wearing black on the bottom half even in the heat. In fact, you can read all the details about Charlotte’s capri pants outfit and Lesley’s long black pants look. I even included a group shot below!

Quote of the day: “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” Corrie Ten Boom

I found this quote right after I edited these photos. It felt appropriate because I was worrying that my shorts were too short. I certainly didn’t consider that when I put them on and was out for the day. Yet we all tend to self critique ourselves at times. And this quote can be exactly what we need to hear at those times.

Back to the theme at hand which is how we can style any length black bottoms for this season. Which is why I am showcasing a black shorts outfit for summer. My idea was to lighten it up with a hand knit tank top and add in bright pink accents.

Black shorts outfit for summer with other colors

Shorts: the fifth~~ Top: Hand knitted by me~~ Shoes:BellaMarie ~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: Theresa Rose c/o~~ Purse: thrifted ~~Hat: thrifted

Hat Love

Now that I try hard to keep the sun off my face AND we go exploring regularly, I have quite the collection of hats. There are so many types of sun hats available that I believe there is something for everyone. Then again, if hat’s are too hot for you, then have you considered a parasol?

Insider tip: If you are looking for a quality parasol, I know a woman who owns a parasol company called Lily Lark. I bought one and showcased it here, and there is a discount of 15% off for my readers with JTOUCHOFSTYLE.

A couple of suggestions for the best hats:
1-Find a color that looks good with your complexion
2-Feel free to add scarves and other things to give it personality. (See posts here and here for ideas)
3-Use sizing tape if you hat is too big
4-You can add a “cord” so it doesn’t fly off in the wind (see the blog post here for example.)

Turquoise straw hat

Not All Accessories Have to Match

Matching is easy. Matching is the way we were brought up. Then again, adding in a totally different color to an outfit can be the way to give the look some sass. While many of you weren’t too sure about the idea of not matching to a print, then another way is with your accent pieces.

I did this with a bright pink necklace, shoes, bracelet and sunglasses. It’s hard to tell in these photos but the necklace and shoes are actually a neon pink. While neon has been gaining popularity again, I wasn’t sure I would need to wear them again. However, the best thing to repeat to yourself is to never say never, haha!

Insider tip: By adding a contrasting color with your necklace, it gets much more attention than a matching one. For example, these earrings almost get lost since they are the same color as the hat.

Black shorts outfit for summer for older women

Neon Pink Sandals

The idea that we get what we pay for is something I’ve been researching. At this age, most of us prefer comfortable shoes. And I’ve found comfort and style with Walking Cradles. Yet, I still look other places occasionally for some variety.
This pair I happened to find at Bealls Outlet for $15. I don’t know about you but I’ve had MANY espadrille type shoes where the sole is super hard and not comfy. Yet this pair is soft and cushy. I seriously couldn’t believe it. It makes me want to buy a different pair from this brand to test them.

If you’ve tried this brand, BellaMarie, I would love to know your experience.

Insider tip: These did have a buckle on the ankle strap which I immediately changed out to velcro. If you want to try this, I made a video about how to do this.

Bright pink sandals

Black Shorts Outfit for Summer

Below is the photo were my inner critical self took hold as I talked about with the quote of the day. We all encounter that self critique from time to time, I bet. And while it’s good to evaluate our choices, it’s silly to beat ourselves up.

Sure, I’m used to longer shorts nowadays like I’ve shown when I discussed my color recipe. I tend to wear this pair in the winter with tights so I feel more covered. Yet what I do appreciate about this pair is how wide they are, so they almost look like a skirt.
Will I wear them again this summer? The rebel in me says yes. However, I’ll make sure to think about how I bend over, LOL!

Insider tip: If you like the more roomy shorts or pants, then you might experiment with the paper bag waist trend, like I discussed previously.

Black shorts outfit for women over 50

Real Life

So this is how hard it is to get a great photo of three women together, LOL!! This is real life and what Rob has to deal with for our blog photo shoots!

Black pants for every age
Black shorts outfit for summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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