Styling Excursion Outfits for a Caribbean Cruise

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Styling outfits for days out touring

Styling Excursion Outfits for a Caribbean Cruise

Today, I’ll showcase our excursion outfits from our Caribbean cruise. You’ll see some of the same pieces over and over, because when you are traveling, you are working with a capsule wardrobe. In fact, you may recognize these pieces from the post showing what the three of us packed for the cruise.

Quote of the day: “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” Virginia Woolf

I thought this quote was very meaningful. Partly because as I described in our San Juan attractions post, we tend to book an excursion as opposed to going out on our own. That’s because we want our vacations to be peaceful, yet we also want to see everything.

What I’ll concentrate on in this post is what I consider as essentials for these activities and how we mixed and matched. You’ll see many of the 7 essentials things I posted about in these outfits. This isn’t a sponsored post but visit the end of this post for all facts about the companies I work with. You can also view how we wore the items we packed for our dinners on this same cruise.

FYI, I am not including our looks for the day we went into St. Kitts to play with the dolphins. Since we knew we couldn’t take our own photos, we didn’t take the camera with us. I wish we had taken photos with our phone camera though (hindsight is 20/20). You can see the back of my “cover up” in one of the photos in the St. Kitts post and tomorrow you’ll see the same “cover up” with our dinner outfits.

What to wear to embark on a cruise

Let’s Start with Comfortable Footwear for our Excursion Outfits

All three of us have traveled enough to realize that our shoes take up the most space in our travel wardrobe. Therefore, the ones we bring, need to coordinate with many outfits including casual or dressed up.

Jodie’s Shoes

All 4 pairs of my shoes were Walking Cradles (except my flip flops). The ivory pair, called the Avery was gifted to me as part of their spring collection.
The red sandals were also gifted this winter, and I even tried wearing them with tights. I’m more comfortable wearing them with bare feet so the cruise was a perfect time to style them, as you’ve seen in my skirt worn 2 ways post. It’s a testimonial to be able to wear them for walking excursions.
I purchased the camel wedge heel especially for the cruise since they were on sale and a color that would go with everything.

Charlotte’s & Nancy’s Shoes

Both my mom and Nancy wore their pairs of Jambu sneakers for many excursion outfits. These were a smart pair to bring because the style was more open for the warmer weather.
In the last photo, you can see all three of us in Walking Cradles shoes as we toured around San Juan right before we got on the plane to come home. Nancy has always loved slip on sneakers, so when I heard Walking Cradles was coming out with the version she is wearing, she bought them.

Insider tip: I know many “experts” suggest packing the same color shoes only in different styles. However, after this trip, I am going to suggest more of a variety which will go with more pieces. For example on this trip, I took ivory, camel, black and red.

What to wear for a day at sea

A Scarf and Topper Worn for Excursion Outfits

Even though we were in the Southern Caribbeans for this cruise, you can see we still carried and wore different toppers and scarves depending on the day.
We all know that sunscreen is very important for skin protection. However, I also like a lightweight topper to cover areas in case I sweat off the sunscreen.For our day at sea, we needed some extra coverage because some of the places on the ship were cold from the air conditioning. Maybe you can see how versatile my “scarf” is in the photo above? Check out the photo below to see what it really is. I talked about how we can get creative with our clothing like this on Instagram with this exact example.
Heck, on a couple of the excursions, the bus we took would be air conditioned too. So it was better to have the extra covering.

Inside tip: If your scarf or topper is lightweight enough, you can usually stuff it in your tote. Either that or tie it on the strap.

What to wear as excursion outfits

Sun Protection Anyone?

You can see by these photos that I am the only one that wore my hat. Both Charlotte and Nancy brought their visors (you can see them carrying them), but they didn’t wear them as much. My hat was perfect for this trip for two reasons. One it was tight enough to stay put when it was windy. And secondly, the details on it seemed very islandy. You can see these details on my Instagram post.

The other important item to consider when you are out touring around is sun protection for your eyes. Sunglasses are one of those essentials for a sunny vacation. I know I’ve gotten spoiled by having prescription glasses that change to sunglasses so I don’t have to carry or remember an extra pair.

Insider tip: While transition glasses used to be SO expensive, the online versions now are much more reasonably priced. I reviewed 6 different companies for online glasses in the past. If you know another online company I should check out, I’d love to hear about them.

Styling outfits for a day touring

Can You Rewear Your Tops?

The whole idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you can rewear things over and over. While the idea is great, the reality doesn’t always work on vacation. One because you can get sweaty especially in the tropics. And two because you can spill on your items and don’t have your washer at hand. Granted you can hand wash things, but it’s the last thing I want to do on vacation.

Therefore, you don’t see us rewearing our tops as much as our bottoms. I did plan it out to wear my Fashom blue tank top as a scarf the day we were at sea. This was the day before I wore it as a top since I knew it’d get smelly then. I also rewore my blue dress in these examples.

Insider tip: Rewearing tops can happen. For me that means planning it all out as long as you know what you’ll be doing ahead of time. You can see my daily calendar and how I wrote down the outfits for each day beforehand.

Adding in Fun Details

Did you notice our earrings? I bought these for both Charlotte and Nancy from Amazon. They are still available and are very inexpensive. We ended up wearing them for all of our excursion outfits because they received so much positive attention.

I always think that especially with a capsule wardrobe, it’s the details that are going to give your looks some pizzazz. Just think, your accessories whether they are scarves, necklaces or earrings are small enough that you can pack a bunch of them. Or do what we did and buy some along the way. LOL.

Insider tip: My yellow belt bag has been the BEST purchase I made last year. Considering how much we go out exploring even in our own state, it makes for a hands free experience. I know many of you love a cross body purse, but as someone with neck issues, the belt bag is even better.

Skirts for excursion outfits

The Rest of the Story

Many of my pieces were from a Fashom box that I requested right before the cruise. I patted myself on the back many times for doing this, because I couldn’t have found summer items at the stores in December, and it saved me a ton of time (especially because I got sick right beforehand). If you haven’t tried Fashom yet, I am still a huge fan after getting my third box lately. Just use my link to get $20 off your first box (now until Feb. 20, 2020. After that it’s $10) and read my tips on making it successful.

In this post, my Fashom items were my pink print kimono, the blue print top that I wore as a scarf and then as a top, and the white, tropical print open shoulder top.

You can see I stuck mostly to dresses, a skirt and shorts for our excursion outfits. Whereas Charlotte and Nancy wore capris pants. The only time my mom and Nancy wore a skirt as part of their excursion outfits was when I requested it for the blog. You can see how Nancy was surprised by how much she liked it in her post. As for my mom? She was NOT a fan of this idea as you can read in her post.

Insider tip: If you bring shorts, pants, and a skirt all in the same color, then it’s easy to mix and match them to your tops.

Travel outfits


For Walking Cradles shoe company, I am an ambassador. Therefore, they gift me some shoes and sponsor some of my blog posts. This post was NOT sponsored. Yet, if you do order through my link, I get a commission. In fact, one advantage of being a reader of Jodie’s Touch of Style, is that your first full price purchase of Walking Cradles can be discounted with the code JODIE15. While I don’t get commissions on sale shoes, it’s still helpful to go through my link so the company knows where their customers are coming from.

Tenth Street Hats asked if I would like a hat before our cruise. Since they have a wonderful selection of straw hats, I figured why not. As part of this deal I was asked to post wearing the hat which I already did. So this mention is only because I do love their hats (I have a couple of them) and nothing else.

The Fashom box I talked about for this cruise was requested only because I wanted it. I purchased the pieces with my hard earned money. Because I have been SO impressed with my stylist and pieces I wanted to include this information. I do get a $20 credit if you sign up and you get $20 to spend too (until Feb. 20, 2020 and then it is $10). Therefore, it’s a win/win.

My blue dress is a Peach clothing item that I received as part of their ambassador program. It was from last summer yet still available on sale. Their clothing is all about for the gym, work and play. As part of their program, I am given a couple of pieces and expected to showcase them on my channels which I did for this dress last summer. If you purchase anything through my link, I do get a commission.

3 decades of women showcasing excursion outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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