Styling Red Skirt Looks 2 Different Ways for a Cruise

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Styling a red skirt two ways

Styling Red Skirt Looks 2 Different Ways for a Cruise

Styling red skirt looks for 2 entirely different occasions is the way to make your pieces versatile especially for traveling. While most of us think of a skirt as a dress up item, I wanted to showcase how it could work for a more casual day too.

Quote of the day: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” Mark Twain

I included a skirt in my list of 7 essential pieces for a Caribbean cruise and if you saw our actual photos of what we packed, then you’ll know I brought two on our trip. The other skirt was my denim skirt which I wore on an excursion and certainly could have dressed up for one of our dinners.

However, for this post I wanted to showcase this red skirt that I found at Goodwill last year. The first time I wore it (for an Instagram post) I was annoyed how one of the scallops flipped up. So I ended up sewing that layer down, and haven’t had that issue since. Just call me a fix it girl.

This idea of wearing our skirt for 2 different occasions on a cruise worked great for Charlotte and Nancy also.

My Red Skirt Worn for Dinner

In planning to be able to wear our skirts for both dinner and an excursion, I suggested we wear them to dinner for one of the first evenings. I figured that would be smarter in case, they got dirty or sweaty out on the excursion. Granted, if you always spill at dinner, you might want to switch the timing, LOL!

For dinner, I paired the skirt with a bright silky top. This top was also thrifted and I was excited to dress in such a colorful outfit. I mean, heck, we are on vacation in the sunny Caribbeans. Why not?

Bright out for dinner for red skirt looks

What About the Extras?

First, I was having a bad hair day, so I used one of my fabric headbands. Since there are so many different colors in this top, I tried to incorporate a couple of them with my earrings and bracelet.

The shoes are my Walking Cradles Lydia sandals, and I wore them on the blog recently with tights. I thought these would be a fabulous pair to wear for most dinners on the ship, AND I even wore them for a day of touring too. That’s how comfortable they are. The heel is only 1 3/4 inches high and they come in 7 different colors including leopard and snakeskin. I am an affiliate for Walking Cradles, so if you purchase a pair through my link, I get a commission. And you can use JODIE15 for 15% off, if there isn’t another promotion going on.

You’ll notice the yellow scarf hanging from my strap of my purse. I took a scarf or topper for every dinner because the dining area was chilly.

What would I have changed?

Of course, I wished my hair looked better. Some people have great hair, and I’ve grown used to the fact that I don’t. I’m okay with it most days but you should know that even I struggle with my appearance some days.

Insider tip: That’s why I’ve been embracing hats and hair accessories more and more. I may also experiment with head scarves. I’ve tried wigs in the past but my husband is not the biggest fan of them.

The other issue is that this top and one of my kimonos were wrinkly that I wished I had gotten a travel steamer to take with us. I now have it saved in my Amazon wish list, and will order it soon. While I’m embracing the wrinkles on my face, and most of them on my clothing too, it would have looked a tinge better if I could have steamed this top.

Red skirt looks for women over 50

Can You Wear a Skirt for an Excursion?

Of course you can, and all three of us are showing how we did that exact thing. Now to be honest, it all depends on which excursion you signed up for. This was our food tour of St. Thomas, which you’ll hear more about later. I figured it’d be fine wearing a skirt to walk around tasting food. And I was right.

A day for touring

My Favorite Look

I almost feel like this outfit is my favorite of the two. While I love the bright colors of the dinner outfit, the t-shirt, kimono, and hat just make this outfit fun.

This top is a new one from Banana Republic Factory Outlet and even though we don’t have a dog, I thought it was adorable. If you are a dog lover, this one from Amazon is cute too.

As for the earrings (which are so affordable on Amazon), all three of us wore them for our excursions. They were such a hit especially on the cruise. We were noticed because of them and they go with everything. I bought a bunch, so I plan to give them out to friends too!

Let me tell you my best buy of the year. THIS BELT BAG! I’m telling you that for all of our explorations of Arizona and now this cruise, it was the best thing to wear to use to carry my wallet and phone. Target doesn’t offer this bag anyone, but I am going to get another one. Maybe this one or this one?

Insider tip: If you are looking for a belt bag, you want to be analyzing if all your essentials will fit in it. I like this square shape better because my wallet and phone go in it perfectly.

Now let me share about this hat and kimono.

The hat was gifted to me from Tenth Street Hats. I have become such a hat person since retiring. Maybe because I’m outside more, and maybe because I realize how easy it is to cover up a bad hair day with them. I chose this hat because it looks so Caribbean to me. It has more flair than the plain, tan, straw summer hats. And it fits well so it didn’t blow off with the wind. The nice thing about Tenth Street Hats is they send a package of sizing tape with each hat. I didn’t need it for this one, but it’s nice if you do.

My kimono was a last minute purchase through Fashom. Fashom is that online styling box that we all blogged about last year. After the great experience I had with them, I requested a box of items for our cruise. It was fabulous since you can’t always find summer items in the middle of winter. Even here in Arizona.

I asked for a kimono and made sure to tell my stylist that I already had a blue one, and a green one so that she would send me different colors. This pink one is such a great length and you’ll see it again for another excursion only tied in the front. It’s that versatile.

Pink floral kimono

Did I Like These Red Skirt Looks?

Yes! I felt good in both of these red skirt looks and they worked functionally too. In fact, the dinner outfit got a wonderful compliment from another lady on the cruise. And did you notice the sandals for both events? Like I said in the dinner outfit portion, these Walking Cradle’s sandals were great for a day of walking too.

What I realized when I was putting together my cruise outfits and working on what skirt would work for an excursion and dinner, is that I have mostly print skirts. In fact, I’ve requested another Fashom box and asked for some solid colored skirts. Of course, I could work on my print mixing skills with these print skirts too.

Insider tip: For travel, it’s helpful to take the same color skirt, shorts and pants so they will all go with your tops. Granted, most people choose black for this, but I bet you could find other colors that work too.

Do you have a favorite for these red skirt looks? I’d love to hear.

Red skirt Looks 2 Ways

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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