Styling Nice Winter Outfits No Matter the Weather

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Hosiery as a part of nice winter outfits

Styling Nice Winter Outfits No Matter the Weather

It’s always possible to style nice winter outfits no matter where you live. Sure, it can involve more layering if you live where it’s colder, and we’ve shown many examples in the past.

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One of the reasons I like this quote is because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Trust me, when I was a dentist, most people didn’t like coming to my office, so I had to figure out the best way to present the things they needed. I feel like fashion can be the same way. Sure, you don’t “need” to evolve your style, but otherwise you can run the risk of looking frumpy.

What If You Have Your Outfit Planned and It Gets Cold?

Styling nice outfits for the chilly times

I could never understand why retailers would be selling sleeveless dresses and sandals in the winter. Then again, it’s nice to have options no matter where you live. So after we took the photos with our Walking Cradle sandals, we all donned other shoes and coats/scarves that might be needed for our Denver days. Think of it as Plan B for your event.

My mom, Charlotte added her black ankle boots with the maxi skirt. If she were back in the frigid weather, she’d also have on her Cuddle Duds and maybe even her tall boots. She chose a quilted jacket and white scarf which I love because it adds such nice color to the outfit.

Lesley put on her Walking Cradle black, suede loafers. I love that you still can see a glimpse of the red socks with these. She threw a heavy scarf over her shoulder that she can wrap around her neck and head if she’d need it. When living in Denver, she’d be more apt to wear a red, long sleeve sweater or turtleneck under this black cardigan.

I grabbed my embroidered over-the-knee boots for this scenario. If I were in Denver, I’d probably also have on at least one pair of socks over the hose. It’s nice that you can still see the print tights especially when I sit down. My coat was a recent addition in Denver at the end of last season, so I couldn’t purge it in our move. And surprisingly, I’ve needed it once or twice this December.

Can You Really Wear Hose with Sandals Stylishly?

Hosiery and sandals as part of nice winter outfits

I’d like to think that we were successful in our examples of seeing how our sandals could be worn in the winter months. I’m always so surprised that retailers are selling the skimpy dresses and sandals for this time of year. Granted, not everyone is always cold like I am.

For those of you who are more classic, like Charlotte, you might be surprised at her hosiery secret. My mom would tell you that her cuddle duds were her most loved item when living in Denver during the winter. Even when she was all dressed up, they were hiding under the other layers.

Lesley reverted to her signature color with some sassy red socks in her post. She is head over heels about her sparkly sandals and is happy with the idea that she doesn’t have to save them only for the warmer weather.

As for me, I chose a pair of print hose even though they didn’t match my sandals. If I were back in Denver, I might even layer the print hose over another pair of nude hose for warmth.

Our History with Nice Winter Outfits

Since we still blogged in the winter when we were living in Denver, we have many outfits that I consider nice and dressed up, yet cold weather appropriate.

The first photo above, is when we styled our LBD for the winter months. You might notice that I wore the same hose for that post as this week’s outfit. And those shoes I wore recently for my birthday party look. It goes to show I don’t always get new pieces all the time.

Another Denver winter post included our matching black leather skirts. Even though we all had on basically the same skirt, our legwear and footwear differed.

Holiday inspired outfits always seem to include some dressed up ideas. This post showed both Nancy and Charlotte wearing nude hosiery, yet the rest of the outfits show their diverse styles.

And last but not least was the time we went to Denver’s Fashion Show with interesting tights. I realize that most of the women I know, don’t get so crazy with their tights selection. Yet at the same time, why not? In fact, check out my blogging friend, Shelbee’s green tights. I seriously LOVE how she styled this outfit. It’s so much more interesting than the standard black tights we would usually grab.

Holiday time with nice winter outfits
Nice winter outfits for women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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