Options for styling overall for older women

Styling Overalls for Older Women: Chic and Beautiful Ideas

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Just because I’m styling overalls for older women doesn’t mean I have to look like a farmer. There are ways to create a chic and beautiful outfit.

Quote of the day: “Do not live someone else’s life and someone else’s idea of what womanhood is. Womanhood is you. Womanhood is everything that’s inside of you.” Viola Davis

Styling overalls for older women
1-Wear a modern blouse
2-One-Shoulder top
3-Layer a vest
4-Cropped jacket
5-Long Cardigan

The quote is very powerful because many times we won’t wear something even if we like it because of many reasons. One could be that other women aren’t wearing it. Another reason could be that “grown women” don’t wear that anymore.
Yet I think it’s time we stop being so serious about what we put on our bodies and have fun with style.

I haven’t worn overalls since my college days, but I found this fabulous pair at Old Navy. What I really liked is that they are lighter denim, slightly distressed, cropped (so I didn’t have to shorten them), and lastly they were more fitted than others I’ve tried.

The key is that not all overalls are created equal and fit can be the make-or-break detail. And I’m here to show how you can style overalls for older women by adding some fabulous extras or modern ideas to make you look chic and beautiful.

Fun blouse with styling overalls for older women

Overall Jeans: Old Navy~~ Top: Target~~ Shoes: Rag & Co~~ Extra: Brooch

1-Styling Overalls for Older Women with a Modern Blouse

Let’s start styling our overalls for older women by wearing them with a modern-style blouse instead of just a t-shirt.
What is a modern blouse?? Right now that would be one with statement sleeves or tops with ruffles. Or why not try a print that you aren’t sure about because the advantage is the overall bib will cover much of it.

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Heck, if you have a top that has shrunk and seems too short, this would be the perfect time to pull it out and wear it.

Dichotomy tip: Even though you think of overalls as casual, remember by adding in something dressier, you create the concept of yin/yang which is very modern. For example, add a silk blouse that you’ve had in your closet for ages to wear under the overalls.

The Extras

I wanted to take the look up a notch, so I wore fun mules, and whimsical earrings PLUS a brooch on the bib portion of the overalls. Those little extras take the idea that I look like a farmer and toss it out of the window.

Asymmetrical top with overalls-chic

Overall Jeans: Old Navy ~~ Top: thrifted ~~ Shoes: J Renee~~ Extra: Brooch ~~Beret: thrifted

2-Make it Chic with a One-Shoulder Top

The one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder tops are a fabulous way to make the overalls seem chic instead of frumpy.
There is nothing sexier than exposed shoulders and this applies even to older women.

The advantage of wearing these tops with overalls is you could wear your normal bra since the overall straps would cover your bra straps. I would suggest colorful bra straps that match the top to make them look cohesive.
Either that or wear a strapless bra. It’s taken me years to find one that doesn’t kill me and actually stays up. It’s #12 from this article where I tried them all.

Insider tip: Just because your bodysuit has snaps at the crotch, doesn’t mean you have to snap them. I left mine hanging loose all day, and it still stayed in place.

The Extras

For the look of styling overalls for older women, I wore heels, a brooch in the middle of the waistband PLUS an armband (which is actually one of my bracelets that is big on me.)

Vest layered over overalls

Overall Jeans: Old Navy~~ Vest: Gordmans~~ Top: Halftee-Waterfall Sleeves (use code Jodie20)~~ Boots: Mix No. 6~~Hat: no label

3-Layer a Vest Over Your Overalls

Vests are an underappreciated piece of clothing. That’s why I love to look for them when we are thrift shopping. You get the coverage in the front and back of the outfit, yet your arms are exposed.
Do you recognize this look from my halftees post? This is the Waterfall Sleeved Halftee that I’m obsessed with.

Insider tip: Do you have a jacket that you don’t wear but love the color/print? Most tailors can take off the sleeves to make it a vest. In fact, I did that exact thing to this quilted vest.

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The Extras

The sleeves were a wonderful extra for this look, plus I wrapped a scarf around the brim of my hat to give it more color. I also consider the red boots a detail that gives the outfit sass.

Add a cropped jacket over overalls

Overall Jeans: Old Navy~~ Jacket: thrifted~~ Shoes: Rag & Co ~~ Purse: Couture Planet-won in a giveaway

4-Wear a Cropped Jacket

The shorter jackets are coming back which makes sense with all of the higher rise pants. Finding a jacket that stops right where the waistband is on the overalls, is something that works proportionally well.

DIY tip: If you don’t have a cropped jacket, think about having a longer one shortened. If it’s a denim jacket, you can just cut it off yourself and make a raw hem.

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The Extras

I decided to cuff the jeans to make them shorter and expose my ankles. The colorful mules and neon orange jacket make the look very colorful.

Styling overalls for older women with a long cardigan

Overall Jeans: Old Navy ~~Cardigan: Bellelily c/o~~ Shoes: Jambu Jenny Knit” c/o~~ Scarf: Rob’s pocket square~~ Earrings: Alison & Aubrey

5-Long Cardigan & Overalls

The longer cardigans work just as well on top of overalls as they do with normal jeans. In fact, it’s a great way to add a bit of interest in case you are wearing just a t-shirt with the overalls.

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The Extras

I wore one of my husband’s pocket squares as a “scarf” tied around one of the front belt loops. The multicolored sneakers and large earrings carry bright colors throughout the look.

Insider tip: Sure, you can wear a belt when styling overalls for older women, but if you’re anything like me, you think about the trips to the bathroom. Adding brooches or a small scarf at the waistband area gives you a focal point without the hassle.

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Styling overalls for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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