Styling a Red, Black and White Outfit

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Red, black and white outfit

Styling a Red, Black and White Outfit

Wearing red, black and white together in an outfit may not be super inventive. Yet I think it’s a great color combination. Neutrals are always good because they go with everything. So adding black to a red and white outfit works wonderfully.

Quote of the day: ” Great talent takes time to ripen.” Greek Proverb

This week’s idea is all out red and white. So the three of us are showcasing different options of the same two colors. Nancy tends to wear a lot of black and white, so this was a comfortable addition for her. I added in an unexpected color, my mom kept with being matchy matchy, and then I found other examples from our past blogs.

And if you think this isn’t a very summery outfit. Trust me that we had a different look planned until the weather surprised us. As much as I wanted to showcase summer looks, it’s silly to dress for the weather you want instead of the weather you’re having.

Black is a great option for any other two colors

Nancy’s Wearing

Jeans: Fabrizio Gianni c/o~~ Cardigan: Rag Poets~~Top: Bobeau-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Sam Edelman~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~ Purse: Nicole-thrifted

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Nancy and her Red, Black and White Outfit

I’d like to think that even if the weather had been nicer, Nancy’s red and white outfit would have looked just as good with incorporating black shoes and not the cardigan.

Most of us are taught to match our shoes to our pants, but that’s only one way to style an outfit. Adding in a different neutral with your shoes can work also.

Woman over 70 with style


Most summer days don’t call for a cardigan unless you live in Denver, Colorado. Then again, I’ve heard others talk about needing some kind of coverage when we go into stores or restaurants in the summer because of the air conditioning.

Nancy admits to having quite a few black toppers, but this is one of her favorites. She always loves anything with a hood, and it seems more fashionable because of the asymmetrical hem.

Red jeans styled for women

Heart Necklace

This heart necklace is not only super versatile because it’s reversible, but it’s also sentimental to Nancy.

The reverse side of the necklace is a black and white print that you can see when Nancy’s worn it that way on the blog. I almost wish all of our necklaces were two different colors like this.

As for the sentimental portion of it, that’s because it’s a gift from one of her Lala friends. This is a group of friends from her school days that she gets together with every year now. Nancy’s talked about them on the blog before and even included photos from one of their get togethers.

Heart necklace

Red Jeans & White Top

This is not Nancy’s only pair of red pants. She has these jeans and also a pair of pants that she wore recently. I feel like I’ve said this many times before, but there is no age limit on wearing ANY color, whether that color is in your jeans or anything else.

But if you worry about wearing bright pants, then a white top is the perfect addition. Especially an interesting white top. That’s the advantage of a top like this. There is a texture to it, so it’s not just a plain white shirt.

Black cardigan with red and white


We have talked about sneakers quite a bit lately. Gone are the days of only have options of athletic sneakers. Today’s sneakers have so much style and variation.

Nancy bought these black quilted sneakers for rainy days on her trip to Italy. The quilted pattern really adds more interest to any outfit, yet the overall look is a solid color. And it was supposed to be a cold, rainy day for these photos, which is why these sneakers came out.

If you worry about keeping the white portion clean, don’t forget my tip that I learned with our white booties! The magic eraser works fabulously on scuffs.

Black and white purse


Nancy picked up this purse at a consignment shop because she was looking for a summer purse. Although I will interject, that this one could certainly work for every season because of the black on it.

When we were talking about this purse, she was saying it’s too big because her things get lost in it. She still hasn’t embraced my purse organization trick that I use to make changing purses a breeze. If you are thinking of trying this method, don’t get too caught up on finding the perfect small bags. Heck, you could use plastic sandwich bags at first to see how you like the system.

Red, black and white outfit for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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