Styling Outfits with Red Booties for Women Over 50

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Leopard cardigan with yellow sweater

Styling Outfits with Red Booties for Women Over 50

Now showing this look, you have 3 different outfits with red booties to inspire your next boot purchase. Heck, this is the best time to buy booties because they are on sale, yet you can still wear them awhile.

Quote of the day: “Wise and strong is he who leaves his heart open and searches without fear.” The Monna

This quote spoke to me because almost everything I’m wearing is something I would never have worn before blogging. Back when I was a dentist, my style was much more conservative. Wearing a red hat, a leopard cardigan and edgy boots would not be on my radar at all.

Time and time again, I expound how good it is that we let our style change and evolve. It’s not always easy, because we get into habits with our thinking (for example I need to look taller instead of thinking I want to have fun with my outfits).

Therefore, the three of us are showing outfits with red booties styled three totally different ways. Charlotte matched her red boots to her pants, while Lesley wore red on her upper body. Me? I only wore red accessories (and a red lip).

Leopard outfits with red booties

Jeans: Banana Republic~~ Cardigan: H&M ~~ Top: the Limited~~ Boots: BooHoo ~~ Necklace: Katia’s Designs ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: ~~ Hat:

Red and yellow together

How Much is Too Much?

Even I admit that sometimes I look back on my photos and think maybe I should have taken off a piece. Like this necklace. I can see how it competes with the leopard sweater and longer earrings.
But then again, it’s only clothes and you get a mulligan the next day. What we shouldn’t do is beat ourselves up and never try new combinations again.

As much as I don’t love the necklace with this outfit, I do love this lunch box as my purse. Gone are the days when your lunch box is only for your lunch, ha ha. You saw the other side of this lunch box earlier this winter. And I promised I’d show you the flip side, so here it is.

Insider tip: You can “make” a purse out of something entirely different. For example my mom styled a jewelry box once, and I’ve used a wine carrier before.

Insider tip 2: These earrings were painted with nail polish. I’ve talked about how to think about the color of your earrings in relation to your hair. If they don’t show up, yet you still love them, then how about painting them?

Edgy outfits with red booties

Adding Leopard to Outfits with Red Boots

Leopard seems like one of those prints that comes around year after year. While I see it paired with black most of the time, I decided to wear it with grey jeans today. I did this same color combination recently with my 5 different ways to style leopard pants too (along with other colors, so make sure to check it out).

Honestly, when I purchased these jeans, I wasn’t too hip about the distressed knees. They were totally open at the knees and I even got some ribbing from my friends. So I caved and added some lace to cover up the holes.
While I don’t mind a little distressing, I still have trouble with the huge holes in the knees. Only because I always put my foot through them when I put them on, LOL! This DIY fixes that problem easily.

Insider tip: It’s easy to change some aspects of clothing we don’t like, like I did for the open knees on these jeans. Another easy fix? Switch out the buttons on cardigans or jackets. It can totally upgrade a look.

Studded red booties

How Mixing Two Styles is Modern

I’m sure I’m not the only one that “categorizes” their clothing pieces. You know? You have a conservative style and only buy conservative pieces. Another example is how we think of skirts and dresses as fancier, when many of them work for casual outings too. Just like Nancy, Charlotte and I showcased with a skirt on our cruise.

I say this because these boots are much edgier than my usual style. At least my usual style from pre blogging. Granted, I’ve incorporated many different styles into my closet in these last 5 years, and I hope you will too.

Insider tip: Yin and yang. Defined as sets of two opposing and complementing principles Gone are the days of being one dimensional in our style. Use the yin and yang next time you get dressed. My way to do this? Pick out something I would normally wear, and then replace one piece with something totally different.

Neutral outfits with red booties

Let’s Talk Hats

Hats can be such a powerful statement. Even more than red boots. Because it’s part of our “face” and when you’re talking to people, hopefully that’s where they are looking.
If you’re one of those people that always say I like hats on others but they don’t look good on me, please reconsider. This was exactly how it was for Rob. When we first started looking at hats for him for a cruise long ago, they all looked silly on him. Yet have you seen him recently? He wears hats almost all the time.

Insider tip: My theory is that unless you wear hats often, you’re not used to seeing them on your head. So when you do put one on, it looks “funny.” Yet hats come in ALL sizes and shapes. So I KNOW that you can find many that look good on you.

Outfits with red boots for women over 50

What Does Edgy Mean to You?

I’m not sure red boots fall into the edgy category per se. Yet they can be considered something out of the ordinary. What I would love to know is how many of you reading this have red boots? Why or why not?

Personally I am a rule follower, although I have gotten a little more of a rebellious streak recently. And sometimes I think when we see a more “edgy” piece of clothing, we relate it to a characteristic or type of person. Studded boots might be classified as something worn by a biker. Or over the knee boots are only worn by ____ (you fill in the blank).
Yet I will say, that there’s a little rebel in all of us.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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