Styling the Polka Dot Fashion Trend for Summer

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Polka dot top for women

Styling the Polka Dot Fashion Trend for Summer

Styling the polka dot fashion trend seems easy for the summer time. I don’t know if it’s the song “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” or what, but it seems so appropriate for the season.

Quote of the day: “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.” Marc Jacobs

Now confession time for me. I was never a fan of polka dots before blogging. If I analyze it, I bet it’s because I consider them girly, and maybe not super sophisticated. And as a boss, I figured I had a reputation to uphold.

And while this week isn’t all about polka dots, it is all about wearing the colors blue and white together. A huge thanks goes out to Marceline for this suggestion. As for the handsome dude that Nancy is sitting with. You’ll learn more about him at the end of the week. In the meantime, you can see blue and white styled my mother’s way and my way too.

Straw hat as an accessory

Nancy’s Wearing

Pants: Casual Corner ~~ Top: Adele & May ~~Shoes: Franco Sarto~~Watch: ~~Hat: ~~Purse: Charming Charlies

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Nancy and the Polka Dot Fashion Trend

Nancy will tell you that she LOVES polka dots! She has them in her scarves along with in other tops.

Yet that’s not the only reason she bought this top. She loves the peep holes in the top portion too. It’s a wonderful detail that gives the shirt such interest without having to wear a necklace.

Summer style with the polka dot fashion trend

The Polka Dot Fashion Trend Paired with White

So I asked Nancy what her favorite color was to pair with blue and white. Her answer is below, but she wanted to wear white pants with her navy and white top.

I figured that white is an easy neutral to pair with blue and white, and definitely perfect for the summer. Nancy also loves wearing capris rather than long pants or shorts during the warmer months. We have worn them many times on the blog before.

While there seems to always be a controversy on whether capris are flattering or not, I think it comes down to fit and the other details of the outfit. Just like we talked about when I asked the question of “What exactly is Frumpy?”

Older woman with the polka dot fashion trend


The watch she is wearing she picked up in Seattle when we debarked from our Alaska cruise last summer.

And this metallic bracelet we were just having a discussion about. She was saying how it’s rough and catches on things. I suggested putting clear nail polish on top of it to see if that would help? Any one have any other ideas?

Just so you know, the purse is navy. Yet, even if it were black, it would look great with the outfit. Black and navy play well together. Especially if you have trouble telling them apart, then so will everyone else.

Summer Hat

We all brought hats for this adventure because I thought we would be outside for the photos. Luckily we were inside, yet a hat is always a fabulous accessory.

We have styled hats all together on the blog in the past, but I know Nancy doesn’t wear hers as much as I wear mine. Maybe it’s because I struggle with my hair so often, yet they do add sass to many outfits. When it comes right down to it, I think wearing a hat becomes a habit, just like anything else.

The polka dot fashion trend in a top

A Pop of Orange

What I love is how Nancy added a punch of orange with her shoes and earrings. Not that you see the earrings that well but I included a closeup in the accessories above.

I’m sure most of you don’t think about buying a pair of orange sandals, but Nancy has gotten her money’s worth out of these. They are a fabulous way to add a punch of color to any outfit like she did 3 years ago.

Blue trim on a straw hat

Blue and White Combinations

Nancy told me that she does pair blue and white together a lot because it involves a neutral. She feels like it’s harder for her to put the right shades of two unneutral colors together otherwise.

She finds that she will use a third color as an accent many times like yellow and orange. It’s funny because she also said she loves blue and green together, yet I don’t think she has much green. But that’s why we paired her with the green guy for these photos. It’s a match made in heaven.

Woman over 70 in the summer

So while this will be Nancy’s last blog appearance for awhile, I did tell her she doesn’t get out of the blog that easy. Trust me, you’ll see her again, I’m sure. Especially since we will be on a cruise together this winter, and of course during any of our get togethers.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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