Styling an Outfit with a Red Sweater for Mature Women

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Woman in her 80 in an outfit with a red sweater

Styling an Outfit with a Red Sweater for Mature Women

The saga of styling an outfit with a red sweater continues with Charlotte. This whole idea started as part of the Ageless Style theme of what ages us and why.

Quote of the day: “Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.” Renee Descartes

This series I thought we could change up the basic outfit of a red sweater and black pants to have more personality. For my version, I added a topper along with some fun accessories, and discussed the reason how I came up with this idea. And Lesley added a cool scarf.

When I asked my mom the question of what ages a woman, her quick reply was white hair. And while I understand that thought, I do think it encompasses much more than just white hair. While it’s no secret that my mom is a mature woman (considering I’m always telling her age, ha ha) I think many times she looks better than some of the younger women I see.

Because when it comes down to it, it’s not about our age. Our age is truly just a number. It’s how we present ourselves to the world, how we act, and how we treat others.

Pants: Norm Thompson-thrifted~~ Sweater: United States ~~ Boots: Seven Dials~~ Scarf: It’s actually a dickey ~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Creations by Lama-thrifted

Charlotte’s Outfit with a Red Sweater

Pearls and bows at the neckline

Red is such a powerful color and we see it for many holidays. Yet adding other elements to the color really gives the outfit more life.

The first outfit in the photo comparing the two outfits is something I see over and over in my community. While there is nothing terrible about it, it tells me nothing about the women under the clothes.

Yet when my mom adds in her creative touches, she’s showing up a piece of elegance and even sass with certain elements.

You can see how Charlotte wore this same red sweater for a holiday look here.

Are your Pearls Neglected?

First let me start off by saying that this is no ordinary bow blouse my mom is wearing. It’s really a dickey. But you could take a scarf and create the same kind of bow around your neck.

The elegance factor comes in with the pearls. After we posted about our pearl necklaces many years ago, it was fun to read everyone’s stories. I feel this is a piece of jewelry many of us have just pining away in our wardrobe. Left, neglected and unloved until a wedding comes around. I say forget that and bring them out. They can be great conversation starters.

Insider tip: Layering your necklaces (even with a scarf) is a great way to wear all of your wonderful treasures. They do not need to hang perfectly or even all be seen in different lengths. Just the fact that you have one more than one or two creates more texture and interest.

Let’s Talk Some Sass

When the accessories add the interest

My mom brings some sass to the same outfit with her funky, snakeskin purse. This was her first thrifted treasure after we moved here to Arizona, and already it’s gotten a lot of use.

Sure, you may have seen her from the front with her bow blouse and pearls and thought what a nice, respectful women this is. Then you catch a glimpse of that purse and give her a double take.

In my opinion, every outfit needs a little bit of sass or fun. Because life is too short to be serious all the time.

Who Doesn’t Need Red Shoes?

Red ankle boots for older women

I remember when we first talked about red sandals years ago on the blog. The subject brought up more than one person reminiscing about some red shoes they had growing up. Which brings me to believe we all need a pair of red shoes in our closet.

This pair of red booties is an early birthday present for my mom from me. I saw them and thought they would be perfect for her. The heel height is nice and it’s a pointed toe like she likes. I linked the same pair in the widget above.

Insider tip: Always matching your shoe to your pants is boring. It stops your gaze and gives no place for the eye to continue. Give everyone something to talk about with a great red bootie.

Senior Discount

Red sweater season

My mom tells the story how she asked a repairman if they gave a senior discount one time. His response was he thought she was just prematurely grey. Needless to say she showed him her license and he gave her the discount.

Even Charlotte will tell you that it can get easy to let things go and resort to a frumpy look. Especially when your hair goes grey and you look older. Lets just remember that we are blessed for every year we have, and should tell the world with our outside appearance.

Insider tip: Forget those articles about older women not wearing certain things. You are old enough to know better than to be swayed by young journalists. Wear what you like!!

Fun outfit with a red sweater

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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