Styling Colors to Go with Leopard Print

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Blues as colors to go with leopard print

Styling Colors to Go with Leopard Print

Are there only certain colors to go with leopard print? I’m sure we have all heard the leopard is a neutral. And knowing that, then every other color should go with any animal print? Yet I think we get into ruts of what we wear with it, so I thought it’d be fun to see 3 different options.

Quote of the day: “The road to success is always under construction.” Lily Tomlin

I only used this quote because when I first met Lesley a couple of years ago she was NOT enamored with leopard print. Not that she is obsessed now, but she certainly has added some pieces to her closet.

Now what she is obsessed with is the color blue. In fact, you’ll love the story below of when her daughter first met Lesley’s husband, Wayne. Then make sure to read about Charlotte’s color choice and mine as well.

Woman over 60 with colors to go with leopard print

Jeans: Baccini from Stein Mart ~~ Cardigan: Zenana Premium ~~ Top: Cabi ~~Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Scarf: Stein Mart~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse: Maruca

The Secret for Finding Colors to go with Leopard Print

Leopard scarf with blue

While Lesley may not always have been excited about leopard and animal prints in general, I do think finding ones with colors you prefer is the key.

If you remember, I recently bought a camo print sweater in pink. So something along those lines. For instance I have a red leopard pair of jeans that showed up recently on Instagram (if you check it out, please make sure to give it a heart and feel free to comment there too).

Because this scarf of Lesley’s has grey, blue and brown in the print, she can wear these cool colors close to her face. She’s worn it with brown pants and a black turtleneck for work in the past.

Insider tip: There are animal prints in warmer hues and cooler hues. So if you know what looks best on you, try to stick with those prints. Even though most leopard are in browns and blacks, the values vary from material to material.

What Metals go with Blue

One thing that is always a struggle with some of my friends is matching your accessories to your outfit. I will say it over and over that we CAN mix metals.

Blue is a perfect color to try this with even though Lesley’s blue is a cool blue. You may think that only silver will go with it (like her earrings or other bracelet), but look how nice the gold mosiac bracelet looks too.

Insider tip: One secret of mixing metals is finding those accessories that already have them mixed together for you like this one I found. Then it’s easier to think it’s okay. As for Lesley’s gorgeous bracelet. It was a find at a street market in Denver years ago.

Adding Another Layer with Gray

Greys and blues for older women with a red lipstick

Even though we are in Arizona, some evenings certainly can be chilly. So Lesley pulled out this grey duster that she had purchased at our favorite boutique in Denver.

Insider tip: One way to feel more comfortable with pairing colors with leopard print could be adding in just one color while keeping the rest of the outfit in the same neutral. Like Lesley did with her grey denim leggings and the duster.

Lesley told me she feels slimmer in leggings than in a fuller leg pant. Her comments was that the mind plays tricks that the mirror goes along with. If you haven’t tried leggings yet, you might be surprised how much you like them too. I remember when we first blogged about them, I wasn’t too sure about them. But now, I think they are fabulous.

Comfortable Shoes for Walking

Taupe boots and cuffed jeans for older women

Since many of our photo shoots are also part of exploring our new area, you will see us in our comfortable shoes more than not. Lesley’s booties are her Jambu ones from earlier this season.

She has been really happy with them, and I just noticed that Jambu is also sold at Walmart.com. This pair is one of them, and the pricing is quite good.

What were we doing this day, you ask? We went to the Phoenix Zoo for their Roars and Pours event. It’s an adult only evening at the zoo. The funniest part is we took the tram around the zoo and we were relegated with stories of how the animals procreate. Not what we expected but it was interesting.

Lesley and her Collection of Blue

Blue and grey with colors to go with leopard print

Lesley has collected cobalt blue glass for years. She was living by herself and decorating as she liked when she met her late husband, Wayne. After dating Wayne for awhile, she finally arranged a meeting with him and her oldest daughter (and favorite jewelry designer, Richlyn).

So Richlyn is very polite and when Lesley did the introductions, she expected to hear, “It’s so nice to finally meet you.” Instead, Richlyn said, “I hope you like blue!”

Needless to say, when Wayne and Lesley got married and lived together, she tempered her decorating with all the blue things. Until now. Since she’s widowed, she again has it everywhere in her place. Trust me, I’ve seen it, ha ha! And this love of blue certainly spills over into her closet.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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