Styling our Little Black Dress for the Spring for Dress Up

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 Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring for different age groups

Styling our Little Black Dress for the Spring for Dress Up

Quote of the day: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John. R. Wooden

I chose this quote because I realize that many women feel overwhelmed with putting together outfits. So I thought I’d try to use the one item that we all have in our closets. That being the trusty,  black dress. We have styled this piece for every other season on the blog, so now it’s time to wear our little black dress for the spring.

Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring

For all of the previous posts along with this one, we have worn the exact same dress. We have layered over it, under it and around it to create different looks with the same piece, for not only dressy occasions but casual ones too.

I’m sure most of us only consider wearing this item or even a dress in particular for fancy events, yet I’ll try to push the boundaries in the next post.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: When I think of spring, I tend to imagine fun colors and floral prints. 

Therefore, I wanted to lighten up the little black dress with this orange and bright pink dress over it. This “duster” is actually a shirt dress that I’ve worn a couple of times on the blog. I love the dress; however it’s a little on the short side when worn alone. And now that I’ve had my colors analyzed, I realize that the colors aren’t the best for me? (Of course, I’m not 100% sure about this, but in real life, they seem more muted than the bright ones I’m supposed to concentrate on).

How to Style the Little Black Dress for the Spring for women over 40

I’m thinking about donating the dress, but I wanted to still see if I could make it work for this look.

So I grabbed a scarf that is one of my colors to wear closer to my face. Funny story about this “scarf.” I bought it as a wrap over 8 years ago, and I’ve never worn it. Luckily I didn’t give it away, because I finally had the bright idea to wear it as an infinity scarf.

It’s a great lesson to me that I need to stop “categorizing” my clothing, so it can be more versatile. Just like the shirt dress becoming a duster which all 3 of us tried 2 years ago.

How to Style the Little Black Dress for the Spring with a scarf

Now the other thing that gets me excited when “Spring” comes around is the thought about baring my tootsies!!

Now I place Spring in quotation marks sine we know that just because the calendar says Spring doesn’t mean Mother Nature agrees. In fact, I even layered a long sleeve shirt under this dress. And maybe it’s crazy to think about wearing peep toe booties if the rest of me is covered.

I know, I know, I thought they were silly when I first saw them a couple of years ago. But once I bought a pair last year, I was hooked. Another great example of how one should never say never when it comes to style. If you want to check out a pair for under $40, then here is a black or taupe pair or check out this pair. Truthfully, my toes didn’t get cold because my feet were quite covered. If anything, it was my bare legs that took the brunt of the chill.

How to Style the Little Black Dress for the Spring with color

And who else has a nonfunctional purse they just can’t get rid of? As much as I love this little gold purse, it’s not even big enough for my phone. Since we all realize that a blogger can’t be without her phone, then what’s the point? That’s when having a husband with pockets can be beneficial, ha ha!

However, since I should replace it why don’t you shop with me? For under $15, I could “splurge” on this crossbody purse. Or for under $20, this evening bag would be perfect. If I wanted to spend a tidge more but still under $30, this clutch is definitely bigger than mine. And one more that is decorated with sequins for just a little over $30.  Which of these would you pick?

How to Style the Little Black Dress for the Spring

Dress: Beau David-thrifted (similar here)~~Duster: Trina Turk (similar here)~~Boots: (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Belt: Ann Taylor (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy tried a couple of different jackets to wear over her little black dress for spring.

She ended up choosing this jacket because it has threads of silver throughout it, and thus appears dressier!

There are many options that can make a jacket somewhat dressy, yet then still okay to wear for casual. Of course you can choose an all black jacketsomething with lace or even a jacket with colored trim.

Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring for special events

The pearls came out for this outfit. I’m sure all of us have some pearls, and we talked about them with stories from our past 2 years ago. I think most of us are comfortable wearing our pearls for the nicer events. But I’m also trying to push myself to wear them for casual days. Since we already have these items, why not wear them?

Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring with pearls

I’ve talked about ankle strap shoes in the past, as a great option for shoes that are easier to walk in.

For those of you, who think the ankle strap is bad because it cuts off your leg line, then you might prefer the nude version or blush version. And I understand that we have all learned this “fact” from our younger days.

Yet, let’s not discount the fact that these type of shoes are modern right now and can be super fun. For instance, you could instead focus on the flowers or the gingham print.

Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring with a black jacket

We all know that styles come back around over time, and I think Nancy’s dress is a good example of that. There are ruffles aplenty in many items again.

If you’re not a huge fan of the ruffle on your dress, then don’t worry, you can find them on everything else.  They can be on the hem of your top, on your sleeves, or on the hem of your pants. I think the ruffles are one of those details that screams feminine. And since we are all females, it’s a good thing.

Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring for women over 60

Dress: SL Fashions (similar here)~~Jacket: (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit: My mom basically covered her dress with her cardigan. 

This cardigan my mom was gifted from Chicos for our girlfriend event last year. This convertible cardigan is extremely versatile because you can make the front panels tie in many different ways (or even not tie at all). Many longer cardigans if they have slits could be worn this way even if they aren’t marketed that way. So check your closet or here’s an option.

Little Black Dress for the Spring worn for dress up for the mature woman

My mom opted for pearls also with these earrings. And then grabbed her owl necklace. My mom has quite the owl collection, not only with jewelry, but with home decor and clothing too! She’s been an owl fan for over 30 years, so she’s had years to collect these items. Any other owl lovers out there? If so, this t-shirt is so colorful and these earrings are so pretty!

Little Black Dress for the Spring worn with a print cardigan

It’s very interesting that the 3 of us all chose different leg wear.

I didn’t wear any hose, whereas Nancy wore nude hose and my mom wore black hose. Hosiery is one of those questions that comes around again and again. When it’s cold outside, it’s impossible not to cover our legs, but it’s also nice to keep up with what looks modern. What’s you choice for spring time dresses for your legs?

And then black shoes are definitely a basic for any woman. I know my mom recently updated her pair because they do wear out over time. If you still wear heels, kitten heels are a great option. Or there are the chunkier heels that are easier to wear for most. And there are nice flats out there that look wonderful for any occasion.

Little Black Dress for the Spring worn with black hosiery

My favorite part of my mom’s little black dress for the spring is her metallic clutch. I think in my mom’s case, it pulls the brownish color out of the cardigan. It’s a great showcase that we don’t have to match our purse to our shoes anymore or to the main color in our outfit. Another fun option would be a red clutch as a contrast. Or since it is spring how about a straw version?

Little Black Dress for the Spring worn by women over 80

Dress: Mom made it (similar here)~~Cardigan: Chicos c/o (similar here)~~Shoes: Anne Klein (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

How to Style the Little Black Dress for the Spring for women in midlife

Wearing our Little Black Dress for the Spring for dressy

Little Black Dress for the Spring worn by women over 50

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