Styling Cut Out Sneakers for Spring

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Hat season

Styling Cut Out Sneakers for Spring

The cut out sneakers seem like the perfect type for the warmer weather. It’s like built in air conditioning for your feet.

Quote of the day: “When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” Diane von Furstenberg

That quote is exactly how I’ve been feeling more and more. Yes, sometimes my outfits are a tad busy, and yes sometimes I’m too silly, but deep down, that’s me in a nutshell. Like the photo below when the music came on at the spring training baseball game. Many times we “want” to get up and dance, yet feel like it’s not appropriate. I feel it’s time to change that message of what is and what is not appropriate.

Speaking of appropriate, this post is sponsored by Jambu to show off their spring sneaker styles. You saw Lesley with her great for hiking sneakers, and Charlotte with her feminine pair. The details about this collaboration are below, but suffice it to say you can get 20% off your purchase with the code JODIES20. We have worked with Jambu for years now because they fit the bill for style and comfort.

Modern Style with Cut Out Sneakers

Pairing cut out sneakers and a jacket

Jeans: thrifted ~~ Jacket: Peach c/o ~~ Top: Belong Lifestyle ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o ~~ Earrings: Theresa Rose c/o ~~Hat: ~~ Backpack: no label

Why is it important to stay modern? Only because each and every one of you has a wonderful story that can help others. If we blend in and become invisible, the story never gets told. At least that’s my take on the subject.
Since sneakers are available in so many fabulous varieties now, why not take advantage of some of the new ones.

I chose this pair of Jambu sneakers because they seem modern with the cut out design and two toned look. My other nod to something modern is the frayed jeans. I actually DIYed these jeans myself.

Insider tip: The raw hem is very contemporary and gives that bit of distressing without looking too sloppy. What I love most about it? If you need to “shorten” your jeans, it’s an easy way you can fix the hem without a sewing machine.

Pink accents

Adding a Jodie’s Touch

Since we were heading to a spring training baseball game, I wanted to keep the accessories more simple. I didn’t add in a necklace, but I thought the olive green jacket needed some extra color. So I grabbed this tiny scarf (it was actually a band for a watch from YEARS ago) and put it in my pocket.
The weather was going to warm up this day, so I made sure to “pin” the scarf in place. I have no idea where this pin came from, but I though it almost looked like a button on the pocket.

Insider tip: Pocket squares do NOT have to be for men only. I think it’s a fun way to add interest to a pocket. If you have a pocket square (or can “borrow” one from the man in your household), they can also be worn as a small neck scarf or wrist scarf. The other way to decorate a pocket is with brooches.

Hats Are a Must Have for Baseball

I opted for a straw hat instead of a baseball cap for our outing today. This is one I was referring to last week, when I was explaining that some straw hats have a colored brim. I think it’s so important to pick hats that look good with our complexion.

Insider tip: It’s no fun to try to hold your hat down if it’s windy. So I added this tie myself. I hand sewed it to the inside lining of the hat in the back half. Since I didn’t need it this day, I just let it hang out the back.

The other must have in my opinion for a baseball game is a hands free purse. Lesley wore a cross body purse, my mom had a belt bag and I wore a backpack. No we didn’t plan the variety, but it goes to show we all thought this factor was important. It’s nice to have your hands for all the other important things at the game. You know? Like clapping and stuffing your face full of snacks.

Insider tip: While you can take your own food in (stadium permitting), many of the venues have WAY more interesting food now than they used to. For example, this Camelback Ranch Stadium had Wok-Off Noodles and Margaritas to purchase.

DIY a cord for your hat

Olive Green and Pink

I purchased this tie front top from Belong Lifestyle when they were having their after Christmas sale. Polka dots are big for the spring and I knew I’d need some more sleeveless tops. This company is a small business owned by 3 women in 3 different decades of life. Which is exactly why I love supporting them. I would say the top is generously sized and many of their pieces even come in plus sized (there is a shop by size tab).

Of course I had to take some type of topper considering I’m always cold. While I have a couple jean jackets, I wanted something more lightweight. And something that was not easily dirtied. I showcased the color orange as a fall color that can work for spring in the past. Therefore, I thought olive green would pair with the pink nicely.

Wearing cut out sneakers to a ballgame

Jambu’s Erin Sneakers

These cut out sneakers are named Erin. The slip on sneakers are the kind I used to prefer especially for traveling to make it easier to get through security at the airports.
The cut outs on the side and the perforations in the suede top portion are exactly the details I just love.

This cut out sneaker style is available in black and navy also besides this taupe. As an aside, not all taupes are created equal. If you remember my mom’s sneakers, they were called taupe, yet were a very different color. The Rally’s taupe is a warmer, tan color whereas this Erin taupe is a cooler, grey color.

Insider tip: Color is the hardest thing about ordering online. Every computer monitor is different, so you CAN’T depend on what you see. My suggestion if the shade of the color is important? Reach out to the company to inquire. For example Jambu has a “contact us” at the bottom of their website.

My Thoughts on the Erins, Cut Out Sneakers

When I first got these Jambu Erin sneakers, we took a mile walk around our neighborhood. And they rubbed a bit on the back of my heel. But I wore them around the house another couple of times before going to the baseball game, and they’ve been fine every since.
I just adore the style and this color. I feel like they will go as a neutral with so many of my colorful outfits. In fact, I will be showing some options of what colors to pair with them on the upcoming YouTube video. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Insider tip: I consider these shoes true to size. And did you know the company has 4 interest-free installments on all their shoes?

Jambu cut out sneakers

My History with Baseball

Considering I grew up with a mother who wasn’t concerned with sports, I had no knowledge of baseball. Until the Rockies came to Denver while I was in dental school. It was an inexpensive form of entertainment and a great date activity.

I’ve definitely learned to love going to baseball games. Much more so than watching them on television. It’s the crowd and interactions that make it so fun. I’ve also learned wearing the right clothing can make such a difference. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t have fun.

What’s your favorite part of attending the games?

Styling cut out sneakers for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


This is a sponsored post by Jambu. Which means they sent us the sneakers to review, and I was paid to write these posts along with a YouTube video. Be on the lookout for that by subscribing to my channel. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JODIES20 for 20% off your purchase until April 1 (no fooling). If you haven’t looked around their website lately, you will enjoy their variety of sneakers and sandals for the spring and summer. ALONG with the fact that they have memory foam in their insoles, and non-slip all terra traction rubber outsole

The Peach jacket was gifted to me as part of my Peach ambassadorship. Even though I am no longer an ambassador of this program, I still love their pieces. As a customer of Peach now, I’m entitled to give you $10 off your first purchase if you go through my link and in return I get some credit to new pieces. The best part is once you’re a customer, you can give friends the same benefit. While my Hemingway Jacket is no longer available, make sure to check out the sale items. My Mara Moto jacket and Laguna jacket are still for sale.

These earrings were a gift in my swag bag at FierceCon this year. Theresa gifted every attendee a pair of these leather earrings. The best part? They are SO lightweight, and they come in many colors and styles.


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