Styling our Festive Outerwear with Coats and Jackets for the Ageless Style Group and Linkup

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How to wear holiday coats and jackets for ageless style

Styling our Festive Outerwear with Coats and Jackets for the Ageless Style Group and Linkup

Quote of the day: “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little.” Sydney Smith

For our Ageless Style Post where we join with 10 other bloggers to showcase a common theme, Debbie picked festive outerwear. That’s why I used this quote for the day. When I look around in the winter, I feel like I see so many black and dark coats. Why not branch out and go out on a limb with color and some fun?

For our outing today, we traveled down to the Christkindl Market in Denver. I’m sure it’s much prettier in the evening with all of the lights, but we had a fun time anyways. And it was cold as evidenced by all of our winter wear.

Styling cold weather coats and jackets for an outside event

I didn’t tell the mom’s what to wear for this theme. I left it up to them, and look at how we all stand out. Heck, mom and Nancy even wore matching hats. In fact, we had one comment from a lady walking by that we looked so nice. I always appreciate it when strangers take the time to stop and compliment us.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

How to wear holiday coats and jackets with fur trim

Coat: Risa Diane (similar here)~~Tights: (similar here or as leggings)~~Shoes: Cole Haan (here)~~Hat: Conservatrice (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

How to wear holiday coats and jackets for women over 50

Why I Wore This Outfit

This red coat used to be my mother’s coat. In fact, I’ve worn it before on the blog and it gets a lot of wear in the winter months. Of course, I love that it’s red, but I also adore the fur trim and A-line shape of it. There is a matching hat, but it doesn’t cover my ears, and I would have been WAY too cold. However, since I just found this hat while shopping on Small Business Saturday in downtown Littleton, at Conservatrice, I thought it went perfectly with it.

How to wear holiday coats and jackets for women with print tights

How You Could Change This Outfit

If you would consider a red coat as too bright, then how about a pastel color instead? I always think the pastel coats are so pretty and they add some lightness to the darker days. I’ve seen light blue wool coats, a pink shawl coat or even a cream colored coat which would all be a nice change from the dark pieces we normally see at this time.

How to wear holiday coats and jackets for women over 40

Interesting Tidbit

These snowflake tights were purchased at the end of last year’s winter season. In fact, I forgot all about them until I was looking through my tights recently. I would have worn boots except I didn’t want to cover up the fun design. Therefore, I have another pair of tights under them.

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

How to wear holiday coats and jackets with a furry coat

Coat: Jessica Simpson (similar here)~~Pants: Coldwater Creek (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu c/o (here)~~Purse: Charlotte made it (similar here)~~Hat: Charlotte made it (similar here)~~Fingerless Gloves: (similar here)

How to wear holiday coats and jackets for women over 70

Why Nancy Wore This Outfit

If you have been looking for new coats lately, you’ll have seen a bunch of these teddy bear coats. Maybe your first response is that they are for the younger kids, but I’d have to disagree. What’s not to love about a teddy bear for any age?

Nancy added in some bright colors with her accessories. The fingerless gloves she actually bought this day as soon as we walked in the market. And Nancy’s Jambu shoes are great for walking around since they are flat and comfy. My discount code, Jodie18 for 20% off is still good until December 31 for any purchases from their site.

How to wear holiday coats and jackets with plaid purse

How You Could Change This Outfit

The advantage of a neutral color coat like this is you could switch up your accessories with all different kinds of colors. I think a solid purple hat and glove set would also look stunning, as well as a white or black set too.

How to wear holiday coats and jackets with a fuzzy coat

Interesting Tidbit

The matching purse and hat are made from leftover fabric when my mom made her coat below. We showcased these matching pieces last year in a blog post since I have a jacket in the same material.

Nancy always says she’s not much of a hat person, but they look so good on her, I’m thinking she should change that fact.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

How to wear holiday coats and jackets for women over 80

Coat: My mom made it(similar here)~~Boots: Bandolino (similar here)~~Scarf: thrifted (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Hat: Mom made it (similar here)~~Purse: Nine West(similar here)~~Gloves: Anne Klein (similar here)

Styling cold weather coats and jackets for a festival

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

This is one of my mom’s go to outfits with the red/pink dress underneath that she wore in the previous post. In fact, you’ll see that she even wore the same scarf with the pair in our post about using scrap material.

I love that she doesn’t mind wearing bright colors even in the winter months. Trust me, it’s easier to find her in a crowd, LOL!

How to wear holiday coats and jackets with a plaid coat

How You Could Change This Outfit

If this coat seems to bright for your tastes, then there are other plaids that are more subdued. There are blue plaid ones along with black plaid coats that still add some print, but don’t stand out as much.

How to wear holiday coats and jackets a plaid coat

Interesting Tidbit

The fabric for this coat along with the hat and Nancy’s purse were in mom’s basement for over 10 years before she finally put it to good use. As a knitter, I always say that our stash needs to marinate or age before we can actually use it. So I guess this holds true for material too?

Styling cold weather coats and jackets to keep warm in the winter

Tips & Tricks

Winter is a time for darker and colder days. That’s obvious. And I know for me, my first instinct is to stick with muted colors and hide away by the fireplace. Yet I wonder if trying out the brighter colors and fun outerwear could be the recipe for happier days?

Considering I see so many black puffer coats at least here in Denver, I think adding in color with your accessories can be the key. Even if you don’t wear hats, there are many colorful scarves that would brighten up any coats and jackets. Or what about fun earmuffs?

Needless to say, I’m here to try to push us out of our norm. It’s time we stood out in the sea of black coats. And if you need to start with baby steps, there’s always the idea of adding brooches to your coat. It’s hard to see but Nancy is wearing a silver pin on her coat. I bet you all have some brooches or pins that would be fun on your outerwear. Like this colorful tree one.

Styling cold weather coats and jackets to keep warm in the winter

Styling cold weather coats and jackets for the Christkindl market

Ageless Style Group

Onto the others in our ageless style group. I hope you check out how everyone looks in their festive outerwear. It’s always so interesting to see everyone’s different takes on a theme. If you’re a blogger, make sure to join in on the link party.

Our co-host of the month is Sheela. My mom’s and I have partnered with Sheela and her daughter many times on this blog before because we love the mother/daughter angle. And then the best part was I was actually able to meet up with Sheela in person at our FierceCon in LA this October.

Considering that Sheela lives in Texas, she sure knows how to have an incredible piece of outerwear. Be sure to check out her great style on her social media, Instagram, Bloglovin and Facebook.

Sheela with coats and jackets

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If you’re ready to have some fun with your winter coats and jackets including prints and fun colors, here’s some ideas.