Styling Country Western Attire with an Edgy Twist

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Styling country western attire with cowboy boots

Styling Country Western Attire with an Edgy Twist

Quote of the day: “Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.” Laozi

Another day, another country western attire outfit. I thought the quote fit in nicely since it’s a rare person who doesn’t care about other’s thoughts and opinions. I know I’m only too guilty of this. Sure, maybe I’ve gotten better over the years, but it’s hard not to think about it.

This fits with the quote because styling a western outfit isn’t in my comfort zone. It’s just not “my style” on a day to day basis. Yet, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, is push out of our normal. All of us. You guys reading this, and us including my moms. Why? Only because “our style” is mainly stuff we already always wear. So why not experiment and have fun with other styles?

Styling country western attire for women over 50

While I had my mom add feminine details to her western items, and Nancy add in modern touches, I decided to try another tactic. I thought it’d be interesting to work with an edgier side. To me that means a rocker, black leather jacket. Needless to say I don’t own one of those. But I tried with what I had. You can see us side by side if that’s easier to visualize.

Jodie’s Wearing

Jeans: Gap~~Jacket: Mauritius~~Top: Gap~~ Boots: Matisse-thrifted~~Belt: ~~Scarf: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse:

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My Western History

I didn’t know much about western life growing up in Ohio. So since I hadn’t grown up with it, I didn’t appreciate it. Even after I moved to Colorado for college, it never really meant anything to me. Yet now that we are touring around Denver more and more, I’ve found so much enjoyment learning about the history of the Western culture.
On a side note, I do listen to country music. I started that about 17 years ago, and I love how many of the songs tell a story.

Styling country western attire for older women

Leather Jacket

So I vacillated between my ivory leather jacket that is more moto style, and this brown one. My husband liked this one better of the two, so that’s what I ended up wearing. It’s one of my favorite leather jackets because it’s such a rich brown color. The reason I don’t have the rocker, black leather jacket is because black is not a complimentary color on me. I’ve been working hard at getting rid of tops and jackets that don’t look as nice with my coloring.

This jacket was a quite a splurge for me. There are very few things I will spend over $100 on in my wardrobe. Bras, jackets, unusual sweaters and coats. That’s about it. And this one I bought for myself as a birthday present two years ago.

Styling country western attire with a bandanna


So since I didn’t have that edgy jacket to wear, I figured my black moto purse would be a great alternative. This purse just tickles my fancy. And if you haven’t heard the story, my mom found it while we were at the airport in Vegas a couple of Christmases ago. Leave it to my mom to find a super cool purse in an airport shop. She didn’t want it, so I bought it. For only $50. And then one of my readers said she saw almost the same designer purse in a fashion magazine. Obviously mine is the copy. Which is fine with me.

Let me point out my earrings too. Nancy gifted these to me because they are a knitted wire earring. How very appropriate for someone who knits like me. Although I’ve never tried knitting with wire. Yet.

And the bandanna. I just love the small scarves tied at the neck. The red bandanna seems like such a western cowboy trait, that I figured it would fit in perfectly.

Styling country western attire with boots and jeans


My cowboy boots were thrifted last year. I was going to wear either my husband’s snakeskin pair of cowboy boots or my dad’s brown pair. Both are a little big, but I could have easily doubled up on the socks this day because it was chilly. In the end, Rob liked this pair better with my outfit. And I admit, that I like how pointed the toe is. For some reason, that is always my preference.

Styling country western attire with an edgy flair

Chambray Shirt

I am a sucker for a denim or chambray shirt. I have 4 of them. But in my defense, they are all different washes. This one is the lightest one. We’ve talked about chambray shirts on the blog before. Because I really consider them extremely versatile. They can make a dressier item more casual, or act as a neutral since jeans go with everything.

I figured a jean shirt and jeans equal western. I’ve heard it called the Canadian tuxedo, which maybe means it isn’t really cowboyish?

Styling country western attire in Denver, Colorado


As for the jeans, I tried wearing my skinny jeans so I could tuck them into the boots. And showcase the boots. Then I decided to go with my boot cut jeans instead. Isn’t that the whole point of boot cut jeans? To wear over boots.

And yes, these seem a tad tight. I could blame the fact that I’m wearing tights under them because of the cold temperature. But we all know it’s those sneaky pounds. The struggle is real.

Styling country western attire with boot cut jeans

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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