Styling a Summer Chic Party Attire

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Sheer pink blouse

Styling Summer Chic Party Attire

Styling summer chic party attire can be for many occasions. There is usually a wedding or two, along with graduations and then the occasional, bon voyage party during the summer months.

Quote of the day: “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kandinsky

I know it doesn’t say so on my birth certificate, but I think color is my middle name. And not just one color, but I have been enjoying trying to use at least 3 colors in many of my outfits lately.

While Stacy chose neutrals, and my mom wore all pink, I tried to be a little rebellious. And I also included other options from our past posts along with the specifics of this summer party.

Graphic tee as part of a summer chic party attire

Jodie’s Wearing

Skirt: Esley-thrifted~~ Kimono: Mom made it ~~Top: Midlife Revolution~~ Shoes: Stuart Weitzman-thrifted ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~ Watch: Nordgreen here-c/o~~Purse: Patircia Nash-thrifted

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Jodie’s Summer Chic Party Attire

Like I said, I wanted to show a little sass with this outfit. My mom had requested that we both wear our matching pink, sheer tops, so that was the piece from which to build.

Red and pink together used to be a no-no! And then on top of that I added a punch of turquoise. My friend Laurel, who is an interior decorator, says you should add a bit of turquoise to everything.

Pink and red as a summer chic party attire


Not only did I try to add in a third color with turquoise in my accessories, I also used some hair pins. After learning some great tips about how to use hair accessories in my hair, I’ve been having much better luck with them.

And you might notice me sporting a watch. It’s funny because even my friend Stacy commented that she doesn’t wear one anymore. She uses her phone. I was the same way, but I’ve been trying to see how I like them again. This watch was gifted to me by Nordgreen. The large time face makes it SO easy to read and I really like the pink strap. It acts as part of my arm candy.

If you’re interested in any of their watches (mens and womens), I have a discount code you can use. It’s JODIE15 for 15% off. Rob has one too, and you can see his in this post.

The Kimono

Even Nancy has a kimono/top in this sheer material. We’ve worn them all together one time out on a rooftop bar in Denver. We certainly received a bunch of attention that day. I guess it’s rare to see three grown women in matching tops! LOL

You’ll notice that my mom paired her sheer top in the post from last year with the same skirt. She changed up all of the other elements, but it’s basically a rewear outfit for those of you who like to see us be real.

Red thrifted skirt

The Graphic Tee

I will admit that I couldn’t imagine wearing a graphic tee when I was still working. To me, that was work out wear, and not for dressing up. But times have definitely changed, and there are certainly such fun ones out there. Like the one I wore for a collaboration with other women on Instagram.

The tee I’m wearing here says Midlife Revolution and is part of our Forever Fierce group on Facebook. We call ourselves a revolution because it’s time we change the environment for older women!! Just like my tag line reads, “It’s never too late to look great.”

Summer chic party attire for older women

Shoes and Purse

Both these shoes and purse were purchased second hand. These sandals I found at Goodwill about 4 years ago. They were $8, and I figured they were a nude that would go with everything.

Imagine my surprise when I got them home and really looked at them. They are Stuart Weitzman shoes that retailed for over $300. Of course in the whole scheme of things, what really matters is if I wear them. And I am happy to report that they are well loved.

I think it helps that they have a heel but it’s only 2 inches. So they end up being a pair I can wear at an event where I’ll be standing the whole time.

Sandals for older women

The Skirt

I bought this skirt at Goodwill during our Shop and Share event. I just loved the scallops on it, and it was a heck of a deal (maybe $3). It also has this gorgeous lining, and I think I can turn it inside to wear it if I remove the label. I’ll let you know about that if I ever do it. Maybe for traveling.

However, the first time I wore it for our Thrifted Chic Style Challenge on Instagram, I found one of the scallops rolled when I sat down. It goes to show I forgot to include that invaluable tip of trying things on. And then while your trying it on, make sure to sit and move around. Even I, who is somewhat of a shopping professional, forgets this at times.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t ready to give up on it. So I used some iron on hemming tape on the one layer of scallop. I didn’t quite trust that to be strong enough, so I went around and hand sewed it down also. And voila….this day there were no issues with it.

Pink and red for a summer party

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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