Styling a Red and White Outfit for Summer

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Red and white outfit with summer hat

Styling a Red and White Outfit for Summer

A red and white outfit is a wonderful combination for the summer. Charlotte chose this idea for our summer love theme because we were originally going to a strawberry festival.

Quote of the day: “I would be a fool to deny my own abilities.” Julie Andrews

This quote caught me as a tad funny when I thought about how my mom has the best ability to showcase matchy matchy. Yet she’s evolving a bit by adding in a different color with her purse. Just like she added a different color last week with her pink hat.
Lesley’s summer love look, concentrated on wearing linen. Whereas I chose some iconic summer pieces. I hope you also keep reading to see how Charlotte shares about other summer loves.

Red and White Outfit

Red and white outfit for women over 70

Pants: DG2-thrifted ~~ Top: Allie & Rob~~ Shoes: Chads~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: no label ~~Hat: thrifted

Red and white is such a classic color combination especially in the summer with Memorial day, Fourth of July and Labor day. While red is a bold color for some of us, remember it’s associated with energy, passion, and action. Why is that good? Because it can enhance metabolism and increase respiration rate! Maybe that’s why it’s the color of love?

Insider tip: Instead of wearing a solid colored red top, you could always find a print one with other colors in it that are just as bold.

This color combination has been showcased on the blog quite a few times for different reasons and you can see many of them in this post.

Red grommet top with white pants

The Extras

Charlotte recently bought this hat at a second hand store. It’s interesting because it’s really stiff and holds its shape. Even though this may not be on your radar, having a hat that doesn’t flop may be an advantage.

Insider tip: I haven’t personally tried this tip, but I read that you can stiffen your hat with a clear light coat of ½ shellac and ½ alcohol with a paint brush. Or Amazon sells a hat stiffener.

Adding in a totally different color to an outfit can really create more interest. It’s that focal point that our eyes need. For those of you that have trouble NOT matching, then try incorporating that extra color in your purse.
For Charlotte, this print purse works marvelously because the red and white is in it, yet there are other colors too.

Insider tip: Another option is to add a colorful scarf tied on your purse. My mom has shown this in the past.

Red and white outfit for summer

White Pants and Shoes

Since summer is all about white pants (or shorts in my case), then it only seems right to add in white shoes. A couple of my friends always comment that white shoes remind them of nurses. It’s funny how our memories affect our clothing choices.
Yet the last couple of winters, white boots have made a comeback, just as we showcased.

Are you wearing white shoes? There are some wonderful selections available.

Insider tip: Most leathers and white soles can be cleaned easily with the Magic Eraser!!

White shoes with white jeans

Same Color, Different Items

One of the tricks I like to remember for traveling is about taking pieces of the same color yet different styles. For example, if you take a pair of white pants, then also take white capris, a white skirt or white shorts, because they will go with all of the tops you are packing.
This is a good practice even for your closet at home. Why? Because if you wear a certain color pant quite a bit, then you must have many tops that coordinate with it. Thus, it would be smart to have other style options of that same piece. Sure, you can have many pairs of “white pants” but it’s more interesting to have unique styles too.

Insider tip: This works for tops and shoes too. For shoes, if you love your yellow sandals, then you should search for yellow sneakers. Or for tops, make sure to have both short and long sleeve versions of the same color.

White pants for summer

Summer Love

I shared these same categories about what summer means to each of us. Here are Charlotte’s answers:
1-Food: Watermelon, corn on the cob and black berries fresh from the hillside
2-Drink: Ice tea and lemonade-a pitcher of each was always in the fridge (Jodie here–I have to put in my two cents….it was Nestea and Country time lemonade both made from powders)
3-Song: School’s Out for Summer (remember, Charlotte is a retired teacher)
4-Movie: Drive-in with the girlfriends after going to the beach and seeing From Here to Eternity in her friend’s car. And can you believe that 2 friends were snuck in by hiding in the trunk of the car?
5-Memory: Getting terribly sun burned because it was cloudy and seemed cool so she removed her swim suit cover up.
6-Event: 4th of July fireworks.
7-Favorite Season: Spring because everything is coming to life–blooming and green.

Styling a red and white outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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