Styling a Snakeskin Purse Handbag with a Neutral Outfit

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Wearing Snakeskin accessories

Styling a Snakeskin Purse Handbag with a Neutral Outfit

For those of you who love a neutral outfit, then a snakeskin purse handbag is a perfect addition. Just think how it adds a little interest because it’s a print, yet doesn’t overpower the outfit.

Quote of the day: “People always told me that my natural ability and good eyesight were the reasons for my success as a hitter. They never talk about the practice, practice, practice.” Ted Williams

I realize that my mom is a sewing genius. And yet, she will tell you that she’s been doing it a LONG time. You can marvel at her skills again today, and yes, she is amazing. Yet it’s like anything; the more you do, the easier it becomes.

We are all styling some form of snakeskin this week with quite a bit of variety. I started with snakeskin booties. Now my mom is showcasing accessories in the form of a purse and belt. Nancy has worn this blouse quite a bit on the blog. And don’t forget to see us all together with some fun memories.

Snakeskin purse handbag with neutral outfit

Charlotte’s Wearing

Dress: Mom made it~~Cardigan: August Silk~~Shoes: Natural Soul~~Necklace: From Nancy’s Italy trip ~~Belt: ~~Hose: toe less variety ~~Purse: Antique gifted from my grandma

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Charlotte with her Snakeskin Purse Handbag

Trust me when I say that my mom has no shortage of snakeskin in her closet. And when you hear about this snakeskin purse handbag below, you’ll realize it’s one of those trends that has cycled around again.

Neutral outfits certainly work for every season. My mom mixed different browns with her white dress and then finished it off with the snakeskin accessories.

Woman over 80 in neutrals


My mom made this fabulous dress many years ago. She’s worn it many times before on the blog because a white dress is just as versatile as a black one. When she was searching for patterns, the hi-low dresses were being showcased so she jumped on that bandwagon.

Of course my mom remembers when and where she purchased the white material. It was in 1988 when she was out in New Orleans for a Couture Sewing workshop. After classes, all the women would explore and find fabric shops. The woman teaching the classes taught them that if you like a material, make sure to get 5 yards of it, if you don’t know what you’re going to make with it. Then you’ll be sure to have enough.

White dress and brown cardigan

Owl Pendant

My mom and I were on the same page in wanting to show off the items that Nancy brought back for us from her Italy trip. This owl pendant is on a lobster clasp which makes it so versatile.

She ended up putting the owl on this choker wire necklace so it would hang above the “v” of her dress.

Owl pendant necklace


The dress is short sleeved, so a cardigan was essential for a little warmth. The great thing about this outfit is how easy you could change it up with all different colored cardigans or wraps. Sure, you could keep it neutral with a brown topper like my mom did. Or it’d be easy to add in some color with a red, pink or even blue sweater.

Neutral outfit with snakeskin

Summer Hose

I know many of you hate the idea of hosiery, especially in the hot months. But here’s another shout out to Judy. If you need to wear hose in the summer, yet still want to wear sandals, there are toe less hose. And look at how natural they look. You would NEVER know my mom is wearing hose in these photos. I couldn’t even tell in person.

Neutral shoes and snakesking purse handbag

The Snakeskin Bag

This snakeskin purse handbag was handed down to my mom from my dad’s mother. My grandma used to have many nice things because my grandfather was a mason and they had many dress up events. In fact, this purse is probably real animal skin since that was the fashion then.

I was surprised that I had never seen this purse before, and my mom laughed and said she’s probably never carried it before this. But she was proud that she hadn’t given it away. That’s the secret to having things last and not wear out. Don’t use them, ha ha!

Brown cardigan for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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