Styling Leopard Pants with the Color Green

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Yellow belt bag

Styling Leopard Pants with the Color Green

Styling leopard pants with the color green. It’s all about how I wanted to showcase animal prints with our favorite colors. Or at least colors other than the usual neutrals (like black).

Quote of the day: He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

My mom worked her magic with her second favorite color, and Lesley wore the cool version of her favorite color. Me? My favorite color is really yellow. But my yellow top didn’t create as much contrast as I wanted. So I went with my second favorite color. And added in the yellow with my belt bag.

Now I want to hear what color you usually style with any animal print? Is it your favorite color? Or is it a neutral?

The color green and styling leopard pants

Pants: Banana Republic ~~ Sweater: Banana Republic-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Bracelet: Alison & Aubrey ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Target

Styling Leopard Pants

Thrifted green sweater

To me, these are bold leopard pants. EVEN for me, ha ha!! We were shopping at Banana Republic and I found these. I’m not even sure why I tried them on but I have a feeling it was because I knew we were taking photos soon with animal prints.

And they fit so perfectly, and then I had my reward points, so I got them for under $5. How could I not buy them.

They are more of a wide leg pant version which could be why I was attracted to them. Just the fact that I worked my closet to see how to style my other pair of wide legged pants in a post could be the reason that I’m not as scared of them. In fact, it’s nice to have different silhouettes in our closet.
Then after styling them 5 different ways, I am glad I purchased them.

Why Did I go with Minimal Accessories

For some reason, I was a tad scared of these pants. I worried that I shouldn’t wear a necklace because the pants were so loud. However, now that I look at these photos, I think my worry was unwarranted. Sure, maybe you all don’t always wear a necklace, but it’s not the usual for me.

I did wear my favorite wrap bracelet. It’s by a mother/daughter small business called Alison and Aubrey. I asked to be one of their ambassadors after buying a couple of pieces from them (which means I do get a commission if you buy anything through my link). They always have such fun pieces that aren’t expensive.

Insider tip: Layer bracelets are great for so many reasons. It looks like multiple bracelets but you don’t have to think about which ones to combine. And it takes up more space on your wrist to be more noticeable. This one is even better because it has a magnetic closure. So it’s super easy to get on.

Maybe you’re tired of seeing this belt bag, but it’s so perfect for the days we are exploring. I keep thinking I’m going to get another one to give you more variety.

Why Color?

Why not wear color? I know many women tend to stick to neutrals and black. Yet I also hear many of my friends complain about being invisible. I could hypothesize that the two are related. I happen to think that color shows liveliness.

When I was growing up I loved green. I’m not exactly sure why, but my bedroom at home was painted green. It wasn’t until about 6 years ago that I really was drawn to yellow more and more. I consider it a happy color. Funny that 6 years ago was when I retired too? Hmmmm.

I actually bought this sweater for Nancy for our Elf Inspired outfits last year at the thrift store. She gave it back to me because she felt it was too tight on her. I didn’t see it that way, but I knew I’d wear it, so I took it. And I love the contrast of this bright green with the leopard. In fact, I just saw Sara wearing the same color combination on Instagram.

Insider tip: This sweater seems like it was shrunk from it’s original size. One way to stretch it out is soak it in water and hair conditioner and then stretch it.

Aren’t my Feet Cold?

Sure, if you lived in a colder state, you might not be wearing mules in the middle of November or December. But luckily in Arizona, it’s no biggie. Besides the fact that these mules have a fur lining.

These are a Walking Cradles pair of shoes. I wore them with shorter pants when it was warmer outside. Like I described with Lesley’s post, we all wore comfortable shoes because we would be traipsing around this evening. Our activity was the Phoenix Zoo’s Roars and Pours event which means it’s an adult only evening at the zoo. The funniest part is we took the tram around and we were relegated with stories of how the animals procreate. Not what we expected but it was funny.

All of my Walking Cradles shoes are super comfortable. Which is why I keep buying them and working with the company. I am an ambassador for this company too because I believe in them so much. In fact, I do have a discount code (JODIE15) that you can use for 15% off. It just won’t work with some of their special sales.

Styling leopard pants with green

Men and Animal Prints

Heck, I even had Rob join in for this theme.

He doesn’t get his own post by himself this time, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing him with my outfit. Rob is such a nut. In fact, I wrote a little ditty about him on Instagram last month if you want to see it. If you check it out, please click on the heart and feel free to comment.

Men's fashion

At the same time that I bought my leopard pants, we found this shirt with animals on it. I figured it’d be perfect for our zoo event. And I love how he wore it with his white jeans and tan shoes.

He’s such a dapper chap, don’t you think? Yes, he still asks my opinion about what he’s wearing, but he usually gets it wonderful without my help anymore. Let me just tell you, this guy has come a long way. I’ll tell that story one of these days.

Styling Leopard Pants for Women over 50

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo EXCEPT the photos of Rob. I took those.

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