Styling a Casual Date Outfit to Recreate our First Date & Ageless Style Linkup

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Styling a Casual Date Outfit to Recreate our First Date & Ageless Style Linkup

A casual date outfit is something that should be easy to create in this day of jeans and casual atmosphere. Yet sometimes we struggle with what is appropriate and how to look our best.

Quote of the day: “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” Oprah Wiinfrey

As our theme for the Ageless Style group this month, Kellyann chose date night for the upcoming Valentines Day holiday. And since Valentines is also my husband’s and my anniversary day (16 years ago), I thought it’d be fun to recreate our first date outfit as much as I could. Which is where the quote comes in. Rob is definitely one of those that lifts me up.

Make sure to keep reading to see a photo from Rob’s and my early dating years. And some remembrances from each of us. Then check out Lesley’s dream date, and Charlotte’s outing with friends.

Jackets as Part of a Casual Date Outfit for Winter

Vintage coat for a date

Coat: Mom made it~~ Jeans: Gap ~~ Sheer Top: Ten Sixty Sherman~~ Velvet cami: Peach c/o ~~ Boots: Impo ~~ Scarf: I knitted it~~ Earrings: Target~~ Purse: thrifted

I’d like to point out the outer layer as something to consider when you are going on a date. Even for a casual date, if it’s the winter, you’re going to be wearing a coat. So make it a fun one. In fact, I’m linking to 4 different interesting coats below that don’t cost an arm and a leg. My opinion is don’t just wear a boring black coat. That doesn’t tell any potential date that you are a fun and vibrant person.

This is not the coat I wore on our first date. The funny thing is I don’t even remember which coat I wore, but Rob thinks it was a black leather like one which he said I gave away years ago. I can’t even think of what he is talking about, but I love that he liked me enough to keep it in his brain.

My talented mother made this coat. I didn’t wear it quite as often in Denver since it’s a short coat, but it’s perfect for the Arizona winter.

Does Casual Mean No Accessories?

For me, life revolves around accessories. Go ahead and laugh, but truly, I think they take the pieces that everyone has, and gives them an individual twist.

First, let me point out my scarf. I’m sure I did NOT wear a scarf on our first date, because 1-I didn’t wear scarves at the time. And 2-I knitted this in 2007 (3 years after we were married). But even though I was recreating our first date look, I wanted to add in some “me” from now. And NOW I do wear scarves, especially after taking all the time to knit this lace one. There’s more detailed photos of this scarf on Instagram if you’re interested.

The other detail that I have only embraced at this stage of the game is bracelets. I couldn’t wear them while working as a dentist (for some reason people frowned on being hit in the face with jewelry while I was fixing their teeth). So I’m making up for lost time. One of these bracelets was made for me by a wonderful reader of the blog who I consider a friend now. Thank you Judy.

Insider tip: I would suggest wearing at least one interesting accessory on a date. It’s even better if that accessory has a fun story to go with it. Then when your date comments on the piece, you have some more conversation.

Now Let’s Talk Real

Woman over 50 in a casual date outfit

I can’t tell you how many people say they like how “real” we are. For me, it’s a compliment, because life is not about perfection. Like I’ve blogged about in the past, we need to embrace our perfectly imperfect self.

This photo shows real life. I didn’t realize that my sheer blouse was riding up and creating a black line above the girls, and my husband thought it was part of the top. Therefore, any of the front photos have this imperfection. I thought about going out to retake the photos, but then again…. We all have “malfunctions” like this, and we should all help each other out when we see them. Along with being able to chuckle at these. Just like with our blooper photos.

Insider tip: I LOVE sheer tops, but now I know not to wear it over a velvet cami. It’s better with a silkier material so it glides instead of catching on it.

I do love this velvet cami though (and it’s on sale now). It’s a Peach brand and as an ambassador for the company, I get a commission if you order anything through my link. So thank you.

Which Shoes For a Casual Date Night

Neither Rob nor I remember which shoes I wore on our first date. Some of my friends always wore flats in case the guy was short and they didn’t want to be taller. Since I’m darn short (5’2″ to be exact), I have never even thought about that.

So I’m sure I probably wore some heels because at that stage of the game, I wanted to seem taller!

Insider tip: Shoes do make a difference for a date. Hopefully the guy is gazing longingly into your eyes most of the date, but he is going to notice the shoes. Don’t wear your comfy, old lady shoes!!

Is Sheer Good for a Date?

Jeans for women and casual date outfit

For our first casual date outfit, I did wear a navy sheer blouse. With a cami under it, of course. That’s why I chose this top to wear for this recreation. And I have worn this top on the blog before. I fell in love with this even thought it’s black and even found a couple quite similar, here and here if you love it too.

My thinking about sheer is that you can still be very modest wearing it, yet it’s still sexy. Which may or may not be how you want to look on a first date. It depends on you, of course. And it’s very versatile.

Insider tip: A sheer top will appear very different depending on what color top you wear under it. Wearing black makes it appear less see through. Or a lighter color makes it more risque.

Our First Date

Early date with hubby

This photo is NOT our first date, but possibly a month after that. Our REAL first date was 8 minutes and I’ll give you lots more information about that on Valentines Day.

The date that we consider our first date together was when we met up for dinner. It was at a place called Trio in Boulder and I thought it was a Mexican casual restaurant. Remember this is before the days you could just Google it. So I wore jeans and I felt under dressed. Ugh! Luckily Rob was so besotted (ha ha) that he didn’t notice.

What Rob remembers is that I ordered a Coors Light beer (I was not an aficionado at the time). And he jokes that he almost didn’t ask me out for a second date because of that!!

Now from my perspective, we had a wonderful first date. Rob wore a plaid shirt and khaki pants. I know this because that’s all he had in his closet at the time. Truly…he had about 5 pair of khaki pants and 20 plaid shirts. He’s come a long way.

So SHARE with me. I’d love to hear some great first date stories!!

Casual date outfit for women

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