Styling a Light Lime Green Top with Jeans

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Light lime green top as layering

Styling a Light Lime Green Top with Jeans

Wearing light lime green is not my go to, that’s for sure. Yet one of my readers suggested it for May since it’s Mental Health month. You’ll be able to meet Bev later this week along with a giveaway from her.

As a quick aside, I was interviewed on Jen’s Your Color Style Podcast recently, and you can hear it here.

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Even if it’s not your color of choice, I found some fun ways to incorporate this color into your outfits. Starting out with a perfect summer top for me. Then a vest with leggings for Nancy, accessories for Charlotte, and then the piece de resistance with all of us and a matching jeep.

Styling a light lime green top with jeans

Jodie’s Wearing

Jeans: Express-thrifted ~~Top: No Label-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Seven Dials ~~Earrings: from Kirkland Museum~~Purse: Target

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Wearing a Light Lime Green Top

My initial color combination for anything lime green is to pair it with white. And while I would have done that for this outfit, I had given Nancy the option for white. The funny thing is she didn’t use that option and my mom wore blue with hers. So I guess it’s going to be a matching mom thing this week.

This photo below cracked me up. I was going to save it for my bloopers post but there are already so many collected for that theme. So I thought I’d share this funny one with you.

A sheer top for a cooler day

My Top

I found this top when I was shopping for the Goodwill Shop & Share event. At the night of the event, I decided I should actually purchase it for me. It’s a sheer top that will be absolutely perfect for the hot summer days. Needless to say this day was cool and rainy, so I wore a long sleeve, white top under it.

The top didn’t have a tag and it didn’t even look like there ever was one. Looking at the inside of the garment, I almost think it was hand made. The stitching doesn’t look like it was done by machine. And the seams aren’t perfect.

Originally I thought it was a Chico’s brand top since they have pieces that are interesting like this. And their tops stay in style forever. I’m sure this one will too.

Light lime green top with green sunnies


Express is one of those stores that I’ve always considered a young girls store. But after finding this pair of jeans at a local consignment shop over 3 years ago, I decided to change my tune.

I’ve taken Nancy in the store in the past to find dressier pants for her and she even found this snakeskin top. And just lately I found another pair of wonderful jeans there.

It’s been one of those lessons that it’s good to have an open mind with shopping at any store!

Belt bag worn over the shoulder


When I talked about spring trends earlier this year, a belt bag isn’t one I thought I was going to buy. I figured I tried this trend when I was younger, and I could leave it to the younger girls for now.

But low and behold, it’s a perfect example of never say never. We were at Target before our blogging conference, and I saw this yellow one. Granted it’s not available in yellow right now, but the snakeskin one is cool, and of course there’s black.

On Instagram, I showcased how convenient it was at our conference. While it’s smaller than most of my purses, I made myself downsize my wallet when I bought this, so it works. And you’ll see me wearing it around my waist when we are all together. But it can also be worn over the shoulder. AND, the strap is not attached, so you could attach it to almost any belt you own.

Lime green with gold earrings


Even though I don’t NEED anymore earrings, I have been pining for some geometric shaped ones for some reason. So when we were at the Kirkland museum recently for our blog field trip, I saw these and had to get them.

I feel like I’m turning into my mother by buying something at the gift shop! That’s her motto, yet it’s true you can find some very unique and fun things at many place’s gift shops. Besides, I rationalize, I’m helping to support a small business.

Gold flatforms with jeans


Ever since Jude made me some silver sneakers, I’ve been over the moon about metallic shoes. To me they just go with everything.

This particular pair is from Gordmans, and I’ve even worn them with a dress before. Since they are flat, they are perfect for a day of walking, yet I feel they are a tidge dressier than sneakers.

Belt bag over the shoulder with jeans

Do you have any light lime green in your closet?? If so, how do you wear it?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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