Styling Casual Guy Outfits with Rob and Glen

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Casual guy outfits for any man

Styling Casual Guy Outfits with Rob and Glen

Styling casual guy outfits isn’t hard or expensive. And who doesn’t love it when the men look nice also?? That’s why I’m pairing with Chrissy today to showcase our hubbies. Why? Because Chrissy and I were chatting in the comments on Rob’s last post. Which spurred this idea.

Quote of the day: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar

Rob has this quote hanging by his computer. And for those of you who’s significant other doesn’t love the whole clothes and style thing, I think this is somewhat inspirational. Because everyone feels better with some positive feedback. Yet getting started and changing our usual can be the hardest part.


So here’s some inspiration from the male perspective. First, I’d like you to meet Glen. He’s the man behind the scenes on Chrissy’s site, Granola & Grace. Make sure to pop over to Chrissy’s page to see him in his casual guy outfit.

Chrissy described her husband as a guy’s guy who loves God, family, and fishing. Well, he loves a lot more, but those are big on his list! From military to mechanic and mechanic to ministry he has many entertaining stories to tell. He’s fun, hard working, patient and can still skateboard. I think I’ll keep him.

This is why I asked Chrissy and Glen to be part of today’s post. It’s always so nice to see other couples enjoying each other, like Rob and I do.


You heard our memories of the moon landing as we reminisced after seeing this documentary. Rob was totally in his element posing in front of this billboard.

And maybe you don’t know much about Rob except for seeing his photography on the blog. Recently Rob was featured in our Forever Fierce Newsletter (as the men behind Forever Fierce) (feel free to add your name to get the Forever Fierce Spark Newsletter because it’s chalked full of wonderful information).

As his introduction he said this: “I’m a regular guy who’s life revolves around food, food and more food. That’s why I started Filofeast. I’ve worn many hats over my lifetime including musician, working with street people, IT manager, dental office manager and now photographer. Life is more interesting when I don’t have to worry about getting up to go to work every morning”.

Man over 50 with casual guy outfits

Rob’s Wearing

Jeans: Rock & Republic~~Vest: H&M ~~ Top: Good Fellow ~~Stud Apparel: ~~ Shoes: Creative Recreation ~~Hat: Target

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Casual Guy Outfits

If you haven’t heard, my husband didn’t used to have much style. When I met him he was a khaki pants and boring shirt kind of guy.

And it’s not like I had to push him hard to change. The fact that he sat with me watching What Not To Wear when it was playing, helped him realize that our outside appearance can make such a difference.

Then when he started trying new and interesting clothing items, the compliments he would get (even from strangers) made him feel so much better about himself. We’ve been stopped at Home Depot and the airport alike and told what a dapper couple we are. There is nothing better than that to make me smile.

The basics of this outfit are probably what Rob wears most of the time. It’s not the jeans and t-shirt but the additions that give it personality. I’ll describe them below.

Wearing a vest


It’s only been recently that Rob has grown to love hats. When we first looked for a hat for him for our Mediterranean cruise 10 years ago, we couldn’t find ANY that looked good on him.

So in reality, I’m not sure if there are more hat options now because we’ve found so many he likes. Either that or the thought that we’ve gotten used to seeing him in hats and they more and more look great on him.

But if you read Rob’s last fashion post, you might remember that he names his hats. This one is his Uncle Mike hat. Why? Because his Uncle Mike always wore one like this. Of course at that time, Rob wouldn’t be caught dead in one like this. Yet now?? They are cool.

Wearing a hat

Stud Apparel

It’s also normal that Rob will wear stud apparel around his neck when we leave the house. No, it’s not a necklace! LOL. Rob considers that too girly a description. So we named them stud apparel. Maybe that will get your guy to be more open to something like this?

This particular piece is a shark’s tooth. I had purchased a bunch of these when I was working. Dentist, shark tooth…get it?? I think I gave them to my employees at the time, and Rob wanted to have one too.

Sneakers for men


This is the same vest that Rob wore in his last post. Not that this is his only vest, but it’s a versatile one. Not that you see guy’s in vests that often, but he’s become a fan of some kind of topper. He’s like me, I always feel the need to add something to just a jeans and t-shirt outfit.


Last but not least are the shoes!! I remember when we were first shopping for shoes for Rob, I felt bad for guys. The variety of men’s shoes are so limited. You don’t have the choices of heels vs flats. Or even cute details like tassels or prints. And then guy’s footwear is always MORE expensive than mine.

Yet we have found some more interesting shoes for Rob at both DSW, Gordmans, and of course, online. I have to admit that now even Rob has a great selection of shoes! And if you don’t think the shoes make a difference, I bet Rob would disagree with you.

Photo credit: Jodie Filogomo

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