Styling Black and White for Spring with Bright Colors

Styling black and white for spring in Denver

Styling Black and White for Spring with Bright Colors

Quote of the day: “ Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” Doug Larson

Now this quote is the exact truth for Denver. Even though the calendar says spring, every Coloradan knows that April can bring snow showers. Heck, we’ve had many a Mother’s Day with snow.

Spring doesn’t necessarily scream for black and white together. Yet I feel that these neutrals can be worn for any season, and almost any occasion. So for this theme, I wanted to see how we could incorporate a spring element with this color combination.

Styling black and white for spring for women over 70

There are other ways to wear your black and white to make it springy. For example with pastels or florals. Or click to see us all together.

Nancy’s Wearing

Pants: Gruppo Americano-thrifted~~ Blouse: Christopher Banks-thrifted~~Top: Stonebridge ~~ Shoes: Merona ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Bracelet:~~Purse: Dana Buchman

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Nancy in her Black and White for Spring

I asked Nancy to add in something bright to her black and white. For some reason, I think of brighter pieces for spring because I tend to choose these bright colors more once it starts getting lighter outside. Granted, I’ve been trying to incorporate more bright colors even in the winter lately. Yet I know many women stick to muted and dark colors for the winter season.

How to wear black and white for spring

The Blouse

I happened to buy all of our showcased black and white blouses on a recent Goodwill trip. Although many of you don’t shop secondhand, black and white blouses are classic pieces so you should be able to find similar items as in the blog . Heck, I found a similar one even with the black paneling on the sides, if you’re interested above in the widget.

This paneling detail is super flattering. In fact, I shopped with a friend once and talked her into the same detail with a dress. Here’s a dress with that same kind of panel design.

Nancy does love this blouse even though I bought it for her sight unseen. Total luck on my part. She has short arms, so the fact that it’s 3/4 sleeves makes it so they don’t have to be shortened. That’s always a win.

Styling black and white for spring with bright accessories


I love that Nancy used the accessories to continue with the bright theme. This necklace is from a boutique sale, and not only is full of colors, but textures too.

Even the bracelet with the different colored beads was bought at a different time and place than the necklace.

My favorite thing is the purse. A dark floral purse is one of those that seems good for any season. It adds in the floral that is ubiquitous for spring, yet it’s darker for even the winter months. That’s always nice if you don’t love changing purses.

Styling black and white for spring with a floral purse


Ballet flats are such a classic style. Unfortunately not every brand has enough arch support, if that’s your struggle. This pair certainly doesn’t, but they also weren’t very expensive.

If you are looking for style with something you can actually walk or stand for hours in, then I’d suggest Walking Cradles shoes. Granted you are going to spend more on them, but it can be worth it. I have 2 pairs (one gifted and one purchased) and it’s made me spoiled. I do have a discount code if you find something on their site. It’s Style15 for 15% off. Make sure you check out their sale tab too.

Styling black and white for spring with red pants


Nancy is a huge fan of the mock turtleneck styles since she has a short neck. I feel like turtlenecks are certainly a basic if you live where there is cold weather.

Yet it’s one item that is close to your face, so I would say choose your color carefully. We always kid Nancy that she wears a lot of black, but luckily it looks good with her complexion.

Styling black and white for spring with layers


Red pants. Do you feel like they are too “out there” for you? I remember about 7 years ago when they became really popular and I felt too old to wear them. It was when I was working, and a patient was wearing them. We talked about it and she pushed me to get a pair.

And now look at the three of us. We all have red pants/jeans and it’s not like we got any younger. It’s a good reminder that we can all push past those insecurities about wearing certain things. Because don’t they look fabulous on Nancy? Especially with the black and white.

Styling black and white for spring for grey haired ladies

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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