Styling Mother’s Day Outfits for Mom

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Having fun with mother's day outfits for mom

Styling Mother’s Day Outfits for Mom

Quote of the day: “There’s a reason some people think they can achieve anything. They listened to their mother.” Anonymous

This quote really speaks to me, because that’s how my mom was when I was growing up. I always remember hearing that I should go for my dreams. Even when I told her I wanted to be a dentist, she didn’t tell me to give up since most dentists were males at the time.

It’s no different than supporting your friends like I wrote about recently. Being a cheerleader for you kids or even parents is everything.

My fabulous friend, Stacy helped us out by showing how to wear a pastel suit for Mother’s Day. Now my mom is wearing a maxi dress layered with a cardigan. I layered two dresses over each other. You can also check out where we spent the day for these photos.

Color combinations for mother's day outfits for mom

Charlotte’s Wearing

Dress: c/o ~~Cardigan: c/o ~~Top: Forever 21-thrifted~~ Shoes: LifeStride~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse:

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Charlotte’s Favorite Mother’s Day Celebration

When I asked my mom her favorite Mother’s Day celebration she said the one she remembers most fondly is when I graduated from college. She was living in Toledo then and traveled out for the celebration.

We went to Marie Callendars for dinner and there was 3 generations of women at dinner. My grandma (my dad’s mom), my mom and myself. Heck, my mom even remembers the fabulous pecan pie for dessert!!

Mother's day outfits for mom when she's 80

The Layering

As I mentioned in the last post, our weather was very bipolar this day. It’s not unusual to have snow on Mother’s Day. So my mom not only layered an orange t-shirt under this dress, but also a cardigan over this dress.

I feel like the longer cardigans have taken over the stores right now. Not that I think the shorter cardigans should be thrown out. Heck, I wore one backwards a couple of weeks ago. But the longer ones are super modern.

Accessories for mother's day outfits for mom


We know that my mom doesn’t throw much away, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this necklace and earrings are from the 1970’s.

I do think that jewelry is one of those things that is easier not to purge as often. For one reason, they always fit no matter how your weight fluctuates. Sure, some trends come and go, but all in all, jewelry seems timeless.

Although I will admit that jewelry is also an inexpensive update and pick me up. And gift for others. Speaking of, it could be a wonderful gift for Mother’s day.

Styling mother's day outfits for mom


My mom still loves her heels. Hard to believe that she is 81 and still wearing heels whenever she can. Sure, I’ve twisted her arm to wear sneakers more and more, but I think it’s impressive that she still loves to dress up.

I’m sure we’ve all read that wearing heels is hard on our body. But I’d like to point out that maybe they aren’t all bad. Maybe they help us with balance? And we definitely feel better when we look better. To me heels feel sexy, so that could be a benefit?

Ideas for mother's day outfits for mom

Maxi Dress

If you’d like to see this dress without the cardigan over it, you can see it here. If it looks longer in that original photo, that’s because my mom has since shortened it. Maxi dresses are wonderful to cover up in the summer, but they can be hard to walk in. Especially stairs. So if you tend to trip over yours, then cut off a little length.

If you haven’t embraced maxi dresses or skirts, let me give them a little plug. I know for my mom, she would rather have her legs covered. And while that means wearing hose in the winter, it’s awfully hot in the summer. So maxis can cover yet still be cooler.

Staying warm with mother's day outfits for mom

Charlotte’s Mom

My mom was the middle child of 3. She had an older brother and younger sister both of which are deceased now. Her parents were both German and they lived in a small Indiana town.

When Charlotte was about 11, her mom went to work to help support the family. Therefore, she ended up having to pull her weight around the house. She talks about always making pies every weekend. And let me tell you she’s still great at that!

Wearing a cardigan as part of mother's day outfits for mom

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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