The Ultimate Cold Weather Birthday Outfit: Ageless Style Linkup

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I’m styling a cold weather birthday outfit since the month of December is my birthday month. For our Ageless Style group it was my turn to pick the theme. And I wanted to invite EVERYONE to my fancy birthday party celebration.

Quote of the day: “The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.” Madeleine L’Engle

I still have many friends that don’t make a big fuss for their birthdays. But I’m way beyond that. Life is too short, and I’m happy to be turning another year older. The best part of my birthday celebration here is twofold. 1- Nancy is back to join us for this week. 2- Two of the other Ageless Style woman have birthdays this month also. So let’s get on to the celebration.

Both my mom and Lesley went with the darker colors. Yet their outfits are very different.

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Fashion for any style

First, let me also introduce you to Cheryl. While she wasn’t able to dress up and join the party, she did take the time to bike over and say hello. Cheryl is the reason we knew about and explored the Enchanted Pumpkin Festival in Carefree earlier this year.

And she helped us scout out this location for our photos the week before because she lives close by. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, I’ve met some fabulous women through this blogging journey.

Fancy Schmantzy birthday outfit

Coat: Rachel Zoe ~~Skirts: Sheer polka dot one my mom made, and Silver pleated is ~~ Top: Peach c/o ~~ Shoes: Sam & Libby-thrifted ~~ Necklace: Mauzies ~~ Purse: Mix. No 6~~Tiara:

My Cold Weather Birthday Outfit

Dressing up for a cold weather birthday outfit

I am totally my mother’s daughter when it comes to dressing up. Sure, I realize that society has gotten WAY more casual. So maybe that’s the reason why I love the excuse to get fancy schmancy at times.

This lilac jacket was a recent addition to my closet. It was when we were taking photos for our Amazon purchases, and we happened to duck into the huge Marshall’s store. It’s totally a “me” jacket yet I almost talked myself out of buying it since we live in Arizona. But let’s just say I’m SO glad I took the risk. Heck, I’ve even worn it another time on the blog already.

And the faux fur jackets seem absolutely ideal for a cold-weather birthday outfit. Especially when they can be found in every color of the rainbow.

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My favorite accessory of the outfit has to be this tiara. My entire life, I’ve tried to be somewhat low-maintenance. Of course, you may laugh at that since I have a heated toilet seat.

But I’m not one of those who expects everyone to cater to my every whim and need. Yet Rob always laughs and calls the three of us his divas. So when I saw the tiara, I figured it would be perfect.

I’ve been pushing myself to wear my fun hair accessories lately also. It’s been a concept ever since I had my hair stylist in Denver, help me figure out how they could work in my hair.

What Makes a Fancy Outfit Fancy?

I’m sure we all have differing opinions on what makes a fancy outfit seem fancy. In fact, you’ll see quite a difference in styles not only from the Ageless Style group but also here on my blog this week.

Since I still like wearing heels, I think they can be one factor that makes an outfit seem dressier. While many of you don’t wear heels anymore, there are some flats that are just as dressy.

Other factors include bling and texture and I have that going on in droves. As a Peach ambassador, I was very happy that Peach’s winter items included some pink pieces. Velvet always seems like a great winter detail. I wore the sweatshirt version recently too. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have chosen the cami if I were still living in Denver. But it’s perfect here in Arizona.

What Would You Wear Under this Sheer Skirt?

This skirt is one that my mom made for me last year. Maybe you remember seeing it on my FierceCon 2018 post? I chose the material because I thought it was so fun and unique. Of course, then comes the realism of what to wear under it.

My mom actually made a purple shift dress to layer under this skirt originally. You can see me wearing that dress also in the FierceCon post for Sunday brunch. However, right before we left for this trip. I found the pink, longer skirt at Target and thought it was an even better option.

Of course, since then, I wanted to have other options with the sheer skirt. That was exactly the reason I purchased the silver, pleated skirt from Amazon that you read about last week.

Just last week, I ordered a black, tulle skirt from Poshmark. I’m interested to see how that will look under this sheer material too.

I wore these same two skirts with blue for the top half in my daily outfit posts on Thursday here.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style Group and Fancy Schmantzy

I know every other woman in the Ageless Style group would appreciate you checking out their Fancy Schmantzy outfit too. Each of us has such different styles and ideas for a fancy birthday outfit. You might be surprised by the inspiration you can get.

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