Styling Ankle Boots for Older Women

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Orange top for a pop of color

Styling Ankle Boots for Older Women

Styling ankle boots for older women is no different than for the youngings. I have never seen an ankle boot that the label says “only for 20 year olds.” They are a great way to add in warmth for the cooler weather, comfort AND a modern detail.

Quote of the day: “And I don’t call it aging; I call it winning. You don’t have to be perfect at something; just start walking toward it and see where the adventure goes.” Renee Zellweger

I think Renee’s quote even applies to fashion and style. By this time in our lives we “think” we know what we should wear. Yet adding in new pieces and trends can make us feel even better.

All three of us wore jeans with our ankle boots yet the outfits are still very different. Lesley kept her sweater neutral to match the booties. I chose a color that isn’t worn much in the fall. And now my mom is channeling the pumpkins with this orange top. But you also need to see more details about where we were for these photos.

This is another sponsored post with Jambu. We have worked with them many times in the past because I know you all appreciate comfortable and stylish shoes. Don’t forget to use the discount, JTOUCHF19 until November 18 with your order.

Styling ankle boots for older women

Jeans: Hue-thrifted ~~ Top: thrifted ~~ Boots: Jambu (here) ~~Earrings: Happiness Boutique c/o ~~ Hat: ~~Purse: For Nine

Charlotte’s Ankle Boots for Older Women

Woman over 80 in style

I will say that my mom has had ankle boots for years now. Granted, she has been choosing lower heeled ones lately, but she has had many in her closet even before we started blogging. Heck, one of our first blog post’s theme was ankle boots.

The one thing that hasn’t changed for my mom is the idea of matching her pants to her booties. I know it’s because we have been brainwashed into thinking that we need to look taller and thinner. If you struggle with these outdated rules too, then I hope you will read why I consider myself perfectly imperfect.


First let’s talk about this owl purse. My mom ordered it from a catalog many years ago. For those of you who scoff at online shopping, I think it’s not all that different from catalog shopping. And didn’t we all enjoy that in the past? You can find such unique things when you shop at other stores other than what are in the malls.

My mom was going to include this purse in the exhibition of all of her collection of owls at her independent living place. In fact, I’ll be showing you that collection in my monthly recap blog post. However, the curio cabinet was too full to include this owl (and others). That’s how many she has!

And this hat is one that Charlotte picked up at the Dollar Store. The Dollar store is her go to for almost any and everything. It was plain when she bought it, but then she had this ribbon in her stash, so she sewed it to the brim.

Orange Fringe

How to style ankle boots for older women

My mom loves thrifting almost as much as I do. And she chose this orange top because of the fringe that is down the front.

I love that the front is asymmetrical and so even though it’s longer in the back, it makes her appear longer in the front.

It’s not all that different than Lesley’s top she wore recently. If you don’t have a top that is asymmetrical in your closet, I hope you will try one. For some reason, I believe them to be magical.

Jambu’s Blakely Encore

These Jambu Blakely Encore boots are perfect for the casual looks. Just like with Lesley’s and my boots, they have amazing traction on the sole so you won’t be slipping around.

My mom picked these for two reasons. One because she doesn’t have a blue pair of booties. And two because they are lower cut so her jeans could hang down without having to cuff them.

These also come in brown and black along with the navy AND they have a faux fur lining. My mom said these were very comfortable for our outing. She does have a small bump on her left foot that after a couple of hours did hurt. However, she just released the band across the front and it stopped hurting.


Secrets to wearing ankle boots for older women

Jeans are seriously for everyone. Remember, my mother is 81 years old, and this isn’t her only pair of jeans. Yet these are pretty much skinny jeans and my mom is rocking the look!!

She even found these jeans at the second hand store. I think they are considered leggings because they have that flat front with no zipper. It’s a nice way to have a smoother look at our belly section. My mom likes that detail because they are easier to get on and off. LOL!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

This is a sponsored post by Jambu. Which means they sent us the boots to review, and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s a win/win for everyone.

And the best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use Jtouchf19 until November 18  for 20% off your purchase. If you haven’t looked around their website lately, you will enjoy their variety. ALONG with the fact that they have memory foam in their insoles, and Non-slip All Terra traction rubber outsole.

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